CRAZY COUPLES … (18+) … Part 14




I arrived at the party place and went to Jeremy.

“Gist me on the conversation later” he muttered and I scoffed.

A lady walked to me.
“There’s a dirt on your dress” she whispered and I looked down.

I gasped and turned to Jeremy.

“Excuse me” I said and left the place clearly embarrassed.
I looked for the rest room and went over to a sink. I dropped my purse on the counter and took a tissue.

I looked up at the mirror and flinched.

Yvonne was coming out from the toilet.

“I didn’t mean to scare you dear” she said coming to the sink.

“It’s alright” I murmured.

She stood beside me washing her hands.

“How’s Jeremy?” She asked.

“He’s fine of course. Just don’t come to my house uninvited again” I said quite pissed with her attitude.

“Oh, am deeply sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable ” she said.

I smiled .

“It’s okay” I said finishing up with the cleaning of the stain on my dress.
I wonder how that got there.

“Umm… You back zipper is down ” she said and I turned. She helped me with it and I thanked her.

I left the restroom in a jiffy cause I don’t want Jeremy to be worried.
That’s if he’ll even look for me.

I got to where he was and we faced each other.

“I really want us to go home” he whined like a child.
I chuckled.

“Calm down sir. It’s almost over” I jibed.

“Attention Attention. Mrs Yvonne’s golden pendant have been stolen” the lady said and everyone began murmuring.

How can something be stolen at such a fancy gathering filled with wealthy people??

“It’s likely to be stolen by a female and mrs Yvonne suspects Stella” she said and I flinched.


Jeremy glanced at me.
Everyone had their eyes on me.

“I didn’t steal anything!” I retorted.

“Just to be sure. We’ll have to search your purse. If the pendant is there, I have no choice but to arrest you but if it’s not, I’ll have to search others” Yvonne said.

My heart raced.

How can she be thIs wicked?

She came to my house acting all friendly.
I hate her.

“What sort of nonsense is this? I didn’t steal anything Jeremy” I said ruefully.

Suddenly, Tristan showed up.
He grabbed my wrist forcefully and tried to snatch my purse from me.

Jeremy threw him a hard punch across his face which sent him stuttering back.

Everywhere was intense as Jeremy beat Tristan up roughly not sparing him a chance to fight back. They were finally separated and Tristan is left with blood all over his nose and a swollen lip.

Jeremy turned to me and grabbed my wrist. He walked out of the house. We got into the limousine and the driver drove off.

“No one touches you like that but me, do you understand?!” He growled and I could tell he was very angry.

I nodded very shocked and confused.
I opened my purse and went through it and that’s when I saw it.
A golden pendant.

But how did it get into my purse??


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