COMMUNITY SL-UT…..(18+)…..Part 37


I have grown used to the thought that
Alhaji Abdulahi
would never help me fulfil my fantasy or
F**K me
again and I sure do miss not having his
long Joystick
drilling into me. He had only F***ed me
once but I
seem to have gotten addicted to him as
now I place
his image in my mind’s eye whenever I
F**K any other person. But I have a new
adventure to console
myself with and that is the girl on girl
experiences I
have with Bukunmi and Laide our new
neighbours. I have become a connoisseur
of the female Kittycat
and greatly enjoy my lesbian relationships
with the
two girls who have in the last month after
initiation introduced me to several others of
friends, who are working class like them
enthralled at having a new Kittycat to play
with. They love me, and show it in several
ways. Either through
buying me things which I could now
take or through doing things to me
sexually. Being
with Laide and Bukunmi is a much easier
feat to
accomplish as my aunt gives them free
reign with me
not knowing that they were leading me in
directions she could never dream of.
Sometimes I even sleep in
their flat whenever one has to travel and
such times
whoever it was I was sleeping with, we
managed to
F**K ourselves in all ways imaginable
before the light
of day. I was a very apt pupil, soaking up
all they had
to teach and even practicing some of the
things I had seen in X-trated movies with
them. Being with them
however, did not stop me from being with
my uncle
and the other numerous uncles on our
street who I
had become fucktoys of. It was only much
with the girls. A few months after I clocked
fifteen, my morning
routine changed as I always woke up
nauseous in the mornings and would throw
up all
that I ate. Nothing seemed to be able to
stay in my
stomach for long and the smell of food
nauseating. Also, I became easily sleepy
and would sleep the whole day away after
my family had gone
to work or school as the case may be. I
listless and weak from the incessant
throwing up and
lack of food. It was fortunate that we
always had
fruits in the fridge as that became my sole
meal for
quite a while. I initially lost my lust for s*x
for some weeks after these strange
occurrence but I didn’t
think too much about it as I was back to
normal after
some time, craving s*x almost incessantly.
At first nobody in the house noticed and I
even tell anyone there was anything wrong
with me.
One day my uncle and I had our usual F**K
and when he was sucking my B—m, he
looked up
with a surprised expression on his face,
looked at me
and then took my Tip in his mouth again,
sucking ferociously. Then he looked up and
said ‘’Milk!!! With a look of stupefied
wonder, rolling
something that looked whitish on his
tongue and then
swallowing. Then he continued sucking
first one and
then the other Tip much harder than before,
gulping noises. ‘’Are you pregnant B***h?
He asked after
swallowing all the juice he had managed to
from my B—m. His sucking and the
tingling feeling
coming from my Tips had me in another
land and I
didn’t comprehend his words. I just looked
at him
all plaint and lusty, waiting for him to
continue what he was doing. He looked at
me from head to toe for
what looked like ages but in reality must
not have
been more than a minute, then shook his
head and
continued. That day as was his wont, he
asked me to
get on my knee and proceeded to F**K me
doggy for
minutes on end, while spanking my butt
cheeks and then pulling on my hair to get
my back more arched
for his t—-t. The F**K was a long one and I
had Pour
twice before he discharged his load in my
and left me. Afterwards, his question came
to the
fore of my lust clouded head and I started
if I was actually pregnant. I fondled my B—
m very well and then squeezed on the Tips
and truthfully
droplets of a milky substance was dropping
from it,

not much, about four droplets. I looked at
my tummy,
it was as flat as ever and I concluded that
the milk
coming out of my B—m must be because
of the way
he s—-d themThen one Saturday morning,
my aunt was home and
asked me to loosen her hair so she could
go and do it
later in the day at the salon. I was at it
when as was
usual with me for some weeks now, I
nauseous from the hair cream smell and
ran inside to
throw up. My aunt was perplexed asking
me what was wrong and I told her I wasn’t
feeling fine. I
continued with the loosening of hair and
before I was
done, I had to go throw up twice more.
This must
have aroused my aunt’s suspicion as she
watching me closely afterwards. When I
was done,
she said she had decided to go to the
salon earlier as she just remembered that
she had somewhere to go
to later. Immediately she left home, I lay on
the couch
and slept off since I was the only person at
home (my
uncle and cousin had gone out earlier). I
was in deep sleep when my aunt’s voice
me awake. ‘’whats wrong with you
Angelica’ she asked
standing in front of me on the couch and
down on me. ‘’Nothing ma’’ I stammered
‘’Nothing and you are vomiting and
sleeping and
you say nothing’’ she shouted at me.
‘’Nothing ma, I’m just tired’’ I replied
making to get up from the couch but her
pinned me down as she looked around and
saw that I
had not done any of the things she had
asked me to
do before leaving home. The dishes she
used to eat
were still on the dining table, the cloths I
was supposed to fold and keep in her
wardrobe still on
the chair, the floors unmopped, in short I
had gone to
sleep on the couch immediately I closed
the gate
after her. I looked about, still groggy and
weak from
my lack of food and constant vomiting. I
talk when I saw the evidence of my
slothfulness all over the place.


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