CRAZY KYLIE … (18+) … Part 3




“mhen….look at that hot chick”,I said out loud.

“oh finally you’ve noticed a gal?”,my friends asked.

“nooo, am talking about that”,I pointed, licking my lips and jumped into the car

“dude, that’s wrong”,they said.

“do I look like I fucking care?”,I asked.

“I thought you’ve changed”,James said.

“fuck change”,I said.

“guy, no worries, he doesn’t have the…..

i used a metallic stuff that works in all car, I put it in and started the car.

“like what the fuck?”,they all shouted.

“you coming with me?!”,I asked.

“hell no”,they replied and I drove off.

Chill guys….am not a thief, am gonna bring it back.

I drove around, having fun, like yo, this is cool………breaking the rules, nice.

I drove around for about an hour then drove back to the beach….its late already..

The beach was empty, except a gal who sat by a corner.

I stopped the car and came down…

“hey bitch”,she yelled and flew at me.

Wow ….she’s good at karate.

She used the scorpion style, and landed a punch on my nostrils.

Damn…..I was bleeding….

“what the fuck was that for?”,I yelled.

“i should be asking you that damn question you asshole. You took my car without permission, likes who does that!?”,she asked.

“you!”,a feminine voice replied from behind.

We both turned…I know her …I see her in school, including this psychopath who just hit me…

“you took this car without dad’s permission, now I had to cover for you once again”,she said and I smirked.

“miss preacher”,I said to the gal who hit me.

“shut your damn holes”,she replied.

“mum junior”,she said to the other gal.

“well I like being mum junior. And its still mum junior who covered up for you”,the other gal replied.

“whatever!”,psychopath replied.


Huh….mum junior!😡
Dad called and told me mum was in labour and that kylie should come over at the hospital immediately.

He sent his driver to come pick her, and I cover up for her, saying she is not ready, and that she would come on her own.

Dad quarried and quarried and I finally got him calm.

I knew Kylie would go to the beach so I checked there first!

“go to the hospital now, I’ll take the car home”,I instructed.

”and you…go home and be useful to your mama”,I said.

I took the car home and washed it..I also swept traces of sand…ugh!

I prepered the cradle, some food for everyone.

Am damn exhausted…😐


I got to the hospital and dad was freaking out.

“daddy”,I called out.

“oh swetie ya here”,he said and crossed his hands over my shoulders.

“dad calm down, everything will be fine”,I said and he smiled.

“so sweet of you”,he replied.

That reminded me of my nickname…..sweet but psycho.🤪

I could hear the cry of….wait, what the fuck…..babies????

“doctor how is my wife and her child?”,dad asked.

“well your wide gave birth to twins, a boy and a gal”,he replier.

Dad was so happy……😫😫😞🤨

Geez! Much stress, more restriction, I’ll automatically turn to a babysitter.


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