CRAZY COUPLES … (18+) … Part 13



I watched them bring in Jeremy’s grandfather. He was on a wheelchair but he had that mean look on his face.
He didn’t even come for my wedding with Jeremy.

He stayed at the far end of the dinning ignoring all the greetings that came from everyone. He acts so arrogant… Who does that remind me of? Of course, Jeremy.

“Stella” Jeremy called and i turned. He fed me a spoon of beef stew.
I was suprised but I still kept a happy look. He used his thumb to remove something close my lip.

“Thanks love” I said trying to make the others jealous.

I took my eyes from Jeremy and realized everyone was staring.
Even the mean old grandpa😱

I quickly stared at my food.
My heart was beating like a party drum.
‘Stella, what were you thinking?’

It’s not my fault.
Jeremy didn’t tell me we would act like we were inlove.

Suddenly, music began playing and the maids showed up and cleared the table. We all got up and advanced to the spacious part of the dinning hall.

The music playing at the atmosphere is slow and cool . Some of the couples took glasses of drinks and began talking to each other.

Jeremy and I was together close to a window.

“You totally threw me off guard back there” I muttered.

“Yeah…whatever” he replied rolling his eyes.

“Mrs Stella” I heard and turned to see a maid behind me.

“Yes?” I asked.

“Grandfather Sanchez wants to see you” she said.

Jeremy and I exchanged glances.

“Go ahead…” He muttered.

“But…am scared. He looks mean and…arrogant. Jeremy! Come with me” I said quite worried.

He chuckled.

“He wants to see you. Go. Don’t keep him waiting” he said.

I gulped and followed the maid.

He took me towards a lonely hallway. We stopped infront of a big door. She opened the door and I walked in. the door shut behind me.

I was in a huge office but they were books everywhere. Grandfather Sanchez was o. His chair before his desk.

“Come forward” he said coldly and I obeyed.

He pointed at a spare seat infront of his desk and I sat down.
In normal office there are two seats. Why one here?

“So, you’re married to my grandson?” he said more like a question.

I nodded.

“Don’t nod when I question you” he said sternly.

“Am sorry sir. Yes, Jeremy and I are married” I quickly collected.

“Is he responsible?” He asked and I arched my brows.

“Do you trust him? Is he accountable?” He asked.

“Yes sir. He is” I replied.

He chuckled.

“Why won’t you say yes’?” He asked inbetween laugh.

I smiled nervously.
But am being truthful.
Jeremy is always working. He’s responsible.

“How many wives do I have Stella?” He asked.

“One” I replied.

“Good. I hate separation. It’s like a thorn in my flesh. I rather bribe my wife not to leave me than to end the marriage. And so I don’t want to hand over my wealth to someone who can’t keep his family. I believe your marriage with Jeremy is not a contract” he said.

“No sir. It’s a real marriage” I replied.

“I know. I made sure of that. the only thing we’re waiting for now is baby with you and Jeremy’s DNA” he said.

“Am practically handing the wealth over to you because I saw truth in your eyes back at the dinning. Under no circumstance should you leave Jeremy, am I understood?” He asked.

…I tried to nod but I quickly opened my mouth.

“Yes sir, I promise” I replied.

He smiled.
“You can go”.


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