COMMUNITY SL-UT…..(18+)…..Part 38


My aunt then bore down on me and before
I knew
what she had in mind, had torn off the
gown I was
wearing. My Unclad B—m sprang out full
and erect
and that was when I admitted to myself
that my
B—m were fuller much more fuller than
they were
supposed to be. I stood Unclad before her
except for my panties. She grabbed hold of
my B—m and
weighed them heavily in both hands one
after the
other, then she looked very closely at each
of my
Tips. She then pushed my head forward
and pushed
my eyelid backward to look into my eyes.
Finally, she
took my palm in hers and looked at it
closely, very closely. Suddenly she let go of
my palm and shouted; ‘’Yeeeeee, this girl
has killed me’’ I just stood
there Unclad, not knowing what had
happened but
my subconscious also telling me that I was
pregnant. ‘’Angelica, Angelica how have I
gone wrong in
your case? What was I supposed to do that
I didn’t
do? Ha, you have killed me!’’ my aunt kept
wailing, moving from one foot to the other.
Then she
bounced on me and before I knew what
happening, she was beating the daylight
out of me. I made to run but her hold was
too strong and she
poured all her anger on me, beating me
until I was
too weak to get up or to cry anymore. Then
pulled me up and pushed me on the chair.
‘’Now tell me before I kill you, who
you? She demanded with a no nonsense
look on her
face and in her voice. I trembled where she
pushed me as I had never seen my aunt
look that
ferocious before in all the years I had been
with her. ‘’IIIIIImmmmm nnnooot preegnn…’’

a hot slap
landed on my face before I finished my
denial. ‘’Did I ask if you are pregnant or
not? She
demanded following it up with another hot
slap that
left me reeling and falling face down on the
arm of
the chair she had pushed me to.‘’Now
answer my question before I kill you, you
this stupid b—–d! Orphan that I accepted
and gave
everything she needs! Only for you to
reward me by
getting pregnant without finishing
secondary school!
If you want to live, just tell me who has
been having
s*x with you and got you pregnant, else I
will kill you’’ she said with a grown and her
wrapped round my throat. I had never been
so scared as I was on that day cos
something told me my aunt was actually
capable and
willing to kill me if I did not answer.
However, a
rebellious thread that I did not know came
where stiffened my back bone and
something in me
was since she wanted to know who had
been Bleeping me, then it was only right
that I should tell
her. ‘’Uncle and James’’ I replied promptly
‘’what did you say? She asked, in a panicky
all fire gone out of her. ‘’Uncle and James’’
I replied again, this time
managing to breath freely as her hands had
come off
my neck.


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