CITY MERMAID – Episode 37



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🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️

Composed By: 🎈Sam🎈
🐬 Episode_37🐬

Dahlia could be seen walking down the stairs in her lengthy blue gown when she paused on seeing Roxy who climbed up.
“Rox, you haven’t left for Spain yet?”.
“Do you want me out of America so badly?”. She asked.
Dahlia scoffed and took few more steps back.

“I got my eyes on you, be mindful of the way you move with Candy cos I’m dangerous”.
“And viscous, I’ve heard about you Dahlia but I should remind you I’m your distant relative, Lovely is like a brother to me”. Roxy said.
“Then keep it the brother way because he’s the only thing that matters to me in the world, no one else does”.

“Find something better to do with your life maybe finding your step mom, Ops! I forgot she’s dead or maybe I can find something for you, how good are you at singing?”.
“Ask how my bad”. Roxy said walking away.

“Awwn did I hurt you”. Dahlia asked and scoffed.

Roxy was full of fury as she moved down the hallway.
She paused abruptly on seeing two guards in front of her.
She made to walk past them but they blocked her way.
“Are you nut?”. She cursed and made to move to the left but they blocked it as well.

It was at that moment she knew something was wrong.
Roxy moved back but bumped into something big behind.
She turned slowly to see the Chubby man in her front.
She screamed out but it was short lived as the man behind covered her nose.
The other forced a syringe into her neck and she drop unconscious into his arm.
“We’re done ma’am, permission to move her from the building”. One of them said into his telecom device.

Lovely could be seen walking toward his room when two men walked past him with a big black
He stared blankly at them as they bowed.
“Boss asked to bring it, she forgot it”.
“And what could be in there?”. He asked.

“Classified weapons boss”.
Lovely scoffed as he opened the door of his room.
“Hish! Taking hunter carrier to Spain, why do I care, just vanish”. Lovely said and closed his door.
He exhaled heavily and picked the remote as he collapsed into his bed.
His phone buzzed and he took the video call from Mrs. Arrowood.

“Yo”. He said jolting up on seeing that it was a group call that include his sibling except Dahlia.
“I can see the joy in your face because I’m out of the Country”. She said.
Ashley had that quiet face this time around.
“What’s up?”. He asked.
“You all are joining the escort team”.

“We’re transporting the Mermaids as you already know to Valencia, we have reasons to believe that the Mermaids would attack”.
“There are workers to volunteer as escorts”.
“I need professionals not workers, I’ve been training you all since birth and whoever I need volunteers, who else has a problem with that?”. She asked and Lovely raised his hand up.

“Anyone else”.
There was no response as they stared blankly at her.
“Alright then, suit up, we’re changing the time to this afternoon, Mermaids have a greater chance at night, they see in dark “. Mrs. Arrowood said.
” I’m not going “. Lovely said.
” You love things the hard way son, your siblings have learnt their lessons already but you’re the stubborn one, have you forgotten what I am, I’m the cobra, don’t step on my tail or I bite “.

” I’ve made myself clear already “.
” You want me to come down from Valencia but nope I’ve taken care of things already, you’ll receive a package soon and then you can decide “. She said and ended the call.
Lovely exhaled heavily as his heart pound heavily.

Mrs. Arrowood was full of heart breaking surprises.
There was a knock on the door and be moved to open it.
The guard handed over a smartphone to him and left.
He closed the door slowly and his heart almost explode as it boozed.

He took the video call and could see some masked men in a vehicle recording themselves.
They turned the camera to someone whoose face was covered with a mask.
One of them pulled it and he saw her face.
It was unconscious Roxy.
His eyes popped as sweat formed on his fore head.

“If you dare…..”.
They disconnected the call and he smashed the phone on the wall.
He moved angrily to his ringing phone and took the call.
“How dare you?”. He roared.
“The thing is you have guts to speak at me because of Dahlia but that’s gonna be changing, you want things the hard way, I’ll give it to you”.

