COMMUNITY SL-UT…..(18+)…..Part 17


This fateful Saturday that broadened my
horizon, I had done all my chores for the
day, given
my uncle and cousin breakfast and also
had mine. My
uncle had as usual gone out and soon
Paul left too. I was the only one at home
and I
decided to give myself a treat by taking a
shower in my aunt’s bathroom. I really
luxuriated in the
shower and took my time inspecting my
Kittycat as
my uncle had F***ed me thrice before
daybreak. He
still used me bareback and despite all the
cleaning up
I did, there was still residue of his Pour in
my Kittycat.
my Kittycat lips were all swollen up and
puffy and very sensitive. Each time I
touched the lips to clean it
further, I would moan softly as my touch
on the
sensitive flesh sent tingles down my spine.
Soon I
was as h—y as Sh*t and wanted relief
again. I had
only Pour during the last round as my
uncle always
spilled his load before I was ready to
explode and got off me without a touch. So
I took my aunt’s good ol hair brush and
proceeded to F**K myself with it right
inside her
bathroom to a well-deserved and explosive
An hour later I stepped out of the shower
positively rejuvenated and more alive. I
dressed in
my usual hand-me-down dress and locked
the door to the house, going to uncle
Gboyega’s house. I
hadn’t seen him in a while and just wanted
to make
sure he was okay. He wasn’t at home
however as
the gate to his house was locked. So I
made my way
to uncle Emeka’s. There I met uncle
friend who told me that uncle Emeka had
gone out and wouldn’t be back until later in
the evening, that
he was just about to come and tap on our
gate when
he saw me coming in. soon I was helping
him to
make breakfast and while he was eating I
sat down
to watch the football match he had been
before I came in. After he was done eating,
he sat on the couch and called me over
and when I got there
and made to sit down beside him, he pulled
me unto
his lap (he has a fixation for me sitting on
his thighs). We sat like that for many
minutes and I was content
to be there and for us to be just like that as
I didn’t
think that I had the capacity for any F**K
after the
ones my uncle had given me. After several
in this position, uncle Emeka’s friend began
with my B—m, squeezing and fondling and
pinching the Tips which soon became as
hard as stone. I
moulded my body tightly to his huge frame
as he
played the piano with my B—m. I pressed
my body
into his as much as I could. Then his other
started playing with my thighs, drawing
patterns on
my thighs and all the while running a
commentary for me on the football match
that was been played. I just
purred and sighed as I didn’t hear a single
word but
was focused on my own pleasure. Soon his
hand on
my thigh had moved upwards in slow
pleasing patterns that had me moaning,

soon that
hand and its fingers were doing havoc to
my Kittycat as he pinched my c–t and
probed the inside of my
hole in quick succession.Just when I was
about to Pour, however, there was
movement at the door as if someone was
about to
open it from the outside. In panic, I made
to quickly
stand up from his laps to sit on the chair
but his left
hand gripped my waist tightly preventing
any motion
from me. I struggled in blind panic but his
grip was too firm and I opened my eyes
wide in consternation
as uncle Emeka strode in through the door.
I felt my
face heat all over in shame to be caught in
such a
compromising position by uncle Emeka. I
remember uncle Emeka’s friend
commanding me
not to tell him what transpires between us
and here was the same friend preventing
my sitting properly
and uncle Emeka seeing his friends big
meaty fingers
buried in my Kittycat and my Kittycat juice
coating his
hand. My body was lewdly displayed before
him and
anyone coming with him. My B—m were
and the Tips taut and erect, my thighs wide
open and the man’s fingers buried inside
my splayed legs. It
was a sight to behold. I couldn’t look uncle
in the face as he came in and locked the
door behind
him. ‘Oh, the Sl*t is here’ I heard him say to
my shock
as he came to us on the couch and
grabbed one of
my B—m. I gasped in shock not just at the
touch of
his hand but also at the tone of his voice.
There was
no surprise, no rage. In fact there was an
air of
expectancy, as if nothing untoward had
happened between his friend and I or better
still as if it was no
surprise for him to see us like that. Me
being played
like a piano by his friend, my genitals
displayed for all
to see and use. I couldn’t look up as
shame and pleasure flooded
my body. I could understand the shame but
understand the pleasure. Here was my B—
m and
Kittycat nakedly displayed for two very
older men to
view and play with, the second man being
unexpected addition so it was okay for me
to feel shame. But why did I feel a tingling
up my spine? Why
did my Kittycat cream the more? Why did
my B—m
become fuller and my Tips tauter? I didn’t
understand why.


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