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It was almost Noon, In a Large Field known only to the people that lived within the City stood a Large Building with different Cars either going in or Coming Out.

It was capacious and contained different buildings in it and inside it’s Walls came another tall Building fully covered with huge blazing Lights that brought about Visibility to Every Corner of the Building.

Within the tall Building came a Narrow Passage that led to different Wards, Meanwhile, Inside one of the Wards laid a Reed whose eyes were shut close while he had his breathing supported through the use of an Oxygen Mask, a Mask that helped in passing oxygen all through his body. He had his entire body taken cared of while some wounds on his body were all bandaged.

The Ward was Silence except for the tiny sound that came from the beeping Monitor. Reed who felt the soft wind on his body slowly jerked and found himself opening his eyes.
Whining his body, Reed tilted his head as he studied the room, a grunt escaping his Lips as he discovered himself to be in a strange room.

Reed groan as he managed to sit on the bed while he hurriedly got rid of the pins that connected to his Veins. A more suppressing groan escaped his Lips as he tried standing on his toes, a moment after he had gotten rid of the mask that covered his nose.

“Where…. Where Am I?”
Reed stuttered but sighed as he got no answer, obviously because he was the only one present in the room. His body had also become stiffened as he stared through the open windows. Next, a groan escaped his lips while Reed rested on the wall in order to suppress the pain he felt on his leg.
In a short period of time, the pain Reed felt suddenly reduced after he had rested his head on the Wall and had gotten lost in his thoughts. Reed enjoyed the feeling of been trapped in his thoughts for a little longer until the door suddenly open, making way for a Woman in a white coat Who gasped on seeing Reed on his feets.

“Holly Cowl Mr Reed, you shouldn’t be out of bed by now, your body need rest…… ” The Woman said politely, her voice calming the tension in Reed who watched as the strange Woman helped him on sitting on the bed.
“Where…. Where Am I?”
Reed whispered but loud Enough for the strange Woman to hear as she smiled and sat besides him.

“Epic Falls Reed, You are in Epic Falls!” The Woman replied and the Countenance on Reed’s face suddenly Changed as he tried getting on his feet but got stopped by the Woman.
“Am so sorry Ma’am but I need to leave, I can’t afford the bills of Epic Falls and am afraid my been here must have been a mistake!” Reed Moused and the woman Chuckled after checking the Wound on his Arm.

” Very Funny Mr Reed, Very Funny but am afraid you need not to worry about the bills cause someone else has taken Care of your bills already!” The woman said and pointed a touch to his eyes as if checking something which she then recorded into a book she had brought along with her.

“Taken Care of? May I ask by Whom Ma’am?” Reed who seemed confused summon the courage to ask while he drifted his mind on who might have paid his bills. Obviously, Everyone in Epic College were all cold blooded bastards and the least of them that would offer to help still couldn’t dare it, It was a suicide thing to do.

“You are far more ignorant than I thought you be Mr Reed but am afraid the answer to your Question still remains unanswered… ” The Woman replied, then smiled as she checked his knees with an object that laid on a tray.
“Unanswered? Why’s that So Ma’am?” Reed asked
“She never said her name Reed, all she did was bring you here and paid your bills. We tried asking for her name but she never mentioned it, all she did was request for your Immediate attention and that was all!” The Woman Explained

Reed mumbled, a glint of suprise in his voice as he spoke while he narrowed his face in confusion, A girl? Just Who was she? Why did she help him? Where was she from? Different thoughts kept crossing his mind as the woman did her job.

“Sorry to bother you Mr Reed but can you try telling me the last thing you remember before you ended up here?” The Woman asked, while Reed felt his mind blown away as he couldn’t help but feel the warm tears in his eyes.

Why were they so cruel to him? He asked within himself as he thought of how much they had tortured him untill he had Mysteriously landed in the Hospital.

Several minutes passed and Reed remained muted, not saying a single word as all he did was cry in silence. The woman on seeing his mood was smart enough to drop her note and pulled him into a hug
“It’s Okay Reed, it’s Okay. No more cries Okay? You ain’t a little kid…… ” The woman squealed and chuckled as she pulled off from the hug.

“It’s Okay if you won’t tell me Reed but remember, don’t ever get hurt to this Extend Okay?” The woman said and stood on her feet while Reed Nodded
“And Oh, A man named Charles Marone is heading your Ward very soon. He claims to be your School Principal and his coming to fetch you up, be a good boy and go home safely!”

The Woman Said and then smiled Before heading out of the Ward. Reed on the other hand Smacked his head as he sat on the bed, he was so lost in thoughts that he had totally forgotten to ask for her name, she was such a Nice Woman.

