COMMUNITY SL-UT…..(18+)…..Part 21


I lived one happy carefree existence. I had
all the s*x
I could get and more from my numerous
uncles and
their friends and was very happy to oblige
every whims and caprices, no S#xual
adventure was
too much for me to embark upon and they
made me
go through all their fantasies with them.
The affair between my uncle and I had
grown to the extent that
we would F**K at any slight opportunity we
had. He
was always eager to F**K me and I was
also equally
eager to assuage my hunger for s*x
through him, we
did it to the extent that James caught us at
it one day. My uncle had returned home
early from work that
fateful day and met me cleaning the tiles
like my aunt
had asked me to before leaving home that
So I took up the job immediately I came
back from
school. I was sweating and my cloths
plastered to my
body from the energy expended on the
work I was doing. I had greeted him and
continued with my job
when he grabbed me from behind and
fondling my B—m. I begged him to stop,
that I had to
quickly finish the job my aunt had assigned
me so
that I would not see her black mood. He
said we
should do a quickie. Well I was always
ready for s*x so I obliged him. I dropped
the mob I was using and
pulled down my pants, turning my back,
holding on to
the back of a chair and presented my
buttocks to him.
He didn’t waste any time as he quickly
grabbed my
butt and with one t—-t, his Joystick was
buried deep
inside my ever wet and dripping Kittycat. I
moaned at the instant pressure in my
depths as he penetrated
me and pushed back to receive more and
soon the
sounds of his Joystick slamming into my
wet Kittycat
filled the room coupled with my moans and
grunts. We were so lost in our world that
we did not notice or
hear as James entered the house and only
the sound
of his books falling down brought us back
to reality
and my uncle made a frantic effort to pull
out of my
grasping Kittycat but my Kittycat muscles
gripped his Joystick tight as I was in the
throes of a mighty orgasms. He finally
pushed me off as he
pulled off me and on opening my eyes I
saw James
standing by the door with mouth agape.
My uncle
quickly shuffled off to his room leaving me
to cope
with James anger and surprise. I don’t
know what
the fuss was, as James was also a regular
benefactor of my Kittycat, what issue was
there if his dad also
fed from my constant supply of Kittycat?
James just
stood there speechless as I looked for my
discarded panty and put it back on and
continued mopping the floor as if nothing
had just happened. After several minutes of
inaction, James finally got himself back
together as he picked
up his books and walked to his room in
silence. A few minutes later, I heard voices
coming from the
bedrooms and on closer inspection
discovered that it
was the voice of my uncle and James.
James was
shouting, asking why his dad should be
Bleeping his
cousin, his wife’s niece. My uncle’s voice
more subdued as he tried to calm James
down but James was just too worked up to
listen to explanation
or reason with his dad. James continued
ranting that
he was going to tell his mum what his dad
was doing
with me and that he was sure that we had
doing it for long. Suddenly, James rants
stopped as his
dad retorted that he was also aware that
James had been Bleeping me all along. I
just stood there by the
door to the bedrooms listening to their
shouts and
wondering what that might mean for me.

Of course I
didn’t want my aunt to know what was
between me and her men but I also didn’t
want it to
stop. I didn’t want to stop Bleeping any of
them. James was young, virile and had
plenty of stamina.
He could F**K me for the whole day with
only short
breaks in between while though his dad
didn’t have
as much stamina, he was much more
experience and
did things to my body that James would
have to wait
a few more years to do to any
woman.Soon I got tired of the silence and
went to complete
my chores. But I was worried as I imagined
would happen if my aunt should become
aware of
my activities. I definitely knew she would
kill me or
at worst bundle me off to my other
relatives. My anxiety grew when it was
almost time for my aunt to arrive and still
no sign of either my
uncle or James who would have come to
fondle and
squeeze my Buttocks and B—m while I
cook dinner.
Soon my aunt was back and I waited in
trepidation to
see the axe fall. Minutes became hours and
then we
finished eating dinner and still there was no
indication of any outburst from James or
my aunt. I
heaved an audible sigh of relief when my
aunt retired
for the night after giving me the usual
chores to do
before bedtime without any sign of anger or
agitation. She was followed soon
afterwards by her
husband and then Paul also went to his
room leaving only James and I behind in
the sitting room. James
shot dagger looks at me afterwards when it
was just
the two of us left in the sitting room. ‘Why
are you angry with me? I asked James
when I
was sure that my aunt wasn’t coming out
for the
night. But he just looked me daggers and
ignored me. ‘Talk to me now James’ I
entreated as I moved to
sit closer to him on the couch but he
angrily got up
and shoved me away causing me to almost
fall. I
seriously didn’t understand his anger.
Thereafter, I
left him to his device and went off to my


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