CAUGHT IN THE ACT … (18+) … Part 2


Leriq removed his briefs and dropped them by the bed. Immediately, he became hard, again. Ola removed his briefs too and they stared at their rods for a moment. Ola grabbed Leriq’s balls and tugged on them a little then spun around and took his cock in his mouth. Leriq was about 5’10”, 140lbs, with a 7″ long and 3″ wide dick. His dick is long and straight but bends downward halfway up his shaft so it curves perfectly for a throat.

Ola then pushed him gently down on the bed. He then straddled Leriq’s skinny waist, covered Leriq’s long dick with lube, and gave his own hole a few good squirts. He slid Leriq’s big bent cock into his hole. All 7 inches buried instantly inside his ass. Leriq told him to start doing the job and Ola began to roll his hips against his and rocked back and forth. Leriq then started pumping him harder and faster, their skin making the raunchy slapping, sliding, gooey lubed up sounds as they both started grunting.

Ola spun around to face Leriq now and leaned down over him and laid his head beside his while he enjoyed the intense fucking his hole was receiving. Leriq decided he’s ready for control so he told Ola to get on his stomach and raise his ass up. He stood up and braced Ola’s hips high. He dipped his cock into Ola’s ass and proceeded quickly to a full on fuck. Ola moaned a little at this point, Leriq was breathing heavily. The bed was croaking. When all of a sudden they heard the spring behind
the door make a pop. Then a loud scream. Shocked, they looked up and saw Faith standing in the doorway with her heels on the ground next to her and her hands over her mouth.

What she saw was their friend’s dick inside her boyfriend’s ass. Leriq quickly pulled his cock out of Ola’s ass and Ola’s hips fell back to the bed. Ola finally stood up and ran to Faith as she stormed out of the door and he ran into the sitting room to see their friends Funke, Orji, and Fola. Complete ly mortified Ola ran back into the room. Leriq got dressed and headed out to control everything. Ola put his shorts on and went out to the back to talk to Faith. He found her in her car crying. He told her it wasn’t what it looked like. (What else was he gonna say?) She told him it’s exactly what it looked like.
Faith: You just got fucked by our friend. You’re gay! You faggot!

Ola: Faith. Stop!
Meg: Just go back inside and finish taking Leriq’s dick!
He tried to speak but she stopped him. She told him she expected him to go and finish fucking Leriq or she wouldn’t even consider staying with him again. So he went back in to find the girls sitting in the living room on the couch. They all giggled and stared at him.
When he got back inside Leriq’s room, he found him in the bathroom.
Ola: Am sorry bro.
Leriq: Am sorry too. So, what now?

Ola: Well, you haven’t finished what you started.
Ola grabbed his big dick and wagged it a little. Leriq laughed and said “really?” They were just getting back up to speed when Faith came back in through the door. They both stopped and stared. She motioned for them to keep going and told them that she would be watching them to make sure that Leriq used the hole right. So Leriq re-entered Ola’s ass with Faith watching. He began to fuck the ass harder and harder. Faith was commanding him to keep going.
Faith: Keep going. Don’t stop fucking that pussy’s ass.

Leriq pumped and pumped and pumped. He finally told them he was going to cum. Faith instructed him to blow his entire load into her boyfriend’s ass. And he did. He pumped harder than he had all night, 5 or 6 good times and almost fell over before Faith told him to now put his dick into Ola’s throat and rest his balls on Ola’s nose. She pulled out her phone and took pictures of them. She quietly picked up her things and walked into the living room.


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