CITY MERMAID – Episode 38



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🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️

Composed By: 🎈Sam🎈
🐬 Episode_38🐬


“Just in case things tries to go off our hands, we might need land fighters”. Kapella said as she drew a circle on the ground with a stick.
“You know Mermaids are weak on land, your plan is collapsing the bridge into the water, that gives us all the advantages”.

“Yeah but this people might have backup, there might not be enough time to flood them again because they’ll be careful”.
“So what do you suggest?”.
“Who’s volunteering to go to an Army’s Camp?”.
“To charm them, we don’t have enough time”. A Mermaid said.

“It’s better to be on the safer side, we get this trained soldiers under our control, that’s a fvcking land stronghold against the hunters”. She announced.
“Just pick Arctic, they’ll go”. Mrs. Arrowood said.
“We haven’t spoken about the main part of this extraction”. Madison said.

“Which is?”. Kapella asked.
“Rescuing the Mermaids”.
Kapella placed the stick on the center of the circle and drew a line out.
“The main priority Maddy is escaping, it’s one thing to rescue but can be escape because the Hunters will be waiting on land with Snipers all around”. Kapella said.

“What if they sent divers in, like years ago, they’re accurate shooters”.
“They’re going by land so they’re not expecting a collapsing bridge, we are quick with whatever we do”.
“So how do we escape if not swim out?”.

“Tunnels… Like we escaped from the warehouse “. Lady Benita said.
” She’s right, tunnels but our effective tool is distraction “.


Helicopters appeared from different direction in the air and the Soldiers in uniform who were in it opened fire on the fighter Jet.
” We underestimate the Mermaids, seems they updating their memories during their captivity “. Dahlia said bringing out a Walkie-talkie.

“Take them down”.
Mrs. Arrowood lands gently taking off the parachute.
Missiles from different direction hits the helicopter scattering them to pieces.
Kapella grabbed the lock of the truck and broke it with one pull.
She raised her head up and could see the Fighters Jet turning to the water.

She needed no one to tell her what was up as she she shot up the sharks she had connection to in their numbers.
The incoming missiles from the Jet hits them and scattered into pieces.
“Impossible!”. Mrs. Arrowood exclaimed as she took off her eye patch.

The Mermaids opened the doors of the truck and swam in to truck to free the mermaids.
Mrs. Arrowood let out an evil smile as she brought a detonator behind them.
“What do you see?”. She whispered.

A Man could be seen viewing the ocean from the fighter Jet with a Binocular whoose lens enabled him to see underwater.
“Creatures swimming into the van”.

Kapella paused abruptly on hearing Mrs. Arrowood’s voice from underwater.
Since her shadow was casted on the waters, Kapella connects to it and linked it back to her.
She could see Mrs. Arrowood with a detonator “.

” No! “. Kapella screamed as she used the water in the van to push the Mermaids out but not all got out as the bomb underneath it explodes.
Kapella’s heart pound as she watched the body of two Mermaids sink down.
They were tricked, the truck had a bomb.
The Fighter Jets fired missiles at the sea again but as Kapella wasn’t emotional ready.

They exploded underwater releasing great deal of electrical currents that shocked the Mermaids including Kapella who groaned.
Mrs. Arrowood pulled two UMP SMG from the from a crate and wore her gas mask as she turned to her children.
“You won’t stand there, will you?”.

“They won’t be foolish to wait for you”. Lovely said.
“They’ll take the tunnels”. Dahlia added.
Kapella connects to the sea absorbing all the electric current into herself.
“What the fvck are your doing!”.
“Go, Maddy get the mermaids and go”.

Mrs. Arrowood s submerged opening fire at them as the Mermaids scampered for safety.
Kapella connects to one of the sharks and charmed it to attacker her but she was quick escape out of the water.

Dahlia helped her out as she fired repeated into the shark’s head as it tried to move at them on land.
“Mermaids controlling sharks without singing, There’s an Arctic”. Mrs. Arrowood said.
” Anita is dead”.
“What if she’s not?”.

“Candy knows the end of the tunnels, they’ll secure it”.
“Release….”. Mrs. Arrowood didn’t finish her statement as the water level rose up and pushed forward hitting her and Dahlia away.
The waters spread out speedily and the end of the radius rise up straight into the sky putting the center in darkness.
The scene was like water in cylinder form with the Mermaids and two hunters enclosed in.

“Ma’am we’ve lost visual”. The Sniper men informed Mrs. Arrowood via telecom piece as their scope couldn’t see through the risen water.
Mrs. Arrowood rose 👆 slowly with Dahlia and they maintained their balance so the water don’t take them.
“It’s truely an Arctic, Anita you were better off dead”. She roared.

A crocodile underwater moved to bite her but Dahlia blew off it’s head.
The Fighter Jet could release missile again and they had also lost sight of her “.
” I’ve always admired your smartness Anita but this is the bext to far, don’t be a scared Cat, anny”.Mrs. Arrowood said and Kapella arouse slowly from the water.