Silent reigned and the black Wheelchair made way through the Passage, Reed on it while Mr Charles helped in pushing the Wheelchair around the hospital. It wasn’t long that Mr Charles had gotten to his Ward had he helped in putting him on his Wheelchair.

Reed had tried getting the name of the Girl who helped pay his Bills but Mr Charles had no idea and having been his duty as the School Principal, Mr Charles had to see for himself if Reed was really Okay and then send him home.

The day was quite gloomy, the Sun casting it’s rays on the ground as both Reed and Mr Charles got outside the Walls of Epic Falls Hospital, probably one of the few biggest Hospitals in New York City.
After spending a few minutes, Mr Charles boarded a Cab and helped in sitting Reed at the back sit.

“Farewell Mr Charles!”
Reed said and waved at Mr Charles who smiled as he watched the Cab which drove off…..

🌿🌿🌿🌿 REED 🌿🌿🌿

My pain had lessened, Epic Falls treatment was truly extraordinary, it was something else entirely. I laid my head on the Window glass as the cab rode home, Who was she? Why did she help me? Did she know me? I asked amidst myself as my mind thought about the strange girl who had saved me

Soon, the Cab rode through the wreck metal gate and passed through a narrow route that led to our Building where it then halted, The Cab driver helped in bringing down my wheelchair and sitting me on it before riding away.
I swayed my hand and inhaled the inhaler I had in my hands before storming the Wheelchair towards Father’s Building which stood a few feets from me

I still couldn’t help but think about the issue of the strange girl that had mysteriously helped me while on the other hand, I felt very sad as I thought of what happened Earlier in the school, It was just day one and I had almost lost my life, what more could the next days ahead probably hold for me?

The door knob suddenly clicked open and Mom walked out from the door, suprise to see me home so Early. Aside from her suprise look came another face that was shocked on seeing my frail looking body now covered in bandages.

“My Son! What happened to you?” Mom asked, sounding frightened as she pulled me into a hug with tears rolling down her cheeks
“Stop crying Mom, It’s really nothing , I…. I fell off a building!” I whispered into her ears, I couldn’t bear lying to her but I had to, Telling her the truth would only bring more harm to myself and worsen the situation.

“Am so Sorry Son, Are you hurt anywhere? Are you Okay? How did you get treated? How… ” Mom asked curiously and kept Caressing her arms through my body and face
“It’s Okay Mom, am not hurt Okay? The principal paid for my bills and Am Okay now!” I replied and then smiled as Mom hugged me once again before taking me into the Building while I narrowed my face in confusion as I thought about the strange girl, I needed to find her no matter what, Just who the hell was she?……



Darkness stormed it’s way around the entire Woods as Everywhere was fully Darkened, too dark that not even a normal human could penetrate it’s eyes through the thick darkness and see beyond the Activities going on about the Woods.

All a sudden, The ground quaked as Three Large Armoured Vans stormed towards the Yuri Woods and halted while Arm Men with Muscular bodies and large muscles jumped down from the Vans and landed skillfully on the ground.
“Hurry! Hurry!! Bring the bodies over here and be damn fast about it, the night is far more dangerously than you all think it to be!” A man, probably the leader of the herds of men yelled as about four figures held two larges Boxes and dropped them a few inches from where the leader stood.

“Come on boys, I don’t need to remind you on what to do yeah? Now light this creatures up before they crawl out from hell!!” The leader of the men ordered, his voice carrying authority all round the entire Woods as about four hefty men approached the Two huge boxes which were probably the size of a freezer.

A tiny sound could be heard as the men emptied a container on the surfaces of the Boxes and then lit everything up in Fire, The leader of the men smiled as he watched the burning fire that burned the two bodies placed within the Boxes.

Meanwhile, the same Night was eerily quiet and was dominated with silence, Night crickets made their sounds as they covered the entire sky while the owls hanging on the loosed branches hooted.

Far off into the Woods came the howling of Wolfs that spread all through the entire woods, behind the howls came a feeling covered in anger as it seemed to be heading towards the armoured Trucks.
Meanwhile, back at the burning ground where the armoured Trucks rested, The leader of the men who had a smug on his face suddenly stood alarm as the device placed on each of the trucks began beeping loudly as if reading something

“Be careful Everyone, This isn’t something ordinary, I think we are been watched!” The leader Said while each and Everyone of his Men held firm to their guns as their Leader approached them
“What do the readings say Cornor?” The Leader asked after getting into their midst while Cornor who studied the readings open his lips to speak.

