COMMUNITY SL-UT…..(18+)…..Part 34


’Would you like to F**K her sir? She asked
the man,
who looked back dumbfounded but then
nodded. ‘’then we will be at this address
now and tomorrow evening, come
whenever you
like’’ so saying she gave the man a piece of
scribbled with something. I wondered when
she wrote out the address. The man
collected it and
walked back to his car, started it and drove
off, never
taking his eyes off us. ‘’Why anty Laide? I
asked Laide as we drove out
of the parking lot towards home ‘why did
you do
that to me in a public place with someone I
even know? A complete stranger’’. ‘’Tell me
you didn’t like it! in fact tell me you
didn’t enjoy it. I can bet that you came and
Kittycat is even drenched right now’’ Laide
laughing gleefully like a witch as she ran a
through my thigh and shoved two stiff
fingers inside
yes, my dripping Kittycat. She laughed
uproaringly as blood flowed into my cheeks
to show my
embarrassment, I was a Sl*t through and
through! No
use hiding it, it was so obvious. Giving that
man a
Mouthaction had aroused me tremendously
to the
point of soaking my dress with Kittycat
juice. Barely thirty minutes after getting
back to where we
were staying and after narrating the
incident to
Bukunmi, Laide left the house with hers and
Bukunmi’s laughter trailing behind me, I
went into
the bedroom we were all sleeping in to get
a few
shut eye and specifically to try and work an
o—-m out of my drenching Kittycat. I was
highly aroused by
it all! What I did at the parking lot of that
to a total stranger, the fact that Laide was
watching it
all happen and their laughter was an
aphrodisiac that
set me off. I had managed to work two
orgasms from my
Kittycat when Bukunmi called me to join
her in the
sitting room. It was way past noon then
and I was
drowsy from my climaxes but Bukunmi was
in her call that I had to go and meet her in
the living
room. Getting there lo and behold, I met the
man I had s—-d off earlier that morning in
the parking lot.
He was sitting with a cane of Heineken and
a look of
familiarity was about him as he looked at
me and the
way he sat. I stood sheepishly beside
Bukunmi as she
introduced formally to him. I was totally
flummoxed. ‘’I know you’ve met Angelica at
the parking lot
earlier today, you only didn’t get to know
her name
or she yours. Richard meet Angelica,
Richard,’’ Bukunmi said, quickly getting the
introduction over with. ‘’How was she? Did
enjoy the Mouthaction she gave you?‘’Yes I
did Bukunmi’’ he replied ‘’she was
everything you said she would be. I hope
she fucks
as good too but I dodnt doubt she will
because for a
girl this young to suck Joystick the way she
did mine,

I can bet my last naira that will will F**K
equally well
if not better.’’ I felt awkward and
insignificant. Here I am between
two adults, a male and a female being
talked about
as if I wasn’t there, as if I could not hear
them or
was an item for sale. I decided to make
relevant. ‘’Good afternoon sir’’ I greeted
defiantly They both looked at each other
and laughed! Then the
man got up from where he was sitting,
walked up to
me and grabbed my right B—m with both
pinching on the Tip with his finger. I
gasped as
moisture once more rushed from deep
inside me to
fill the shorts I was wearing. I hadn’t
realized that Bukunmi was not alone when
she called me and I
had come out in just shorts and a
spaghetti strap tank
top that Laide had given me. My B—m
standing out proudly and firmly from the
unsupported by any bra. His grabbing my
boob had
an automatic effect of hardening both of
my Tips and this was very obvious through
the top. ‘’Told you didn’t we’’ Bukunmi said
as the
man’s eyes opened wider when he saw the
of his fondling on my heaving chest and
breathing. He just kept fondling and
pinching first one
boob then the other and the Tips till my
head was
thrown back and I was moaning wantonly
at his ministration. I didn’t notice how or
when my shorts
came off only that Bukunmi was now
kneeling in
front of my spread legs and fingering my
Kittycat. I
was still standing and thanks to the
stranger that was
holding me I would have fallen flat on my
face from
the mini o—-m that wrecked my body.


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