CRAZY COUPLES … (18+) … Part 3




I returned to the bed and laid on my side.
I covered myself with the duvet and turned off the light.

I was wide awake..

What’s he up to??
Is he looking at my a-s??
Or is he making fun of my big pyjamas.
Or is he horny?
I shuddered.
I felt so insecure.

‘Nothing is happening tonight Stella’. I assured myself.

Why would he even want to touch me?
He was very angry the day his parents told him we’re getting married.

Suddenly, his phone began ringing.

I felt him leave the bed and go to the bathroom.
Of course, am curious.
I turned on the light.

I stood up and went to the door, eavesdropping.
Immediately the door opened going forward.
I wasn’t standing well so I totally lost my balance.

I fell towards him but he shifted and I crashed at the floor.

“Jeremy!!!” I yelled trying to stand to my feet.

“What? I thought you were dumb” he said going into the bedroom.

“So you’re saying Jeremy Sanchez can actually marry a dumb woman?” I smirked following him.

“Dumb and stupid” he added.

Did he just call me stupid?

“Who was that on the phone?” I asked curiously.

“Not your business” he said.

“You should know I don’t take no for an answer!” I yelled and jumped on him.

“You’re crazy!!” He rapsed trying to get me off him. I grabbed his phone and he dropped me on the bed. I rolled to the other side and looked into the phone.


Who is Nina??

He took the phone from me.
“What the fvck is wrong with you!!??” He yelled at me.

I smirked.

“Who’s Nina?” I asked.

He glared at me.

“And am supposed to tell you because?” He asked arching his brows.

“You’re a jerk Jeremy!”

“And you’re a b–ch!” He said lying on his bed.

I smiled as an idea came into my mind.
He’ll regret calling me a bvtch.

“Good night peacock” I grinned.

“Bad dreams Psycho” he jibed.

Who’s Nina??

I couldn’t help but feel suspicious.

I waited for Jeremy to fall asleep before I swung into action.
I took a bucket and filled it with water in the bathroom before setting it with the door.
Once he opens the door, the bucket of water will empty on his body.

He’ll learn not to mess with Stella Anderson!

Next day💅
I woke up beside my annoying husband. He was awake but busy with his phone.

“How was your night?” I asked him grinning.

He was quiet for a while.

“Uh…it was fine, yours?–”

“Terrible! You can’t stop snoring for a minute” I blurted.

He scoffed.

“Stop saying nonsense, I didn’t even sleep here” he said.

“What?” I asked.

“I left for the guestroom. Your body was bringing a bad aura around me and I had to find comfort at the guestroom” he replied.

I rolled my eyes.
He’s such a liar.

I left the room heading for the kitchen.
Am famished.

I met Jeremy’s mom on the way.

“Good morning Mrs Sanchez” I said.
She smiled.
“How was your night honey?” She asked smiling.

“It was..great” I replied.

“It’s just that you’re wearing a thick pyjamas and you’re walking just fine like nothing happened last night” she said and I stared at her like a lost goat.

Why won’t I walk normal🙍

“The thing is… Jeremy inherited just part of the wealth, he needs to present a child before he gains everything. That’s grandpa’s rule to avoid fake marriage. Grandfather Sanchez is very skeptical about it” she enthused and I felt my body make a weird reaction.

A child.
Jer…Jeremy and I need to make a baby, together???😨


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