“This aren’t just normal readings Seir, am getting a forcefield about a mile from here and it’s regenerating a huge energy. Unlike the other readings, this readings are very strange and it’s approaching our grounds really fast!” Cornor explained while the leader of the men gulp the lump that hunged his throat and then scoffed but behind the scoff was a man who was terribly terrified

“Get into formations Everyone, I have seen readings like this Before and trust me, they are really hard to come by. Now Remember, do not mistake them for Normal humans, they are creatures with immense speed and unimaginable power, they are deadly. I want your weapons pointed at every angle in this Woods, if you see anything strange, you have my orders to light them up Okay?!” The man yelled while Everyone nodded and Aimed their weapons at different angles

“Forces approaching our grounds in 3, 2, 1….. ” Cornor said while everyone gasped as something really fast and strange knocked down one of their men and pulled him into the bush where he screamed and wailed loudly as his flesh got torn apart

The rest of the team released a huge gasp and open fire at the direction their men went but he was long gone. Silent whimpers began filling the entire woods as the men watched out for anything weird but nothing happened. All a sudden, the ground thudded and created fast sounds as something strange ran behind them but suddenly disappeared

“Light them up!!!”
A man yelled while the rest of the team opened fire at the unknown forces and soon, they had all ran out of armour, a second before they could reload back their Weapons, The leaves made rustle sounds as something big with big blue eyes leapt on a tree and glared dangerously at them, it huge black body stood calmly on his furs while it’s claws held on the tree branches for support.

The entire team gasped and just when they made to open fire at the huge Animal, The Huge wolf leapt from it branches and landed on three bodies and using it’s speed as a leverage, the huge wolf moved so fast and kept knocking down the men it came across.

Some few part of the team tried retreating into the Woods but their movement were restricted as another huge Beast with huge red glowing eyes emerged from the Woods, its size thrice the size of a wolf while it’s large Eyes stormed dangerously on the figure’s bodies.
The creature jumped and forced it claws into a man’s neck which it then threw some metres away, the rest tried to open fire but the bullets had no effects on it as it bit a man’s head off and used it’s tail to knock off the rest of the men.

The rest of the team ran into the armoured trucks and drove away but unfortunately for them, The owls that hunged on the tree all flew away while some trees became uprooted as a tiny voice pierced through the woods and knock down the trucks which resulted into a large crash that left none alive…… The voice of a banshee

It’s been Minutes, the entire Woods was drench in blood that came from the men . Meanwhile, The large Wolf with red glowing eyes strutted away and laid behind a bunch of leaves where the sound of bone breaking illuminated and filled the Woods.

The next was the rustling of leaves that revealed Brenda Marone, a Pretty year Old 19 Teen that walked out of the leaves, covered in a black skirt and a beautiful hood that covered her body

The Next Minute, the sound of bone breaking sounded and the other huge wolf with blue glowing eyes transformed into a 18 year old teen who emerged from a tree and joined Brenda who plunged towards the burned Boxes and squatted before them.
Next was the sound the ground made as both Kate and Mason emerged from the Woods and joined the rest of the team.

“We were right after all, this sure looks like the Works of the Supernaturals Hunters! It seems they are back after all” Brenda said as she stared at the skeletal remainings of the bodies within the burned Boxes
“Supernatural Hunters huh? You gotta be kidding me Brenda, I thought they were all gone? Your Dad took care of them like some years ago right?” Wills, also known as the Cayote asked, a suprise glint clearly showing on his face.

“Well… My Dad did take care of them some years back but not all were taken cared off. After the War between our Pack and the Hunters, we lose dozens of our people but the same fate affected the Hunters as well and ever since then, not a single word had been heard about them and now, it seems they are back!” Brenda Explained and stood on her feets

“We came too late and judging from the looks of this, this seems to be the Work of the Crimson Hunters!” Brenda added as she turned to face the rest of her Pack
“No way that’s true, how do you know about that?” Kate asked, she was also known as the banshee, a creature either Forged from the scratch of an Alpha or born naturally with the power of a banshee, it’s voice so powerful that it can take down an entire skycrapper due to the force within it’s body.
“What other Hunters Except the Crimson Hunters would be so cruel to burn the bodies of Supernaturals after they are been caught?”Brenda retorted while the rest of the team nodded

“What do we do now?” Kate asked
“I think it’s time Brenda, it’s time to go home, you have been away from home for far too long, don’t you think it’s time you returned home, moreover, You Father deserves to know about the reappearance of the Crimson Hunters!” Mason who hasn’t said a single word the entire time said while Brenda gave it some few thoughts and then formed a smile

“Fine, then it decided. You all should prepare, We are going home….. ” Brenda cooed and formed a smile.
” Wait for me Dad, your Daughter is finally coming home!” Brenda added while the entire team heaved and walked into the depths of the woods…….



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