CELINE AND THE HOFFMAN … (18+) … Part 109



Danny’s room

danny was in his dressing room, he was already dressed in his red shirt and white. trouser, he packed his long hair behind him, exposing the red pearl earing he wore.

He wore his watch and two rings then he wore a bracelet on the other hand.

He scratched his hair in confusion as he peeped through the door of the dressing room.

Finally he walked out. He instantly wore his red slippers and tried runing out when Miranda walked into the room laughing.

Danny placed his hands on his face. Miranda wore a white flair short skirt with a white singlet then she wore a white hair warmer and black socks, looking like a chair leader her dressing made her look Gretel age.

“please. “, Danny said

Danny removed the slipper and unbanded his hair then he fell on his pillow.

” you win
Miranda stood facing him
” but I really need to meet my manager.
Miranda rose on top of him
” heavy.

She sat on him and bent Dowm closely to his face.

” Danny this relationship is turning into a business contract.
” how.
” Danny I know we are both busy, I know, we are both stars and we both have a busy schedule but this is getting out of hand. We rarely spend time with each other, look I even came to stay with you for the weekend.

” you know I have been busy , u don’t have to trap me I need to go out pls

” Danny When was the last time you made love to me, come on, am I suppose to say this.

” am really sorry but am busy

” well after 4 rounds of sex, I will let you go out.

“what. 4

Miranda slipped her hands into his drawer and brought out the condom pack there.

She carefully opened it and slipped one out then she returned the rest.

Danny chuckled

” how did you know that was there. “, Danny asked
” we are both spoilt kids “,miranda said

Miranda kissed him and started unbuttoning his shirt, while kissing his chest at the same time.

Danny took the c. D from and placed his hands under her jaw.

He shifted her lips into his own and kissed her after which he turned her over to the bed just then he received a text in his phone.
He slipped the condom into his pocket.

” am late, this meeting is important
” this is more important.
Danny slipped the pillow under her head and raised her up he lay directly facing her.
Miranda was already rolling her eye about out of anger.

Danny placed both hands on her chest as he played with her

” They are waiting Mira
Miranda didn’t talk she just frowned her face.
Danny kissed her and she smiled

” ok, to make it up? we will go on a vacation, when my schedule is weaker.

” really

” mm it will be more like uhmm… a sex vacation, you will have me all to your pretty self, just like you want.

” no calls, no text, no meetings, just us.

” promise

” lets seal it with a kiss.

Danny kissed her again

” like this
” that was short.
She kissed him again for a long time

” like that
Danny chuckled.

He covered her singlet well and rose up from her, then he rushed out.


celine who walked out of the pool.

She picked her towel and tied it round her waist. Her house was amazingly big and beautiful.

” I got Mr Kingsely Cain, he agreed to meet, he’s coming.
” am glad.
Celine sat down and picked her wine.

” It’s time to take back Every thing Miranda took from me starting from Danny, am not letting him go, he’s mine, even if he has moved on from me i will still get him back. Danny must come back to me, he has to.

” but madam its obvious he lost his memory of you

” then I will bring it back, I will never be complete until I have Daniel and i will never leave danny for miranda.

” its all Mrs Hoffman’s fault

” I have nothing against ciara, I love danny so much that I can’t hate his mother.
She pushed me to be great, I never promised her that I will ruin her I only promised her that I will be as rich as her son and that I will be better than Mira.
I have no evil plans for my mom.

But miranda I promised her that I will bring her down to the lowest and I never break a promise.

I will pay that fool to work for me very soon, I will surely ruin Miranda, I must fulfil my promise to each and every one of them.

Even if miranda falls to the floor begging I will never have mercy, i blame all ciaras sins on her.

” madam right skin had been published you just got 40 millions followed in your fan page.

Now 300 Bill boards in the world are using your picture as good morning and good Night.

The soap commercial is now visible in p. W, from the commercial door to the end of the building, your short film and pictures filled everywhere.