“If you dare hurt Roxy”.
“You should learn to stop making threats on me son”.
“She’s your niece, you won’t do anything to her”.
“Aha even Danny will be glad that I did this, there’s something you don’t know about Danny, Lovely and I’m not willing to say but you want to know, don’t join the excort, I’ll kill the girl myself and then I’ll reveal it to you or on the other hand, Join the excort and you get to see Roxy again, it’s your choice and you know I keep to my word”. She said and disconnect the call.

Lovely was furious as he punched the wall angrily.


Dahlia turned as the door opened to see little Steve who stared blankly at her.
“Hello little”. She said.
“I’m Steve”. He snapped.
“Oh Steve, how are you doing?”.

“Are you here for Kapella?”.
“Yeah, how did you know?”.
He shrugged and raised his head up.
“So is she in?”.

“No she’s not back from school yet”.
“Wow! Can I wait?”.
“She might not be back soon”.
“Oh, alright then, Inform her whenever she returns, tell her Miss D, stopped by”.
“Yep, alright off I go”. She said moving toward her Ecosse ES1 Spirit motorcycle.

Steve gasped as he fixed his gaze on the expensive bike.
“Who does Rapunzel move with rich people?”. He whispered and closed the door.

“Hello mother, I think I changed my mind, I got nothing to do so let’s say, I join the escort”. Dahlia said and rode off speedily.


Kapella and Lady Benita helped Madison to climb up to the rock and she groaned.
“Madison you should have stayed back”.
“I swore to rescue them K, I’m healing, I’ll be fine”. She said.
“Are you sure?”.

“Trust me, I am”.

Kapella collect the binocular from Lady Benita and direct it to the warehouse looking through.
She could see workers moving gagged and chained up women into trucks.
“Wouldn’t now be the best time to attack?”. She asked.

“Look carefully, Sniper”. Madison said.
Kapella turned to the buildings far away and could see men with long rifle patrolling on the roof.
“They go straight for your head, deposit a bullet in your skull, this isn’t the first time we try to rescue the captured”. Lady Benita said.

“How did it go?”.
“Disastrous, The Hunter Woman showed up and instead of rescue, more of us were captured”.
“Hunter Woman again?”.
“She’s really dangerous, have all the technology in the world against us, now that it’s land, they have advantage over us but with you we do”.

“I don’t think she’ll be joining them”. Kapella said.
“This are her captives”.
“We still need to rescue them, this might be our only choice”.
“If things go wrong, run Kapella, your mother is still no where to be found, we can’t lose more Arctic”. Madison said.
“Mother is dead”.

“She’s gone, I’m the last”.
Tears filled Lady Benita’s eyes as Madison consoled her.
“She was a good person, always ready to die for us”.
“Do you hear what they’re saying?”. Madison asked as the men gathered together.

Kapella connect her hearing to the river behind the warehouse thereby tapping from the voice transmission that was getting to the water.
“Boss says we’re moving them right away”.
“I thought it was at night “.
” The Day is the perfect time, no one can stop us not even cops, we’re moving “.
” Alright…. We’re moving! “. Another man roared.

” They’re moving “.
” Moving? “.
” Yes… We need to contact the rest, we’re hijacking and attacking “.


Lovely, Diaz, Finn and Ashley could be seen marching out of the building toward a Lamborghini in similar outfit.
They were dressed in Red Jacket and black trouser that had a holsters.
Behind was a sheath that had a large sword.
They connect their telecom piece to their ear and entered into the vehicle as the door closed slowly.

“Ready to move Mother”. Diaz said as he starts the ignition.
“You know the rule, you’re a team and when you’re done, you can return to your enemy lives, is that understood? “. They could hear her voice in their telecom.
“Noted”. They replied.

“And Candy, I’ve my eyes on you, Just in case you’re just going for Roxy’s case, you’re going to protect and fight else.. I choose not to say what I do”. She said and his sibling turned to him in surprise.
“Just drive and let’s get done with this”. He said.
Diaz exhaled and drives out of the mansion speedily.


