COMMUNITY SL-UT…..(18+)…..Part 30


i woke up to sweet sensation flowing from
my Tips to
the entirety of my body. on opening my
eyes, i saw
Laide kneeling beside the couch with my
Tip in her
mouth sucking greedily like a milk starved
child. on
seeing me awake, she said ”oh you are
good, let me show you the joys of girl girl
love that you can never find with any man”.
so saying, she
went back to sucking my B—m, first
sucking the
Tips and then grazing on them lightly with
her tongue.
the grazing motion was if an electric
current was
being passed through my body. i shook
and shivered
at the sensation, moaning all the while.
then she tried sucking the entire mass of
fatty flesh into her mouth
all the while still managing to slide her
tongue round
and round my Tips. the feeling was
exquisite, felt like
nothing i had ever experienced before. not
wild hot
but a deeper more spreading sensation that
to reach deeper than before. i heard moans
and soft groans and then realised
those sounds were coming out of my
throat! i was in
lust heaven as my legs spread further on
the couch
and i tried reaching between my legs to
touch my
engorged Kittycat but my fingers were
away. ”patience, Sl*t, you’ll get full
satisfaction. just be patient” the voice of
Bukunmi slurred from
where she was seated pleasuring her
Kittycat with a
tiny pink lipstick vibrator. she had this
faraway look
in her eyes and her Kittycat was gaping
open with
her big flapy labias spread like a fan. I
wanted to tell
her to Pour over and sit on my mouth but i
was still too shy with them to voice out my
lusty desires, so I
just looked hungrily at her and licked my
lips and
then turned my attention back to the lips
leaving a
trail of fire from my B—m down my throat
and belly
and still making its way to my g—n with its
destination my Kittycat. I thought she
would eat my Kittycat when she got there
but she only teased it a
little, licking up the juices that was flowing
unrestrained and giving my c–t little nips
that instead
of sating me seemed to get me more
excited. i was
just about to beg her to please eat me
when she lay
on top of me but with her legs on my
tummy and her head beyond my legs. Then
she arranged our legs in
a way that our Kittycat m—-s were
touching each
other and that was when she started
grinding on me!

it was bliss! i was positioned on my sides
now and
could feel her c–t on mine, she told me to
just keep
rubbing on her while she rubbed back on
me. I felt like a hot coal had been placed
on my c–t as heat
kept flowing through it back and forth,
back and
forth. my moans had increased and i had
moved my
hands to my B—m to rub them so as to
heighten the
already high sensations. That was when I
Bukunmi’s lips on mine in a deep kiss, as
she forced her tongue into my mouth and
s—-d up saliva from
me. soon the pressure of her tongue in my
mouth left
me no options but to suck back on her and
it was
heaven on earth. Bukunmi’s hands
squeezing my
Tips was all i needed to push me over the
edge to a
very big explosion that left me limp
afterwards, totally exhausted .
I later discovered that there was no
wedding party
and we were not expecting anybody to join
though they had actually bought me two
dresses, a pair of shoes, and very s*xy**
wears. It had all been an elaborate ruse to
get me
alone, and they had spike my drinks with a
sleeping pill to make me more malleable.
They made me
understand that they were at home on the
day that
James and my uncle were Bleeping me and
so had
made plans to capture our sexcapedes and
use it
against me.


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