COMMUNITY SL-UT…..(18+)…..Part 16


My S#xual horizon became highly extended
one mid-term break when my Aunt travelled
to the
village for the burial of one of my uncles.
She was
supposed to attend with her husband, my
uncle, but
he came up with one excuse or the other
and so
stayed back at home. Of course the main
reason for his not following her was to
F**K me as many times
as possible for the three days she was to
be in the
village. This he did for every night until my
aunt came
back as he would sneak into my room in
the middle
of the night and take me in all possible
positions until
the break of dawn. Sometimes I woke up to
his stiff boner pressing into me and
seeking admittance into
my moist Kittycat very early in the morning.
to say that I didn’t mind the attention as
s*x for me
had become a meal, something that was
essential for
my existence. My uncle never F***ed me in
bedroom though and I really came to
admire and respect him for this as it
showed that he had respect
for his wife even though he was cheating
on her with
her niece. On the other hand, one could not
call it
cheating as what was between us was just
gratification of our S#xual needs. I had
gotten to
know over time through my uncle’s S#xual
proclivity and during his height of c—-x
that my aunt
was a cold fish. I guess my inhibited
craving for s*x
was a welcome development for someone
with a
wife like my aunt. Anyways, I had plenty of
time on my hands during
the day as my uncle would leave home as
early as
9am and not return earlier than 9pm. Paul,
my cousin
had his own circle of friends and would
also leave
home immediately after breakfast to go
play with his
friends or do whatever it was he liked
doing. Most times he would go to his
evening lessons from there
and wouldn’t return until much later in the
also. But I wasn’t complaining as I would
either go
to uncle Emeka or uncle Gboyega’s house
and of
course, we almost always ended up having

Uncle Emeka’s friend had now become a
regular visitor at uncle Emeka’s place and
would always
beckon on me to come over each time he
around, which was weekly, sometimes even
twice a
week, for the usual rounds of s*x. Bleeping
me in the
Buttocks was his specialty as he told me he
was an
‘’Buttocks man’’ and could see that my
Buttocks was promising, saying in three
four years, it
would develop fully and its wiggle drive any
bloodied man crazy.I had this special
affinity with uncle Emeka’s friend.
He made me Pour more crazily than all of
them. It
was like he knew the key to my sensitivity
and was
ready to wound it as tightly as he could. I
could never
say no to him. Whom am I kidding? I could
never say
no to any of them! I am too much of a
submissive and my brain responds to
commands and domination
with a wetness between my legs. He knew
this much
more than the others and used it to his
advantage. I
am not complaining as he didn’t hurt me or
anything that would damage me physically.
I know
some of you may say that he had damaged
me emotionally but the truth is that I was a
Sl*t waiting to
happen, I just needed a catalyst to quicken
reaction. And those guys, especially uncle
friend really knew how to bring out the true
me. I
eagerly went to him and did all he wanted
each time
he beckoned. I looked forward to his visits.


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