CITY MERMAID – Episode 39



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Composed By: 🎈Sam🎈
🐬 Episode_39🐬

Lovely could be seen washing his face in restroom as he shook his head.
“No! No!”. He whispered and bit his lower lips.
He punched the mirror angrily and it shattered down in pieces as his hand bleed.
“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to”. He cried putting his hands on his head.

He opened the door and walked out of the restroom as he found his way to hallway where different patient were seated.
It was a hospital.
He sat down with his head down as he shut his eyes trying to get an image of his head.
“I didn’t mean to do it, Kapella”.

“I swear I’m fvcking idiot, what the hell have I done”. He said angrily.
“Mr. Lovely”. He heard the doctor’s voice and sprang up.
“Tell me she’s okay, I’ll pay whatever you want even if it requires every damn medical hands in that room”. He said.

“I know Mr. Lovely we’re trying our best but….”. The Doctor said and paused
“But what?”.
“What happened to the girl exactly, we might have to inform the police?”.
“You’re really eager to lose your job and feed on peanuts Doc Ezra”. He threatened.

“Mr. Lovely I really need to know what happened to that girl?”.
“Does it really matter?”.
“Of course it does cos I don’t think she has more than an hour left”. He said wanting to walk away but Lovely grabbed him by the shoulder and pulled him back.

“What do you mean by that?”.
“Her cells are greatly damaged by whatever radiation she was exposed to, this is beyond our field Mr. Lovely “. He said and walked away.
“Can I at least see her? “.
“Yes you can, you might want to spend the last moment with her”.

Lovely rushed speedily as he pulled open the door of a ward and entered.
He slowly closed the door behind him as his hand vibration.
“I’m fvcking done, I killed her”. He said turning back slowly to see the girl on his bed.

His lips shock as he stared at her face with tears dripping down his.

“I killed Kapella Elijah”.


Mrs. Arrowood climbed the ladder attached to the tunnel with Dahlia when her device became active.
“Gamma 064, Ma’am one Mermaid…”. A voice said but it was caught short by gunshot.
“What?”. Dahlia asked.

“Let’s go”. Mrs. Arrowood said as she hurried up.
They got out of the and looked around to see Diaz, Finn and Ashley who were struggling to get out of the flood.
“What do you see?”. She spoke into her Walkie Talkie.

“Group of women headed for the southern monastery”. A voice replied as she looked to see the airship ahead.
“Don’t let them out of sight and for the main time deploy two ride”. Mrs. Arrowood said and turned to her kids who were behind her.

“Where’s Candy?”.
“He went after them”.
“Weaklings!”. She cursed and turned to Dahlia.
“Let’s move”. She said and they raced off.
The Airship in the air let out two bikes from it as came down with a attached to it.

“We’re losing visual of them, Boss”. The Pilot of the ship said as he watched the moving images on his green screen.
“Buy time for us, we’ll catch up with them”. Dahlia said as she increased her speed with Mrs. Arrowood.
The bikes landed in front of them as the airship speed increased as well

Dahlia and Mrs. Arrowood dived forward and landing on the bike cut off the rope that helped the landing.
They rode off speedily as the Suzuki splashed water down.
The airship aimed at the running Mermaids ahead and fired missile ahead of of them forcing them to turn back and take another path but it fired missiles into a skyscraper and it collapsed on the path.

Mrs. Arrowood and Dahlia pulled out the MP40 SMG attached to the bike and opened fire on the Mermaids as they appeared from behind.
The Mermaids dispatched into different direction as bullet hit two them.

Lady Benita forced out the water in a tank with her hands and swept Mrs. Arrowood and Dahlia from their bike.
The Mermaids seized that opportunity to escape as Lady Benita raised the water up throwing them high but Dahlia fired down and it hits her arm.
She crashed to the ground as the water from the tank flowed over her skin causing her legs to turn to fin.

She tried to rise up and Dahlia placed her foot on her chest and hit her head with the gun causing her to pass out.
“Frank, tell me you know where they went”. Mrs. Arrowood spoke into her telecom as she looked around.
“I lost Visual ma’am, they cloaked themselves into the waters”.



