COMMUNITY SL-UT…..(18+)…..Part 12


I had gone to uncle Emeka’s house as
usual since I was the only person at home
until at least 8.30pm.
We were watching some pornographic films
as we
usually did before s*x when he received a
call that he
had to go to town urgently and would be
back soon.
He told me to wait up for him as i made to
go back to
our house. I was very engrossed in
watching one of the movies which showed
a girl eating another
girl’s Kittycat the way mine had been eaten
by both
James and uncle Emeka. I had my fingers
stuck deep
in my Kittycat moaning as I watched the
movie when
the door to uncle Emeka’s flat suddenly
opened and
a fat huge man walked in. I quickly
snatched my fingers out of my dripping
Kittycat but was very sure
that he saw what I was doing. The movie
was even
still on and moaning sound blaring from
the speakers. ‘’Good afternoon, sirrrr’’ I
stammered as I
made to arrange my cloths and sit back
piously. “Where is Emeka?’’ the man asked,
walking into
the room and sitting beside me, placing his
luggage on the table. ‘’He went out sir, said
he would be back
soon’’ I replied shyly We both sat there
watching as I was too ashamed to
get up or do anything about the
pornographic film
blaring away on the tv screen. He
watched him from under my lashes and I
saw him
watching me too. I fidgeted on the couch,
but stuck in my chair. ‘’Do you like what
that man is doing to the girl?
His voice startled me out of my confused
state. I
looked up at the hitherto blank screen to
the picture
of a woman being F***ed in the Buttocks
by a man.
The man’s Joystick was very big and black
and the
woman was white. Seeing the gaping
mouth of her Buttocks hole elicited a quiver
in my Kittycat. I simply
looked at the show, transfixed and totally in
world. I felt a touch on my thigh and
looked down to see
uncle Emeka’s friend huge hand on my
thigh. I just
looked at that hand as after a few
moments of
inactivity and my non-response; the hand
roving all over my thigh. I just stared at
that hand like
a statue, numb, silent, and unprotesting but
my body was flushed and filled with
sensations. My mouth
was slackly open as I stared at that hand
roam first
one thigh, then the other and then rubbing
my thighs while applying subtle pressure to
push my
thighs apart. Dumbly, like a zombie, my
pliant thighs
opened up to admit his exploring hand. He
zoomed in with his meaty hand to caress
my soft inner thighs
causing my body to involuntarily jerk
forward and
upwards as if seeking that roving hand. A
low gasp
escaped my open mouth as sensations
filled my
body. I knew it was wrong to just sit down
while this stranger explored my young body
but my pleasure and submissive nature
would not allow me
make any sound of protest or get up and
leave like
any good girl would.

My betraying body had let him know that I
was not a
novice to s*x or that I didn’t want what he
doing, so his hand moved forward, inch
towards my
Kittycat stealthily. Then his other hand
touched one of
my B—m and I gave a jerk, leaning more
that hand. he started rubbing and pinching
my Tips through the fabric of my dress, his
mountainous body leaning towards me. I
could smell
his breath and the sweat that clung to his
body. His
weight felt welcomed as it leaned further
and further
unto me. His hand on my thigh had now
moved to the
edge of my panty which he pushed aside.
Slowly, ever slowly, his fingers inched their
way to my now
exposed Kittycat lip. I had unconsciously
spread my
legs further and with no hindrance at all,
he dipped a
finger inside my by now sopping wet
Kittycat. I gasped as a shudder went
through my body. I
pushed my hips upwards and still never
taking his
eyes of me, he placed one huge thigh on
my tiny
thigh and began finger Bleeping me and at
the same
time pinching and squeezing my erect Tips
the fabric of my dress. I was gasping and
moaning as his two actions sent fire
coursing through my body
and I was spewing forth Kittycat juices in
quantity. His finger Bleeping movement in
my Kittycat
became faster and more intense and my
louder and almost drowning out the one on
screen. Soon I couldn’t help it as my o—-m
catch up with me and overtook me and I
let out a loud
moan as I poured Pour juices all over his
hand. Not allowing me to get down from
my o—-m, he
carried me as if I was a doll straight inside
Emeka’s room and lay me on the bed. Then
removed my dress and I assisted him in
taking off my
soaked panties and bra. Then he slide off
me and
removed his cloths and I saw for the first
time the hairiest man I had ever seen. His
chest was matted
with thick curly hair and his stomach was
big and
distended, almost like that of a six months
woman. I almost got up to run away when I
saw his
Joystick however, as it was big, bigger than
the three
I had seen. It was not just long but also fat
and a rational part of my mind wondered if
I could take him
in my teenage body. But I was too lust
gone and
submissive to protest as I lay there and
waited for
whatever he had in store for me. My heart
pounded as he repositioned his lower half
between my spread legs. His gut was
against the bottom of my huge B—m but
rather than
being disgusted by the sensation of his
hairy tummy,
I actually sighed with pleasure. Then he
began to
lower his midsection between my legs. I bit
my lip again just as the head of his
Joystick made contact
with my Kittycat lips. He had to really work
to get
inside me. I helped as best I could by
sliding back my
feet and angling my pelvis up toward him. I
about helping guide him in but his fat
stomach was in
the way. Ultimately he gripped his own
Joystick, placed it down at my hole, and
just pushed. I groaned as I came. The
second his fat Joystick-head
entered me I curled my toes and exploded
another o—-m. And though it was a great
relief, my
young body wanted more and my legs
came to life
and suddenly wrapped themselves around
his hairy
backside as he pushed himself into me. My
arms came to life, too, and wrapped around
his midsection.
By the time he was fully implanted inside
my tight
c–t I was basically clinging to him as his
F***ed into me. The biggest and fattest
Joystick I
have ever had inside me, way bigger than
his friend
uncle Emeka’s and definitely bigger than
James’ and Uncle Gboyega’s. He was really
pounding me when my cell phone
began to ring. I was screaming so loud
with pleasure
that I didn’t hear it at first, but the sound
clear when he stopped thrusting in and out
of me.
Then he pulled his Joystick out of me and I
gasped at
the sensation of it exiting my c–t. I felt
empty, now, and was struggling to think of
something to say. He
sat there with his over bloated stomach
and fat
Joystick dangling between his fat hairy


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