CRAZY KYLIE … (18+) … Part 2



“fine”,I replied and walked out, then paused.

”who is gonna fix it?”,I asked.

“my friend, Priscilla”,she replied.

”and where is she?”,I asked.

”she hasn’t yet arrived”,she replied and I sighed.

“go stalk dad, am gonna fix it”,I said.

“alright!”,she replied.

I walked into her room and found the tablet on the table.

Ugh! Look at how unkept her room is!

I picked the tablet and took it to my room. I learnt a lot about computers, so I can handle this.

I brought out some tools and took it to dad’s room and began working on the tablet.

I was almost done, I could hear dad coming.

Oh geez! What would I do?

I dropped the tablet inside his drawer and hid behind the door.

Dad walked in…“princess I can’t follow you outing, daddy is really bust, I just cake to pick my tablet, I forgot it at home”,dad said.

“but daddy..”,Kylie persisted.

“where is Jemima?”,he asked.

“uhmn…well she uhmn….she is sleeping in her room”,she replied.

“oh, lemme say hi”,he said and walked out, I quickly pulled Kylie and covered her mouth.

“is that the best you could do?”,I asked in a whisper.

“i tried, but he wouldn’t give in”,she whispered.

“the tablet?”,she asked.

“oh, lemme finish! This time try harder”,I said and continued working on the tablet.

I quickly finished, but as I was about leaving, I noticed the door knob twisting, so I quickly slid under the bed.

Immediately dad took the, he mistakenly hit a fountain pen…oh geez!


What the f*ck! Like seriously? I saw Jemima under the bed, and I had to stop dad from bending down to pick the pen.

“uhmn dad… would be late remember?”,I said.

“right! Bye sweetie”,he said and kissed my forehead.

“pheww”,we both said at the same time.

“don’t ever involve me in this….ever”,she warned and I smirked.

She walked out and heaved a sigh of relief.

I walked into my room and picked up my phone.

“hey Priscilla. What the damn fuck happened?”,I asked.

“am sorry…”.she said, but I interrupted.

“shut the fuck up, ya lucky ya my bestie”,I said and she chuckled.

“yaya, psychopath”,she cursed.

“dickhead”,I replied.

”call ya later”,she said and I cut the call.

I freshened up and put on a skinny jeans and crop top…I packed my hair in a ponytail.

Like where the fuck am I going to?? Well, I dunno, I guess to have fun!

I walked outside with a car key.

“hey, hope you ain’t planning on driving?”,Jemima asked from the balcony.

“you ain’t my mama”,I replied.

“dad said you…….

”leave me alone mum junior”,I replied rudely.

Yaya, dad said I am not yet of age to drive but what the….do I care?

I picked one of the small flashy car, oh damn I love black.

I jumped in, and turned on the car, and stepped on the brakes.

I turned on the music and
horned loudly.

The security man quickly opened the gate.

I drove out and brought down the car shades.

i stood up, shouting…this is the teenage life men!

I got to a beach a don parked the car…I was having a fun time, when I wanted to leave, but oh geez!

Where the fuck is the car??


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