“Lovely, it’s me”. She said slowly taking off her mask.
“No, No, it isn’t Kapella Elijah, whoever you are stop messing with me head?”. He roared pointing the gun at her.
“It’s me, please lower the gun, I know you’re not evil”. She said..

“Just say the sentence Ella, tell me you’re not a Mermaid, you’re just a human who just got entangled in their business or using your faceless identity to help them”. Lovely said hurriedly as sweat formed on his head.
Kapella pulled the arrow of the arrow in her leg and groaned as it healed up.

She staggered to her feet as she stared straight at him.
“No! No! The arrow is coated with salt, how did you?”. He said but she didn’t allow him to finish as she grabbed him swiftly to the wall and began to sing but he stared blankly at her.
“No, tell me it isn’t true, you’re not a Mermaid”. He cried as he dropped his gun.

Kapella was shocked as she took few steps back, her charm was not working on him.
“Don’t try to charm me Kapella Elijah, it won’t work”. He cried.
“I loved you”. He roared.
“And I loved you Lovely”.

“No, you didn’t, if you had, you should have told me”.
“Tell a hunter that I’m a Mermaid”. She said and he paused.
“You knew”.
Kapella wanted to speak but felt that irritating itch in her throat.

She coughed out and it was blood.
Kapella cleaned her nose and staring at her finger there was blood.
“What’s happening to me?”. She said as her body began to vibrate.
She coughed out blood again as her felt itch all over her body like her skin was drying up.

“Kapella!”. Lovely called out as he caught her from falling to the ground.
She groaned loudly as the pain was excruciating.
“What’s happening to me?”. She cried as she bleed from the nose.

“The Wave Gun releases radiation that weakens the cell of creatures, we use it underwater for Mermaids, the water reduces the effect but I used it on land, your body absorbed it and… and….”.
Kapella gasped loudly as her eyes popped out.

“No, don’t do this to me Kapella!”. He cried holding her hand.
She clenched tightly to his chest as she felt her muscles tearing up.
Lovely could hear incoming footsteps from afar.
He hurried to the edge of the wall and strafed to see his siblings headed for that place.

He quickly carried her and hurried up the stairs.
He got to roof and pulling a grappling hook put her hand around his neck.
“Hold me”.
“Am weak”. She whispered.
“Please be strong for me, I’m not gonna let you die, I promise”.

“You wanted to kill me”. She said weakly.
“I’ll never hurt you L, I’m an idiot, I know, you don’t need to tell me”. He cried.
He shot the hook to another building and swang to it breaking in through the window.
He found his way down the stairs and moved to the road where he stopped a cab.


Lovely held her hand tightly as the beeping sound of the machine behind compete with his sob.
“All I wanted to do was save Roxy, all that I had in mind was doing anything mother asked of me but now now Lovely you’ve ruin the only good thing In your life with your own hands “.
” Your own damn hands “. He screamed.
The door pushed open and Cindy came staggering in.
She paused seeing the scene as she gasped.

” I had to call you with her phone “. Lovely said.
” What happened to her? “. Cindy said as she moved to Kapella.
” I… I…. I…. “. He stammered looking around.
“Talk to me”.
“She was masked, I fvcking didn’t know it was her”.
“What are you talking about?”. Cindy said and paused remembering that Kapella was to go on a rescue mission with the other Mermaids that day.

“No don’t tell me”. Cindy said shaking her head.
“I didn’t know, I shot her with one of our weapon and it’s destroying her cells, she was masked, I swear I would rather die than hurt Kapella Elijah”.
“What have you done to my friend?”.
Cindy roared as she grabbed him tightly the wall.

“Cindy I didn’t mean to, you know me, I won’t…”.
“Spare me the shit Lovely, what’s gonna happen to her?”.
“The Doctor says…..”.
“He says what!”.
“She has only an hour left”.

“You’re joking, stop it!”.
Lovely sat on the ground and pushed his head down.
“I can’t imagine what’s she’s thinking now, her first love is a Bastard, an idiot, a killer, a betrayer…”.
“Stop it, Just stop it Lovely”. Cindy said and sniffed.