Kapella could be seen standing far away on the edge of a bridge as the fresh wind blew through her.
“All the Mermaids have taken their position according to the plan”.
Madison said from behind.
“Good, what’s the transport situation?”.

“They just left the warehouse now, are you sure about this K, they must not find out that another Arctic is alive else they’ll seize searching for your Mother and come for you “. Lady Benita said.
” That’s why we go with the singing “.
” With lot of Mermaids singing, it gets to appear like it’s joint work but I’ll be the one performing the magic, they don’t find out what I am “. Kapella said.

“All things ready then, we should prepare the stage for their arrival “.

“Of course we will”. Kapella replied wearing a clown 🤡 mask.

A monster truck could be seen moving down the highway with lot of SUV beside and behind it.
Above were Choppers following as well including motorcycles on land.
Inside the truck were chained up Mermaids who were mind communicating.

“Can you feel that?”.
“It’s the rest”.
“They’re here for us”.
The Truck stopped by the bridge on seeing the barricade.
A worker in site outfit walked up to the truck with an helmet as the driver got down.
“Who the fvck are you?”. The Driver cursed.

“Mr. Smith, Phoenix Construction Company, I’m the Supervisor”.
“And what’s with with the barricade and blocade? “.
“We’re starting with soon”.
“Are you nuts? The Arrowood have bought this road for today, do you see any fvcking vehicle passing by?”.
“I bet you’re the nut one here whereas what’s arrow steel or wood?”. He asked.

The Driver made to grab him but his assistant dropped down.
“Hey”. He said approaching them.
He touched the man’s face but he stared blankly at him.
“He’s charmed”.
“Mermaids… Everyone, heads up, Mermaids!”. He said removing the pistol behind him.

“What’s going on, I said…”. The Driver hits him on the head with a pistol and he dropped.
Men in black vest alighted from the SUV looking around with their M4A1 Rifles pointed out forward.
“Marcus what’s the situation?”. Mrs. Arrowood’s voice rang from the other man’s telecom.

“We have reasons to believe the Mermaids are around, we just found a Charmed Man at the bridge probably to distract us”.
“Did you say bridge, where the hell are you?”.
“Houston Bridge Ma’am”.
“What? I asked you to go through St. Kenneth’s Path you idiot”.

“The road is flooded ma’am this was the closest”.
“Idiot! Idiot! I told you to fvcking switch on your GPS so I can track your movement, it’s a damn trap”.

🎶Charming Sailors🎶
🎵Come Down To Us🎵

Fermanine voices could be heard under the bridge.
The Driver looked down with the rest of the Gunmen and they could see Ladies emerging from the water beneath the sea.
“Open fire!”. He roared.
“You idiot get out of there now!”. Mrs. Arrowood said.

“Don’t fire, fall back with immediate effect “. He commanded.
“I promise to cut your tongue and feed you with it, Marcus”.
“Apologizes ma’am”.
The Men hurried back to their vehicle but the heavy vibration on the bridge caused them to fall down.

As the Mermaids sang, Kapella could be seen controlling shark’s to hit the Pillars of the bridge furiously.
It began to crack up slowly due to the force from the creatures.
“Get ready”. Kapella thought as the pillars continued cracking up.
The men staggered up to get in but then everything happened at once.
The entire bridge collapsed into the water including the truck and the escorts.

The Lamborghini that was about getting to the bridge stopped abruptly as Lovely got down with his sibling.
They took masks from the seat of the vehicle and wore it.
“It’s an attack, they have the truck”. Finn said.
“Inform the Choppers to release the salt”. Lovely said.

“What’s the situation?”. Mrs. Arrowood’s voice rang from Ashley’s telecom.
“Both the truck and escorts have collapsed into the sea with the Bridge, we’re releasing salt”.
“What do you mean by that?”.

