CURSED (Last Demon) … (18+) … Episode 33






The story fortells the story of a young boy name Rio Smith, a boy not born by birth, a boy neither human nor a ghost but Instead, a vessel created by some certain characters in other to weld the demon Lord.

For long, Rio has lived with his Foster Dad, Mr Williams and have come to believe the fact that Williams is none other than his Biological Father but everything changed the moment he comes across some certain Figures in the School.

Next, Rio get homes after a hard day spend at school but only to meet the biggest shock of his life, There laying on the ground was Mr Williams Who whispered into his ears, telling him to run and never to look Back as he is been chased by demons we came know as the Huskibals.

As the story continued, Rio comes to know that he is a Vessel that welds the demon Lord, a Vessel that is meant to rival against his brother and bring peace to…. What’s that name I used self, oh yeah…… CROXX, the kingdom of Croxx.

In the process, Rio comes across a set of friends he always bullied in the school but then, this students aren’t who they seems to be but Instead, happened to be his friends from the past. Won’t really say his friends but friends of Sathanas, the demon inside Rio who sacrifice his Life only to be reincarnated into Rio’s body, the perfect vessel.

Laura, Kelvin, Michael and Samael are Demons he came to know as friends but on getting towards the great rivalry, Rio came across hidden Secrets that never knew existed and is shock to the Core.

It happens that Laura Martin’s wasn’t really who she seemed to be but his lover from his Past and Michael? Michael wasn’t really the actual Michael but Sathanas Brother who had shape shifted into Michael after he had killed the real Michael.

At last, Asmodeus, Sathanas’s [Rio] brother is defeated and peace is brought back to the Kingdom once again but it happens that, that was not the ending of their problems but the beginning…… Why?

On the process of defeating Asmodeus, Pandora’s box is open and Pandora, who had been asleep for centuries is finally awoken, only to seethed her revenge on Rio and everything he had ever had.

Rio and Laura happened to be a thing but what about Ciara, the human girl that happened to have a thing for Rio. And the DPH, an organization that hunts down demons happened to okay a huge role in the Story

One thing led to the other and the other led to another and Pandora is finally defeated while Rio settles down with Laura who is carrying his child and Ciara? Ciara having known Rio’s true identity as a demon finally accepts the fact that Rio isn’t her LOML but Laura……

Damn, Let’s the stop there jare, I tried Right? And I hope our new Readers Understand a thing or two about the season 1……

🏳️🏳️EPISODE 1🏳️🏳️


☘️☘️ #REED ☘️☘️

My name is Reed Ildy, Am a Supernatural and I want to tell you a Story, I usually lived my life in eternal Torments where I easily get bullied and opposed by higher forces due to my disabilities but a single bite was all it took to transform my life Forever, a life without pain and sorrow, a life that involved lots of sacrifice, a life worth dying for And Here’s My Story……

It was morning, the cold silent morning was dominated with silent sneers that lurk around the morning breeze. The wind charged eerily and I was woken up by the gentle tap of the soft breeze which blew across my face and body.

I wailed, a slight grunt escaping my lips as I jerked off from the soft but comfy bed. Clad in nothing but only my pyjamas, I groaned weakly as I dragged my leg to the Opened Window and stared at the surrounding Environment.

Yeah, I lived in a great City, a great City of Los Angeles with magnificent buildings and Wonderful sights all around it but been a poor kid, my rights are belittled and my parents and I are forced to live in the shackles below the great City of Los Angeles.

After taking in a few breaths from the soft breeze that came out from the window, I smiled and then groaned weakly as I dragged my leg into the bathroom. Not a second had pass and I had manage to get into the bathroom in time while I stood there standing before the toilet sink and staring at my reflection in the little but broad mirror.

I felt a slight tear streamed down my face as I stared at my pale, frail looking body which seemed to be dying of Cancer. The lights in the bathroom flickered, jerking me out from my deep thoughts as I wasted no time and brushed my teeths.

In no time, 20 Minutes had gone already and I felt the gentle impact of the towel around my body as I heaved and manovoured my way towards the toilet sink where I got to relaxed my two palms on both edges while drifting off to the thoughts that beclouded my mind.

“Reed? It’s time for breakfast hunny!” Mom’s voice ranged out from the lower part of the building which if presumed correctly will seemed to be echoing all the way from the Kitchen
“On it Mom, will meet you there in a minute…. ” I replied, a smile creeping down my lips as I splashed some water on my face and hesitated for a little while before heading towards my little but comfortable room…….

I sat there on the dining, deep thoughts all crossing through my head as I munched my good hungrily while silent roamed about our Walls. Some few minutes passed and a smile pated my lips as I stood weakly on my feet and hunged my bagpack on my back

“Let’s go Son, I will drop you off!” Dad said while he helped me in making my way towards the door and heading towards his already parked Car.

The gentle impact of the breeze could he felt on our faces as we got outside our door. I waited for some seconds as Dad ran towards the bonnet of his Car and brought out a black wheelchair from it, in which I wasted no time as I sat hastily on it and got pulled into the front seat.

The sound of the Car Engine filled the entire atmosphere as Dad ignited his Car and drove through our Walls. All through the ride, I had my mind centered across different pages as different thoughts seemed to be running through my mind.

It was a new term, a term of new troubles, a term of living in eternal Torments, a term of been oppressed and tormented by those with the advantage, a term which I knew wouldn’t go so well for me.