Kapella’s hand vibrated and they raced there to check her.
Her skin was glowing as her body shook furiously.
“What’s happening?”. Cindy asked.
“The Radiation is fighting with her cells, they’re trying to kill the radiation but it kills Mermaid, Mermaids anti bodies are not strong enough to conquer “.
” But an Arctic can? “.
” What do you mean Arctic? “. Lovely asked.
” I don’t trust you but have you ever heard of a Hybrid Mermaid, half land, half sea “.

” I don’t still get you Cindy “.
” Did you say the radiation is for underwater creatures? “.
” Yes”.
“What about land?”.
“It has no effect”.
“That’s it, She’s gonna survive”. Cindy said trying to control her breath.

“I don’t still get a thing Cindy, What is she?”. Lovely said and Kapella’s eyes becane glowing blue as she continued shaking.
“Arctic”. He whispered and grabbed the scissors on the table.
“What the fvck are you gonna do?”.

“Arctics heal fast, if I can provoke her healing process to an apex level, it can heal her damage cells and produce enough energy for them to fight this radiation in her, we just need her to help them fight out the stranger, the radiation”.
“That doesn’t still explain what you’re doing with a Scissors”.

“You might want to look away Cindy”.
He said and stabbed the scissors into Kapella’s eyes causing her eyes to shine brighter.
“What the fvck are you doing?”. Cindy roared.
“Provoking her healing process to fvcking fight back”. He said and stabbed at a different spot.

“You’re killing her”.
“Just trust me”.
“I fvcking don’t trust you”.
He stabbed the scissors continously into her lap causing Kapella to sweat profusely as her body vibrated.
“You should stop!”.

“Almost there”. Lovely said and he stabbed faster.
Kapella suddenly screamed out so loud releasing a wave of radiation from her body.
Her scream destroyed the lights in the room and shattered everything made of glass in the hospital including the windows which were not left out.

Lovely breath as he dropped the scissors and slide to the ground.
“K babe?”. Cindy called out as she moved to toward the bed.
Kapella suddenly jolt up almost causing her to run.
“You idiot!”. Cindy cried as he hugged her.
“I almost wee on my pant”. She added.

“I’m fine Cin, I’m fine”. She whispered.
“You seriously want me to send you back to coma”. Cindy said and they disengaged.
Lovely rose up slowly as she turned to his direction getting down from the bed.

“You can have your revenge on me Kapella but the truth is, I’ll never hurt you”. He whispered.
“You brought me here, who did you chose me over your Family?”.
“An old friend I met at Nabraska months ago will always say Family ain’t those related by blood to you alone, they’re those who make your life have a meaning, My Family use me, that’s never a family, I’ve never felt such existence of joy since I met you Kapella Elijah, for once I thought there was hope to start a new life, my past is nothing to right of about but with you I see a future to write about “. He said as tears filled his eyes.

” Why do a you do it, you were ready to kill me”.
“That which I don’t want, I’m forced to, My Mother has Roxy and threatened to kill her if I don’t join in the hunt, I had to impress her so she’ll let Roxy go, she’s gone through alot”. Lovely said.

Kapella held his hand and looked into his eyes.
“I knew you were a good person, you’re the worst cast to play Hunter Boy”. She said and he let out a soft smile.

“Right now, you’re my Family”. He said and holding her face placed a kiss on her lip when his phone buzzed.
He sniffed and stared at the caller.
“It’s my Mother”. He said.
“Then ignore”. Cindy said.
“Punishment would be inevitable…”. He said and took the call.

“Where the hell are you?”.
“I got lost finding Mermaid”.
“You turned off your GPS”.
“it got damaged”.
“Now explain how and why you shot two agents dead because the bullet found in them belongs to your special pistol”. Mrs. Arrowood said.

“They got charmed by Mermaids to kill me and I took care of them like you teach me to”. He said.
“Good. Tell me, Do you want a date with your dear Roxy or I should just order the men to drop her at the mansion?”.
“Just don’t hurt her”. He said and disconnected the call.

“Did you say that’s your mother?”. Kapella asked.
“She chose Legacy over her own Family and she wants us to do the same”.

Doctor Ezra could be seen walking down the corridor was eveyone wondered why everything was broken down after a scream.
He brought out his phone and dialed a number.
“Hello, Is this Mrs. Arrowood”.
“How may I help?”.
“It’s Doctor Ezra”.

