COMMUNITY SL-UT…..(18+)…..Part 13


‘’Do you want me to continue? He asked
I nodded frantically all too excited and lust
filled to
say anything but it was too obvious that I
want him to stop. He had re-positioned his
against the entrance of my Kittycat. He
pressing his member into my hole and I
sighed with pleasure at the sensation. By
the time half of his
Joystick was inside my body, I grunted and
with pleasure as he forced himself back
into me. I
groaned with pleasure as he F***ed himself
in and
out of me with long, slow strokes, placing
his hands
on my thighs and was now pulling himself
up into more of a kneeling position. My
body clung to his
while he did this, his Joystick buried deep
inside me,
and suddenly he felt even deeper than ever.
My butt
was up in the air but my shoulder-blades
rested on
the bed as I tried to focus and stay
conscious from
the pummeling I was receiving. I had never
ever been so thoroughly and completely
F***ed. I screamed. It was a scream of
wanton S#xual
pleasure I’d been suppressing since. I
didn’t want
to admit it to myself but for some reason
F***ed by such a huge Joystick had gotten
me so
h—y that I was exploding with a
o—-m already. The sheer naughtiness of
it– a little girl being F***ed by strange old
guy– had blown my
mind. I continued to scream during my long
c—-x as
he started to really pound me again. He let
my butt
drop back painfully to the mattress and
was crushing
his heavy body onto me again just as I
cumming. I felt pleasantly numb all over as
he rapidly F***ed me. He was saying
things, but I couldn’t
really understand them. I felt drunk. I felt
wonderful. I
felt relieved. After he finally came inside me
he rolled off and laid
on his side. He was struggling to catch his
breath as
he stared at me with a smile on his round
face. All I
did was lay there, breathless myself, staring
up at the
ceiling. He began playing with my b—–s
and said,
“So, has Emeka F***ed you before?” I took
a deep breath to try and calm my racing,
orgasmic heart and said, “hmmm…
yessssss.” “I’ll have to watch him F**K you
and then join
him,” he grinned. “Now, how does it feel to
my Pour up inside you, do you like it?” “Y-
yes,” I replied. “Sir. Yes, Sir. It feels… good,
Uncle Emeka said I should not allow
anybody to F**K
me without a condom anymore” “Good,” he
said. “Although I like cumming inside
you, I agree with Emeka that you shouldn’t
anybody to F**K you with a condom. Not
just because
of pregnancy but also because of disease.
explained things to you didn’t he?” he
asked all
the while twisting and pinching my Tips.
“Yes, sir. He did”’ I replied already gasping
his hands on my Tips was making me h—y
again. He
made me sit in his lap (or, technically, on
his left
thigh). He wanted to be able to play with
my Kittycat,
though, and that I had no problem with. He
the DVD I’d watched earlier and this time
we watched it together. He kept asking me
while we watched it. How old did I think
that girl
was? Which girl would I rather eat out? Did
I like the
idea of having two c—s to blow? And so
Occasionally he gave me a little o—-m and
eventually he had me get on my knees so I
could give him one. After cumming on my
face he made me lick
it off and then I got back in his lap. We
spent the rest of the evening with me on
his lap,
his hands all over me, and the movies that
turned me
on so much playing on the wall. Just
before I had to
go he got hard again and told me to get on
my hands
and knees. I did, thinking he was going to
F**K me
d—-e as I had come to know the style was
called. He fingered my Kittycat until it was
once again oozing
juice, then he started feeding my Kittycat
his Joystick
inch by inch. I gasped when the Joystick
entered me and bent my waist further to
assist his
entry. Finally he’d gotten the entire length
me and now he was Bleeping in and out of
me slowly. I felt bloated from his size: I’d
doggy-style before, but had never once had
Joystick so big! Soon, my pleasure
intensified and I
began to moan in time with his thrusts. The
idea that he wasn’t wearing a condom
suddenly entered my mind, but I didn’t
really care.
This was a good hard F**K, something I
wanted! My body was once again charged
and ready
to explode and nothing would keep me
from having
that, now! I felt a small o—-m ripple across
my body and I mewed in pleasure. I
collapsed forward
on the couch, my B—m crushing against
the chair. I
had lost the strength in my arms to hold
myself up.
His hands still gripped my Buttocks as he
slapped his
Joystick in and out of my tight Kittycat in a
relentless motion. “Like it doggy-style?” he
panted between thrusts.
“You like getting F***ed from behind?”
“Hmmm hmmm!” I groaned. My heart was
and I could feel my all-too sensitive Kittycat
ready for another hard Pour… “Bet you do…
bet you’d like it in the Buttocks, too,
huh?” “Oh God, n-n-no… , ” I sputtered in
surprise. Was he

“No?” he gritted, his voice harsh. “You
want your sweet little Buttocks F***ed?” At
this last
word he slapped his large instrument all the
way into
my Kittycat brutally, making me cry out.
“Oh GOD!” I moaned. Sweat had formed on
face and my whole body felt rubbery. My
knees were
chaffing against the leather seat as they
slid back and
forth on the seat. Never before had I been
F***ed so
expertly… or so forcefully! “You need to
learn how to take it in the Buttocks,”
he hissed breathlessly. He had slowed his
now to a regular, yet intense, pace. “P-
please,” I whined, gasping despite myself
just keep… f-Bleeping me… like this…” He
didn’t respond. And then I felt something,
thumb, pressed against my tiny Buttocks
hole. I yelped. “Ah ohhh!” I could hear him
laugh behind me as he continued to
F**K in and out of my Kittycat. His thumb,
was squirming its way into my virgin butt.
exhausted body came alive again and I
began to
writhe desperately. I’d never had anything
inside me… there… before! The feeling of
his thumb violating me like this was so
degrading! And then,
just as I’d feared, I felt his Joystick pull out
of my
Kittycat. I grunted at the sensation, then
squealed in
pain as he pressed it against my small
anal-opening. “Going to teach you,” he
mused from behind.
“You’ll like it…” “No, please, no!” I cried
pitifully. I was struggling forcefully against
him, now, all
desire to reach a good c—-x gone. I didn’t
this! It was so sick, and he was so big: it
would hurt
so bad! My cries turned into whimpering as
pressed his Joystick into my Buttocks,
finally. It
didn’t take long: his Joystick was slick with
my own juices and he was putting intense
pressure on my
sphincter. He just kept pressing and
pressing as I
squirmed in pain until I screamed into the
couch: the
head of his Joystick had forced its way up
Buttocks. The penetration was rough and
my body
cramped up in pain. “Relax, shhh, relax,” he
said from behind me.
“Just relax and take it…” I tried to do as he
said but my survival instincts kept
kicking in. I bucked my body wildly back
and it took
his powerful hands to hold me in place.
And then I
began to cry. I whimpered pathetically as
attempts to stop him came to a halt. There
was no
use. my body sort of collapsed, and my
knees even began to slide back on the
floor, as I endured the
raping of my virgin Buttocks. But then
something strange happened: once his s—t
got halfway into me, it was as if my
Buttocks finally
understood what was going on. I felt my
muscle relax and suck his Joystick further
which sent a surprising wave of pleasure
up through
me. I gasped.


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