COMMUNITY SL-UT…..(18+)…..Part 32


Being with Laide and Bukunmi was easy as
my aunt
felt that as they were women and our
tenants, they
would not lead me astray and would
always correct
me. Our living in the same house made
things a
whole lot easier and fulfilling. Laide and
showed me mad fun of girl-girl love making
and introduced me to many of their female
friends who
were of the same ilk as them. I had fun!
Mad fun, all
at my leisure, in my very own house! Laide
Bukunmi treated me like one of theirs, they
were nice
to me, encouraged me and showed me
much more
than I could ever hope to know on my own.
They tried the best they could to make me
practice safe
s*x, but I was already hooked on having
deposited inside me. They told me all the
dangers of
allowing guys to Pour inside me but they
also later
realized that I was too much of a
submissive to say
‘’NO’’ firmly. Several times I would let them
know beforehand
whenever my uncle or James was coming
home to
F**K me and if any of them happened to be
around at
the time or could come back home from
work, that
person would record all that transpired
between me
and whoever of my relatives it was or both
of them as they sometimes took me
together. The peck to this
was that, times when I spend the night in
their flat or
followed them to parties to ‘’assist’’ as they
are wont to tell my aunt, we would play and
these scenes while we F***ed each other.
would pump out information from me
about my tryst with the various uncles who
slept with me on our
street. I noticed that Bukunmi was much
attuned to men than Laide, she called
herself a bi
while Laide was a complete lesbian. I
noticed that
Bukunmi’s eyes would bulge and cloud over
time I tell her of my tryst with uncle
Emeka’s friend. Several times before I even
finished the tell, she
would have buried her fingers in her
dripping Kittycat
and be fingering herself senseless. As
young as I
was, I suspected that Bukunmi wanted to
F**K uncle
Emeka’s friend but didn’t want to openly
say it in
the presence of Laide her partner.

Whenever I was alone with Bukunmi and
my family members were
not around, Bukunmi would ask me to go
check if
uncle Emeka’s friend was around and if he
was that
I should F**K him. Anytime I do this,
eyes would glitter as I come back and tell
her my
sexcapedes. It was actually a turn on for
me too. They taught me how to use the
strap-on and I
became good it. I love using it on Bukunmi
in the
doggy position and watch her giant B—m
swing too
One weekend as usual, Bukunmi and Laide
permission from my aunt for me to follow
them to a
party outside town. As usual, my aunt gave
her full
permission and we were off by Friday
supposedly for the neighbouring town but
ended up
in the bungalow where I was initiated to
lesbian love. Of course I was in on the
deceit as they had informed
me earlier. We were too fagged out by the
time we
finished cooking and eating dinner and
slept off
watching TV in the living room. I was
woken by the feel of a warm mouth on my
and on opening my eyes, saw Laide leaning
over me
and sucking my already taut Tips. I looked
at the
clock on the wall and it was just some
minutes after
4am. Of course I was h—y too and was
even ready
to F**K the previous night but could see
that the girls were very tired. I guess it
must be because they’d
gone to work earlier and the drive across
Seeing Laide in an h—y mood was a
welcome sign
to me that the sleep must have cured her
of her
exhaustion. I grabbed her head and
pressed it more
firmly to the boob she was sucking and
cradled it to my ample b—m. She sighed
pleasurably as she
continued sucking with me making tiny
noises as the pleasure spread from the
boob she was
sucking to my entire body. Having s—-d
her fill of
that boob, she changed position and
grabbed the
other boob, sucking that one too as
ferociously as she had s—-d the first,
turning my meows into moans
as my Kittycat flooded with juice and the
aroma of
Kittycat in heat filled the room.


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