Mrs. Arrowood pulled the gun behind her but the risen water behind poured down heavily on her.
She burst out of the water as Dahlia shot repeatedly at her.
A crocodile crawled out of the water but she was fast to roll away dodging it.
She pressed a button on her shoulder and the knife attach to her shoe sprang out.

Dahlia pushed it straight into the creatures neck as Mrs. Arrowood fired at Kapella who was moving through the risen water.
She swiftly pressed the button on her wrist and the metal around it turned into an automatic gun which targets Kapella automatically and fired her.

Mrs. Arrowood bouced on the ground with her Sneakers that propelled her forward and she fired at Kapella who dodged swiftly.
She grabbed her and the both submerged down as Kapella hits the gun from her hand.
She grabbed Mrs. Arrowood’s arm swiftly wanting to break her bone with one twist but that was she saw her rounded lips and a pin pointing out.

Mrs. Arrowood shot out the pin straight from her lips into Kapella’s fore head.
The pin pierced into her blood stream thereby containing it.
Kapella’s body seized at once as she couldn’t move a finger.
She forced a dagger into her side and Kapella groaned as she kicked her away.

As Kapella drown with the dagger stuck in her side she connect to the closest sharks and sent them at Mrs. Arrowood but to her ultermost shock the creatures on getting ran off like something scared them.
That was when she saw Dahlia firing a certain gun at the creature.
It was a gun that released dangerous waves with high frequency at the creatures thereby forcing them to retreat.

Kapella lands softly on the sea bed and closed her eyes as she went unconscious.
Dahlia swam to her returning the wave gun to her stealth grabbed Kapella’s mask but it she was ready as she had faked unconsciousness.
She grabbed the sharp stone and stabbed it into her neck but Dahlia forced her artificial nails which were made of steel into her side.

Kapella kicked her away and swam but almost bumped into Mrs. Arrowood who was pointing the wave gun at her.
A huge tail hit Mrs. Arrowood from behind and Madison grabbed Kapella’s hand away.
“I told you all to go “. Kapella thought.

” They’re gone but I can’t leave you, The Hunters are dangerous “.
” I didn’t understand what you meant by they have every technology against us, I think i do now “. Kapella thought asking she channeled all the creatures in the sea at Mrs. Arrowood and masked Dahlia who fired the wave gun endlessly at the creatures of which bought time for the two Mermaids to escape.

Kapella climbed the ladder that went up the tunnel and helped Madison who was below.
“You’re injured”. Madison said as they no longer underwater.
“Yes, weapons coated with salt but salt has no effect on me”.
“You’re lucky, a normal Mermaid can’t survive such”.
“Where are the others?”. Kapella asked.

“They’re up ahead, we have a long way to go”. Madison said.
“Then let’s hurry, I thought of something now”.
“Which is?”.
“You all used tunnel to escape the first time, the hunters might have known”.

“Oh my God”.


The Mermaids climed up one after the other out the tunnel helping each other.
They were all out when Lovely, Diaz, Finn and Ashley who were masked appeared from different direction pointing an M4A1 rifle at them.
“You’re surrounded and even before you think of singing, I’ll put a fvcking bullet into your mouth”. Lovely threatened and they stood still knowing fully well that their only weapon was voice and water.

Suddenly and without warning water burst out of the tunnel straight up prompting them to raise their guns up.
It came down furiously evading the Mermaids and slapping the hunters away.

“Run!”. Kapella roared as she and Madison shot out of the tunnel with a wave of water.
She landed perfectly hitting off the rest of the Hunters with the water.
“Go I’ll cover you all”. She said to Madison as the Mermaids took off.

“No, let’s go”. Madison said pulling her along.
Lovely swam out of the flood speedily as he dropped his rifle and carrying a gun harpoon went after them.
He pulled the pistol behind him and fired at them as they ran into the building forcing them to split.

He went after Kapella while the other gun men went after Madison.
Lovely jumped over a chair as he aimed the harpoon at her and fired straight.
It shot out with it rope connected to it from the gun and thrust into her leg.
He pulled the gun and Kapella crashed to the ground.

She slapped the ground causing a rise of dust but he aready let go of the harpoon and pulling the wave gun fired straight.
The wave cleared off the dust and hit Kapella to the wall as she tried to run.

He dropped the Gun and simultaneously pulled the pistol behind him and fired into her leg.
Kapella screamed loudly as he moved toward her pointing his Gun.
“I’m sorry I don’t want this but you have to die”. He said and cocked the gun.

That was when she saw his ring.
Kapella gasped as she raised her head up to his masked face.
“Lovely?”. She whispered and his eyes popped.
“Who the fvck are you?”. He roared and saw her shaky eyes.
He tried hard to remember were he had seen the eyes but no there was only one person who called the name Lovely in the most charming way.

Two gun raced there but paused seeing that he had an gun pointed at her.
“Gamma 064, Ma’am one Mermaid…”.
Lovely turned back swiftly as fired into their chest.
He turned back to her and breath heavily as he point the gun to her face.

“Kapella”. He whispered with shaky hands.



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