(They are both egocentric 😂)

Written by Authoress Ti Fe 💞📚

“We are here.” The driver said to Kimberly and she peeped out of the window smiling widely. She opened the door and highlighted.
She walked to the front, dipped her hand inside her bag, and brought out USD 25 stretching it to the driver.
“There you go.” She said to him as he received it. He nodded in response and ignited the engine.
She moved back and took a look around the city again. It was way bigger than Golden City.
“I wish I lived here.” She thought sadly.
Just then she remembered she was in the new city for something. To secure a job.
She walked down the path looking around for any companies or school to submit her credentials.
After a short walk, she came in contact with a huge building which happened to be a school. She smiled and walked to the gates.
She adjusted her shirt and skirt, breathing in and out before walking into the school premises.
The security man who was busy sleeping on duty jumped to his feet as soon as he heard the gates open.
“Who is there?” He asked frightening Kimberly who never saw him there.
“Hi. I am Kimberly Johnson, and I came here to check if there were any vacancies.” She said politely with a grin on her face.
“There are no vacancies.” The security man answered angrily because his sleep was interrupted for nothing.
“Are you sure? I mean you are just a security man, how would you know if there are vacancies or not?” She asked knowing she made a mistake talking to him in the first place.
“I should have just asked for the Proprietor instead.” She thought biting her lower lips in regret.
“Just a security man, but at least I have something you don’t have. I have a job, now get out!” He said in anger making Kimberly move back a little.
“I didn’t mean to hurt you. I just need to talk to the owner of the school.” She responded but he wasn’t ready to help her anymore.
“Get out!” He yelled making Kimberly feel embarrassed.
“Fine! You can eat the school for all I care dummy!” She responded sticking out her tongue to him. She walked out of the compound with a frown on her face.
She walked away from the school releasing the muscles on her face with a smile.
“Kimberly calm down, be nice.” She said to herself shutting her eyes right there on the road breathing out with her mouth.
She raised her hand like she was performing Yoga, and then she dropped it opening her eyes. She looked around and noticed the people passing were staring at her like she had gone insane.
She quickly kept on walking smiling as nothing happened. After a long work, she saw a large building by her left with had “FIBRE WAY” written largely at the top.
She crossed the road to the other side using the Zebra crossing. And as soon as she got there she promised herself to be nice and never to repeat the mistake she made at the school again.
This company had its gates locked so she had to knock on the gates. She hit it three times and she felt pain in her knuckles making her groan in pain.
Soon, she heard a voice from behind the gates.
“Who Is there?” A masculine voice asked.
“Hi. I am Kimberly Johnson and I am here to see the CEO.” She replied smiling.
The gates opened, and the man stuck out his head to look at her.
“Do you have an appointment?” He asked and she shook her head.
“Not at all. I am here in search of a job.” She replied praying inwardly that there would be a vacancy.
“There is no vacancies ma’am, I am sorry.” He said politely making her smile without even knowing.
“It’s okay. Thanks.” She replied and as she turned, she never realized a car was behind her, she almost hit it before falling to the ground in shock.
“Oh my…” She cried holding her leg in pain.
“Why not watch where you are going next time?” A man asked from inside the car, and she stood up angrily knowing none of it was her fault.
“Why not come off your stupid car and say that to my face!” She yelled hitting the tinted glass at the driver’s seat.
She kept hitting it aggressively until the young man lowered the glass and she was about to hit him when she saw his face.
Immediately she saw his face she was dumbstruck and so was he. They stared at each other for some minutes before Kimberly raised her voice in anger once again.
“Don’t you have a horn In the car? Can’t you make use of it?” She asked angrily. He opened his door and Kimberly leaped to the back to avoid getting hit by the car door.
“You are at fault, Ma’am. Next time you don’t act to lose when you are close to the road.” He started folding his hand and this sent Sparks of fire right into her head.
“How dare you call me loose!! Seriously!!” She yelled louder this time trying to pull the attention of those passing.
“Ma’am, can you please stop all the drama?” He asked enjoying how she behaved so crazy.
“Boss I am so sorry for this, she would leave now.” The security man said walking out the gates.
“Boss? So because you are the boss you treat people anyhow?” She spat angrily.
“Ma’am, can you please stop? Don’t you know him?” The security man asked and she scoffed.
“Do I look like I care?” She asked looking at the young man who kept mute resting his back on his car and staring at her.
“He is Landon Hernandez, the CEO of the worldwide Fibre way.” The security man stated and Landon smiled loving the way he spoke about him.
He expected a different reaction from Kimberly, but the title didn’t seem to move her.
“Well, you can shove the title up your an*s. I am out of here, I have other things to do.” She said proudly walking away.
Landon and the security man stared at her as she stormed away angrily.
“What was she doing here?” Landon asked.
“Boss she was here in search of a job. And I told her there were no vacancies, she acted very calmly not until she fell.” The security men explained and Landon smiled.
“It’s okay. Open up.” He said and the security man ran to the gate to open it up for him.


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