CURSED (Last Demon) … (18+) … Episode 32





☘️☘️☘️PROLOGUE ☘️☘️

So, I know I deserve to be hanged for not posting Black Ocean but Please, don’t put too much blame on me causd all this while, have been preparing for my exams and did extra lessons Sha….

but anyhow Sha, Black Ocean will be posted on Wednesday or Thursday [It’s the Last Episode for Season 1]….. please ensure with me…..

Things Die but They Don’t Always Stay Dead. Believe Me, I know.

There’s a race of Supernaturals on Earth Who are Literally Walking among the Humans but they do good to stay well Hidden.

Like they Say, Not all humans are who they seems to be, They are Humans hunting the Supernaturals as well. They are called the Hunters, Unlike others, this Hunters are Humans with Supernatural Abilities, they possess the features of Supernatural Sight, Hearing, Strength and Agility, these features are made possible through the Use of Surgery or drinking Witch Potions, something the entire world would dream to have.

Onis, Furies, Dhampir, Stregoi, Moroi, Demon Gars, Wendigos, Alphas, Demon Alphas, Decaulions, Vampires, Wolfs, Banshees, Cayote’s…… These are the few Supernaturals Who Walk among the Living, blending in and leaving a peaceful life. As you may think, the good ones Exist among them but not all are as peaceful as the others, they are a lot Blood tasty Creatures among them as Well, Creatures that feed on flesh and blood.

So Who says they aren’t Real? Who says they don’t Exist? Who’s says Every Bite from an Alpha turns out to be a god damn gift? Ever heard of a Kanima…….. Believe me, It’s a Curse.

The Kanima, sometimes known as the Canaimi is a being, an abomination that involves the shape shifting of a body into a half Were Jaguar, a Half Snake, A half reptile and a half Were-Wolf…… I like to think the Kanima got the best traits of Werewolves but Unlike the Werewolves, they are Creatures with Immense Speed and Strength, Strong and Sturdy…… An Abomination.

Epic Empire is a Magnanimous school of Supernaturals seen only in the City of Los Angeles but because of their Extraordinary Abilities, they are force to hide their true natures from the knowledge of the Humans who attends the School but deep down, it’s a Supernatural School for beings with Immense Capabilities……

By the Way, My name is Reed Ildy, Am Nineteen years Old, training to Control My Dark Side, In love With my Alpha and hehe, A week Ago, I was a Teen with disabilities whose Life Changed Forever after Spending a night in a School Party.

A bite from Brenda Marone, An Alpha of a pack of Four changed my life for good as I Went through the Hibernation of the full Moon and got turned into a Supernatural…… Hey, No one Said Been a Supernatural Was Easy, they were things I had to Sacrifice, Things that Cost me my Happiness……..

☘️☘️A…….. List Inequalities☘️☘️

On the other End is Rio Smith, A vessel that welds the most powerful Demon Lord ever Recorded in Demon Mythelogy.

It’s been a blink of an eye and Nine Months gone, Laura Martin’s, a lower demon and an inferior lover of Rio Smith is to put in bed on the night of a Full Moon.

Meanwhile, on that same night, in a realm of darkness and beneath the Hadian Cave lies the Dark OverLord Forged with the power of Three, A Tribrid with the gifts of Demons.

On that Same Night, A Prophecy is revealed to the Overlord, A Prophecy that says…… Laura Martin’s, The wife of Rio will put to bed on that same Night and will give birth to a Set of Twins who will one day Rise to put an End to his Existence due to the power they Welds…..

The Dark Overlord is thrilled and thrown into a state of Comatose, he now sets on a Journey to put an End to the little Kids of Rio, The demon Lord himself but will he succeed?……….

Will the dark-hearted demon, Sathanas play a blind eye and watched his kids get destroy by an Overlord? An opponent his own size?

And what of Reed and Brenda? What are their roles? Why is the Overlord so scare of Rio’s Children?…….

If you are really Curious to know what happens, then please join me as we get ready for an awesome Adventure 😅😅……




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