Celine smiled

” awwn Salvador

Just then Mr king walked into the compound with a guard.

He saw celine from far he waved and came closer.

Celine gently smiled at him but he didn’t even recognize her.

He came closer

” I kept wondering why Daniella will want to meet me, am just someones representative. Or do you need something with Daniel miss.

Celine smiled

” I can’t believe you didn’t recognize me.

Just then Mr king looked at her again.

” omg Lina.
” yes sir.
Mr king rushed her and hugged her tightly after which they gave each other a high five Lola smiled.
” omg I missed you, my partner
Celine smiled
” daniella Daniel, how did it happen
” what matters Is that it happened, how’s my boyfriend.

” Daniel is suffering Celine, he is getting memories back but he can’t see your face.

Miranda used his weakness to start dating him. It was all ciaras plan but Danny doesn’t love her he is responsible to her he feels like dating her Is his duty he doesn’t know there’s a truth.

At least now he is sure there is a Celine, he calls that name all the time Celine but no one can tell him about you or else Danny will die.

Celine dropped her wine.

” what.
Mr king showed her the picture of the doctors report in his phone.

” all of us are speechless Celine, we are just watching your love suffer.

” no what If this is fake.

” I thought so too but we can’t act without verification, we are talking about Danny’s life here and don’t forget Danny had an accident before, which made him live as a dead person for two years so this report might be true Celine.

” what do we do.

” i already got every Info on the doctor but it takes only someone of high class like you to question his report cos he is not an average doctor.

” send me all the information you have collected.

Celine turned to Lola

” save that info, you know what to do.

Celine touched Mr kings shoulders and ran into her house.

She wrapped a towel round her chest.

Daniel how can I now be your death, why.
I still need you so much, pls that doctors report has to be fake.

I can’t let you go, we will both die, i will tell u about celine and if you die I will kill myself too.

We will both die.

Just then Lola rushed into the house.

” madam he is home now.
Celine smiled as she dressed up and rushed out.

miranda who arrived p. Ws commercial. She looked at the short films displaying everywhere, it was all daniella Daniel.

She got angry and tried passing bye when she saw the before and after pictures of daniella.

She walked close to it and stood there, she covered her mouth with both hands.

Oh no daniella Daniel is CELIne, daniella is Celine , that commoner is daniella Daniel. She’s back.

celine arrived at a single room apartment. She walked to the door and knocked, Ethan opened the door.

” oh miss, good day, are you lost.
Celine just hugged him and held him tight.
” miss you might get your skin dirty.

Just then Celine let go of him and he recognized her.

” omg Celine, you made it
” I did, thank you for helping me run.

Ethan hugged her again and she rushed into the house where she sat on the floor and folded her legs Ethan sat beside her.

” finally you are happy.
Celine wiped her tears
” no need to pretend that am strong by your side, you are one of the persons I can be real with.
She leaned on his shoulders.
” I am not happy, am not fulfilled. Am scared, Danny is with Miranda, he’s dating her, who knows maybe he has already fallen for her, if that happens, will I survive it?.

Ethan touched her hair

” Danny loves you very much celine, he can’t love someone else, if you are scared just trust in your love for him.

Celine smiled then she moved from his shoulders.

” that business you said you want to do, did you already do it.

Ethan didn’t want to take money from her so he lied

” yes I got the money, am starting.

” how much was it again, i forgot.

” 4mill.

” am glad you got it.

Ethan smiled.

” I need to go, i need to meet Salvador.
” ok.
Celine walked out

After 30 minutes of her walking out, Ethan received an alert of 5 million naira with a text.

“Let’s not pretend with each other. ”

Ethan smiled.

celine arrived p. W
All the models were pointing at her, people took pictures of her. She walked with only her assistant, her guards she left them outside.

She got closer to salvadors office when she saw Miranda. She instantly recognized her, but she knew she had no words for miranda so she passed her bye.