“Dahlia says the Chopper should be loaded with the salt and Lovely agreed too”.
“Good, Get ready to attack”.

The men drowned with the vehicles as the Mermaids pounced on them pulling them down to the sea.
They opened fire but since it was underwater the bullets had little or no effect on the Mermaids.
“Get the truck”. Kapella mind instructed as her charmed shark attacked the man with an axe.

The Mermaids swam toward the truck as their tails flapped.
They got the truck when a bullet out of nowhere sink into the chest of one.
Kapella scoffed in shock as her brain connects speedily to the bullet in water and traced the connection to something above.

“Spread out!”. She ordered as bullets rained down the water.
It was a Machine Gun mounted on the helicopter.
“Take cover”.
The Mermaid took refuge in the sinking vehicles as Kapella’s Sea creatures took care of the gun men.

Kapella watched as the Mermaids still strived to take the body of the dead one despite the shooting.
She was dead.
At that moment she felt weak and heartbroken that she losed concentration until Madison grabbed her out of knowing escaping the bullets that came down.

“What the hell is wrong with you?”.
“She’s dead Maddy”.
“We know and then set her as low priority, after the fight, we can mourn, alright, do it”.
Kapella closed her eyes and opening it she was normal again.

She instructed Electric Eels to follow after her as he swam to the surface of the water despite the bullets.
She sent them to where the bullets were coming from and they shot up with that speed of bullets.
The shooter scream letting go of the Machine Gun as the creatures released electric charges into his body.

He fell off the helicopter into the sea where he was gladly welcome by the Mermaids.
That was when Dahlia arrived in her bike.
“Smart Mermaids that I get to wonder who’s the master planner of this”. Dahlia said moving toward them.

“You showed up”. Lovely said.
“I want to have fun, release the salt”. She roared.
The helicopters around stopped and men in it began to pour bags of a certain substance into the sea.
The Mermaid submerged into the sea as the temperature increased.

“Salt”. Kapella could hear the voices of the Mermaids in her head but the thing was she had no plan for a situation like this.
She looked around and could see the Mermaids trying to escape from the salt
It was at this moment she had no choice but to do it.
“Ready! Their coming up soon”. Dahlia said removing the pistol behind.

Kapella’s colour of eyes changed and she raised her hand up causing the water level to raise.
She connects to the parts of the water that had an Impurity, salt, and pushed her hand all up.
A large amount of water burst up into the sky and then rain down.

Dahlia stick out her tongue and let it touch it.
“Salt! Someone is separating it”.
“I think they have a special Mermaid, a normal can’t do this”.
“They talked about a Kraken but this isn’t a Kraken’s doing, they ain’t singing”. They heard Mrs. Arrowood’s voice from their telecom piece.

“How did you know?”. Lovely asked.
“I’m unpredictable son, Just like you and your siblings should take a step back and be ready to attack”.
“I still don’t get her”. Diaz said.
Dahlia slowly raised her head and could see a fighter Jet far away.
“You used my trick Mother, fall back”. She instructed and they moved back wondering what was happening.

Kapella waited for the Mermaids to swim back up and they all head for the truck when the unexpected happened.
The Fighter Jet came out from the cloud in the sky and released missiles into the water.
They exploded dangerously sending everyone in the water into confusion as it threw off everything within it range of explosion.

“She’s using the same trick we used three years ago”.Lovely said.
“Which is?”.
“The next set of missiles coming in are charged with tons of electric current, the sea which will conduct it and the Mermaids will have no option but to come up or die “.

” Did you hear that? “. Madison mind asked as they could hear from underwater.
” We need to go before it happens? “.
” No we don’t, we initiate Plan B”.

“But there’s something more to be worried about”. Dahlia said and the door of the Fighter Jet in air opened up.
Something jumped out of it and they looked with keen interest as the parachute spread out.

Madison looked from underwater and could see the face of the woman coming down with a parachute.
“What’s it?”. Kapella asked.

“It’s the Hunter Woman”.



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