Well, My name is Reed Ildy, a 19 year old with disabilities. Am an asthmatic patient with a paralysed leg, I get support by moving through the aid of my wheelchair and a good reason why Dad keep driving me off to school.

Dad is an intern worker for a certain Company and Mom on the other end is a nurse. I happened to attend one of the biggest school in Los Angeles named Epic Empire by a man called Charles Marone, a School filled with grumpy rich kids. It was a one chance oppurtunity I got by writing an Exam in which I was offered a promotion to the school and Ever since day one, I had been living in my own hell where I get tormented on a daily basis due to my disabilities.

Still, I never complained to my Parents because I knew of the efforts they put in me and I became a Happy student the moment the term had close but now, here we are again, a new term filled so much misery and Pain.

“Are you Okay Son?”
Dad asked, bringing me out of my thoughts while all I could do was nod my head as I rested it on the window class

“Ride is over son, we are here…… ”

Fear Spranged to the surfaced as I pulled my wheelchair into the class with my face buried down while all eyes drifted towards me, the same aura I have live my entire life to avoid evolved all around my body as I bumped into the figure with the aura whose books scattered all across the Floor.

The wind blew, the students smirked, all seemed like a slow motion as I tried pleading for mercy but next was an heavy slap that landed across my face and threw me off my wheelchair while my bag fell an inch away from me.

I wailed in pains, fear gripping me as the effect of the rash landing seemed to have squizzed my paralyzed leg and made it a living hell. A few feets from me stood Tyler Matt, just one of the many wicked students who tormented my life in Epic Empire, the school of demons as I called it.

I felt sweat dripping off my face as Tyler manovoured his way towards me while I screamed my lungs out as he stepped on my leg and stood erected on it.
My world Spun and I felt the entire world ending as his weight made matters worse, the whole class had bursted into an overwhelming laughter while my life was at risk, the pain I felt became immense that I had no idea that blood was dripping down my nose, my tears included.

“Listen up Everyone, our One and only Reed Ildy is finally bleeding, isn’t that amazing?” A boy named Erik voiced out from the crowd while the rest laughed and acknowledge him.
“Stop it!! It hurts!!!!”
I yelled as the repeated pain racked through my frail limbing body, the pain not wanting to stop.

“Oh look, the paralyzed chicken is threatening me now huh! That’s a good change I guess” Tyler squealed while the laughter increased and so did the pain I felt.

“You watch your way next time Reed, next time, I won’t be so lenient!” Tyler warned, a smirk on his lips as he stepped down from my injured leg, then smirked again and pulled towards his sit. For some Minutes, The pain i felt prevented me from feeling my leg as I got hold of my bag and crawl my way to my sit……

My entire body now seemed to be covered with heat as I found it hard in stopping my tears, why was life so hard to me? Why am I so different? Why can’t they just accept me for who I am? I thought amidst tears as I cleared away my tears.

“It’s time you stopped Whining like a little Kid Reed!” Louis, a sister to Tyler warned while the once dying laughter erupted the entire class once again.

At the same exact moment, all seemed like a slow motion to me as their laughters echoed in my ears, my heartbeat skipped, my heart kept thumbing harder while I buried my face on my desk and cried in silence, everything happened so fast. It’s just day one and life wanted me give up already, how was I gonna survive the days ahead? I thought amidst myself as I cried the more.

“Hey Reed!”
A voice called while I hesitated for a little while before raising my head up. Jus another Bully, I said within me as I stared at the boy, Davis Matt by name and and a friend to the suppose Tyler Matt

“Go get your filthy Wheelchair away from the front of the class Reed…… It stinks!!” Davis ordered while the entire class laughed in loud tones
“Good one there Davis!” The rest of the class said while I felt my legs twitched and rooted to the ground as I Suprisenly stood weakly on my feet.

Everyone watched in Anticipation as I took the first three steps forward while they all laughed as I ended up falling frets to the Floor moments after I felt the dying pressure that was place on my leg.

“Y’all should watch this peeps!” Erik said while I gasped as he flunged a large accumulation of dust particles towards my direction.
“Wait….tha… that’s dust?”… I said in my subconsciousness, then gasped as I started inhaling the affected dusty particles. All a sudden, my eyes felt reddish as I started coughing out so loud while my entire body felt numbed and weakened.

I could literally feel every joint in my body stiffened, my limbs were severed in a way that I couldn’t move while I gasped as I couldn’t feel my breathe. The entire class all rose to their feets and watched as I struggled to pulled out my inhaler from my left pocket….

To me, silent reigned, their screams didn’t matter to me anymore, my vision was becoming dim and blurry, my hands kept shaking as I tried taking in the inhaler but a kick from nowhere send the inhaler flying metres away from my possession while I ended up falling frets on the ground and gawped as I couldn’t breath…..

My vision kept becoming blurry and blurrier while I felt warm tears wrapped up in my eyes as I noticed the male student who tried helping me but ended up been beaten into a pulp. Right untill this point had I noticed how wicked they all were, there was no point wishing for more cause right now, all I wished for, was nothing more than to just die…….

“W….What did I ever do to them to deserve such a harsh treatment?” I mumbled, fear gripping me as I felt my vision fading off and then it happened, the ground came faster to my eyes and that was the last thing I could remember as I fell into a deep Slumber.


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