She passed but Miranda dragged Celine back and turned her over to see her face . Celine angrily slapped Miranda and withdrew her hands.

” do you know how much my cream costs, how dare you touch me. “, Celine yanked

Miranda tried slapping her back but Celine held her hands and pushed it down then she walked closer to Miranda.

” I am not the same person you knew before, stay out of my sight.

” finally you made it, i wasnt smart I should have known you were the girl Salvador sponsored, welcome to the world of class Celine, u might have gotten money but I still have Daniel.

Celine laughed she wanted to talk but the sight of Danny coming rendered her speechless.

Miranda saw Danny and smiled, just what she needed to make Celine shed tears.

Danny arrived with his assistant and only one guard, on seeing Miranda he gave Sandra the water he was holding.

Celine just watched him quietly.
Danny wrapped his hands round Miranda waist and carressed her play fully .

Celine pressed her pause together with everything in her .She didn’t want to show her pain

” if I knew you were coming here I wouldn’t have run away. “, danny said to Mira

Miranda looked at Celine and smiiled, she gently moved Danny’s face and kissed his lips.

Celine held the pause tighter

Just then Danny noticed Celine who to mirandas surprise didn’t even shed a tear or frown.

Danny walked towards Celine.

” Daniella, it’s a pleasure. ..
Celine smiled as she wrapped both hands round his waist.

” the pleasure is mine sweetheart. She kissed both sides of Danny’s cheek smiling after which she walked out in a haste just then she ran into Salvador.

” awwwn Salvador, the pictures are pretty
” as pretty as you.

He kissed her cheek and dragged her into his office.

Miranda almost shed tears, Celine had changed, even Danny didn’t make her cry.

She wasn’t the weak cry baby Miranda knew before, She changed.

Danny pecked Miranda sending her back to reality.

” are u guys friends
” yea
” there’s something about her.
” there is nothing, why are you here
” my manager said Angelina willson wants to meet here.

” ok, have fun.

Miranda rushed out.

Salvadors office

Celine placed both legs on salvadors table

” Calvin, who is his model. ?”, celine asked
” oh for the new under wear set.
” its a face-out concept right. ?
” yes and he is doubling the pay for that, miranda is training for the shoot .
” hes usimg Miranda Milbert? “, Celine asked
” its been long Miranda was chosen, before u even came to my house, so Calvin gave her the body fitness he wants and she was working on it, now she got it, Calvin can’t drop her, she might die.

” good for her.

Hours later

miranda was back stage of a fashion show, finally the designer walked in.

Miranda was trying to fit into a gown but it wont working.

” Miranda your hip widened and you didn’t inform me, you know I use your fitness for all my finale gowns

” am realy sorry I was working out for a shoot.

” is that shoot more important than your runway goals, how much is the shoot paying that made you change your fitness, without even thinking twice.

” am sorry, just loose the cloth a little.

” no, you can concentrate on your shoot for now. another model will wear the finale gown.

” ok.

She walked out

Miranda sat down
I warned Salvador about this, just because of getting Calvin’s fitness I have missed too many runway shows. Anyways that shoot for Calvin is more important to me.

Celine sat with Angelina.

” so the shoot will hold soon ella
” who is the male model for the dinner down cover.
” I have not convinced his manager so i will tell you when it’s settled.
” ok, But I hope it will happen before new York tour.
” it will.
” ok.

CELIne walked out and Lola followed her.
Her guards opened the door

Celine sat with lola.

” is Calvin in town
” he just arrived today for the shoot.
” get me info on, the hotel he is in, he’s best colour, he’s kind of woman, and exactly where he is and what he is doing from now till tomorow.

” do you want to take that contract from Miranda

” yes I want to.

” because of the money.

Celine laughed

” no I don’t Care about the money I just want Miranda to cry.
” yes madam.

She can hold on to Danny while I slowly slip every thing else out of her hands.
Celine said to herself
abeg oh … I need reasonable comments …just avoid next please cos u don’t understand …


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