COMMUNITY SL-UT…..(18+)…..Part 14


“There we go,” I heard him sigh from
“You got it now…” And I did. My Buttocks
was no longer resisting the
intrusion, but welcoming it. My whole body
to shudder at the feeling, his Joystick up in
Buttocks, so tight and clenching around it.
When he
pressed forward again, holding my butt
cheeks open
with his hands, I moaned in delight. It came
to a stop just when I didn’t think I could
take it anymore:
whether he’d run out of room or he’d
gotten it all
the way up me, I didn’t know. All I did know
that strange, semi-painful waves of
pleasure were
emanating from his Joystick now and it
was unlike
anything I’d ever felt. He began Bleeping
my Buttocks after a brief rest.
Each t—-t caused me to cry out in pleasure
as my
B—m slapped against each other, and soon
he was
thrusting in and out of my teenage butt
with the same
momentum he’d used for my Kittycat. I
gasped and
moaned and my young taut body gyrated
at the violation, the unspeakable pleasure
intensifying by
the second. “Will you be my Lovepeddler?”
he asked
breathlessly. It was almost a declaration.
“Oh God, oh God!” I whimpered with
delight. “My little Lovepeddler, my F**K
Sl*t…” he declared.
i moaned in pleasure as his words, dirty
seemed to make me come alive the more.
His calling
me those words made my juices flow the
more. I
moaned onto the couch and pushed back
at him, i
wanted all he had to give…i didn’t know my
butt could harbour so much sensations….
The Bleeping of my Buttocks was like
another world
for me. I found myself unconsciously
clenching my
sphincter around his Joystick to make
myself even
tighter, wanton desire taking over all my
instincts. “I’m going to Pour!” I heard him
say, loudly.
“Want it inside, don’t you?” I didn’t want to
answer. Because I did want it
inside: I wanted to feel his Pour swim up
into my
anus. My carnal mind wanted everything,
all of it,
now! But instead of replying, I just gasped
loudly and
bore down for an o—-m I couldn’t have
of before! And then, as he hammered his
Joystick home, my body exploded in an
orgasmic pleasure,
that familiar light blew up in my face and I
saw a
shower of stars light up my universe. I was
so hard it was scary: my screams of
delight were
also cries of fear. And his Joystick erupted
inside me,
sending me over the edge into a full-body
o—-m, more hot and intense than anything
I had previously

Even as my own o—-m waned and I felt my
muscles loosen, his Joystick still pumped
its seed
inside me. I grunted at the feeling of his
Pour inside
my anus, shooting up inside my body.
When it was
done, he slid over onto the floor. I just
forward on the floor fully, and panted in
disbelief. A million thoughts were going
through my head now,
mostly disbelief: I couldn’t believe myself,
situation, or how good getting F***ed in the
had been! I found myself smiling, and had
to stop
myself from giggling. Uncle Emeka’s friend
began rubbing my back
gently. He said, “Feel okay?” Slowly, I
turned around, and managed to hide my
smile. For some reason, him seeing me
smile now
would be worse than him seeing his Pour
leaking out
of my butt-hole, which it was. “My Buttocks
hurts,” I managed to say, softly. He
grinned. “That’s okay. It’ll get easier.”
“Don’t tell Emeka what we did, ok? He
commanded ‘’Ok’’ I answered as I took the
tissue he
handed me and cleaned his Pour from my
Buttocks. I felt so relaxed, now, though my
poor little
butt did hurt. I slowly got dressed, my
clothes would
be stained with Pour but I didn’t care, and
was nobody at home. He pressed some
N500 naira bills into my hands as I
quickly stepped out of uncle Emeka’s
house. I
wonder how I was going to spend all the
being given to me by these men. I now had
close to


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