“Doc, what’s it?”.
“You own the hospital ma’am and have requested whatever your kids do be reported to you”.
“Your son brought in a female patient, her cells are damaged from a radiation I can’t ascertain but somehow she’s still breathing “.

” Did you say female patient? “.
” Yes Ma’am and another thing right now there was this scream that shattered all our glasses, I don’t think it’s normal, we both know the supernatural exist and what just happened isn’t normal “. He whispered.
” How beautiful is she? “.
” Ma’am? “.

” How beautiful is the girl my son brought in? “.
” Beautiful is an understatement ma’am, She’s breath taking “.
” That stupid boy! “.
” Ma’am? “.
” Go check on the girl and see how she do, then report back, I’m close to Hospital I’ll be there in a minute, keep them busy till I arrive “.

” Alright “.

Lovely’s phone buzzed and he took the call from Ashley.
” Hey “.
“Hey why do you have the habit of putting yourself into unnecessary trouble?”.
“I don’t get you ash”.
“So you actually took a Mermaid to a hospital, you’re a fvcking idiot! An Arrowood Hospital”.

Lovely gasped as he looked around.
“Listen and listen carefully brother, I might have realized that the true enemy is Mother, we shouldn’t be fighting ourselves”.
“You’re in a big trouble brother but I got it covered already”.

“I overhead Mom speaking with Doctor Ezra over the phone”.
“Oh my God”.
“He told Mom you brought a female patient and she figured it out, you dropped two bodies Lovely”.
“What’s it?”. Kapella whispered.
“Are you with somewhere there?”. She asked.

“Don’t even lie, I know you’re with the patient, Just listen we’ll be arriving at the hospital in a minute time so get the fvck up to the roof, I’ve arranged a Chopper to meet you there already “.
” Ashley how can I repay you, what have I… “.

” You don’t have time Lovely, listen, we’re siblings and I can’t hide the fact any longer that Mom is the enemy not you, not Diaz, not Finn, we need to stop fighting, now go Lovely, figure something out like you always do “. She said and disconnect the call.

The door pushed open and Doctor Ezra entered.
” You’re up “. He said smiling.
Lovely grabbed him to the wall and stickied his pistol to his belly.
” How dare you tell my Mother? “.
” What are you talking about? “.

” Speak before I blow your guts out, should I remember you I’m above the law, you’ll die for nothing, this is between my family now where’s my mother?”.
“She’ll be here soon, you want me to stall you”. He said and his phone buzzed.
Lovely snatched the phone and scoffed.

“What did she ask you to do?”.
“Check the patient”.
“Tell her she’s dead”.
“Do you value your life?”.
Her took the call and breath in.

“We lost the girl ma’am”.
“Her cells are dead already”.
“I’m almost there, Just keep an eye on my son” “.
“Alright”. He said and disconnect the call.
Lovely hit him on the head and he dropped unconscious.

“Let’s go”. He said as they hurried out.
“What’s going on?”. Cindy asked.
“My Mom knows I brought a mermaid in here, she’s on her way we must go now!”. He announced.

They hurried up and found their way to the roof where there was an awaiting Chopper.
They got in an it flew up as the blades rolled speedily.

“Ma’am Ashley sent me”. The Pilot said.


Mrs. Arrowood could be seen seated in a Grand chair in the warehouse.
She let go of a rope above her and Ashley came crashing to the ground with her legs tied.
She groaned and raised her head up to her.

Mrs. Arrowood turned to see Lady Benita who was back to consciousness and trying to break free from the pillar she was tied to.
“Why me?”. Ashley said as she sniffed.

“Your the one with the most convincing voice daughter and now that you’ve done what I asked, The Mansion at California belongs to you”.
“I don’t fvcking need it, you used me to betray my own brother”.
“You have no choice, you know what I can do to disobedient kids, you’ve done the right thing, what I need is the Mermaid not your brother”.
Mrs. Arrowood said rising to her feet slowly.

“Even before I get to the Hospital they might be gone but now, they’re coming right straight to me, the Chopper brings them to me”. She said and chuckled.

“Son will not always realize that I’m always unpredictable”.



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