I was still clinging to the seat when the car
was attempted to be pulled up but as the
car shook it felt as if it was going to throw
me off so I screamed out that I was going
to fall, I looked up and saw David with a
rope tied to his waist and his brother
beside him, I knew the who was who, David
lowered himself and stretched out his hand
for me to hold but I could not because I
used both my hands to hold on to the seat
and I feared that i may loose my hold and
David: Tumi hold my hand
Me: I can’t David, l will fall.
David: ok hang on, I will come to you (he
looked up to his brother) Daniel let the rope
down (he said as he lowered down to my
side and held me and I let go of the seat
after I was assured that David was holding
me and I clunged tightly to my fiancee
body, the rope was pulled up pulling us up,
when we finally got up, I couldn’t believe
what I was seeing but there was a crowd of
people out there, there were police cans
there, I saw derinde’s men all injured being
dragged to the police van, I also saw deride
been led to another van with her hands in
cuffs, I could tell that she was shot on her
leg as she was limping, David came to me
and I hugged him tightly and wept on his
shoulders, I was so close to death, was this
how people died, oh I could not help but
thank God that I was alive. David spoke to
me but I was still in shock that I could not
hear him or reply him, an ambulance
arrived from the state emergency service
and two nurses came down with a
stretcher and came to us, I was lifted and
placed on the stretcher and taken to the
ambulance, David followed us in. I was
given first aid in the ambulance and an
injection was given on me that made me
feel sleepy and I closed my eyes to rest
and woke up in an hospital bed with my
mother beside me, I felt less pain now in
fact I felt relieved and well)
David’s mum(now my mother): I am happy
that you are awake my child (she said as
she placed her palm on my forehead and
smiled to me, it was then that I noticed that
I had a bandage wrapped on my head)
Me: mum I am glad to be alive, what about
My mother: he is on his way here
Me: what about derinde and her men
My mother: they are in jail so you shouldn’t
worry anymore because they can no longer
hurt you.
Me: am glad mum because I am alive (I
then remembered my wedding as it was
supposed to be in two days time but I did
not want to get married with bandages all
over my body) but mum what about the

My mother: don’t worry child everything is
going to be okay (she said as she smiled to
me and I reciprocated her smile, I and
David postponed the wedding till December
to give me enough time to recover fully and
for other issues to be settled, when David’s
parents saw derinde they were shocked
and so was derinde, they told us all that
derinde was their runaway daughter and
derinde was so ashamed of herself
considering that she had almost killed me
all because she thought that she was in
love with David not knowing that they
where half siblings anyway the dead was
done and she had to pay according to the
law, the court sentenced her to 18years in
jail. I mentioned seeing Daniel at my
rescue, well David told me that Daniel was
pardoned and released because of his good
behaviors by the government, he told me
that Daniel had apologized to all for all he
did and they had forgiven him and he was
back to the family, Daniel apologized to me
for all the times that he had feigned his
brother to get to me and I forgiven him, I
and David got married in late December
and our wedding was wonderful and a
dream come true for me, despite all that
had happened to me in the past I never
thought that I will one day get married, and
our marriage night felt like my first night as
David made me feel like I was a virgin all
over again because I was the first woman
that he will have sex with, I never thought
in my life that I will marry such a man like
David, find my family despite everything
and guess what after some months I gave
birth to my first children, yes I gave birth to
twins, identical twin boys)
My pov
A lot had happened in my life most of
which were caused by lies, I was buried
under lies which almost destroyed me but
once the truth was out, my life became
better. So it doesn’t matter how much of
lies you may be holding in your mind just
say the truth to prevent yourself or your
children from getting buried under the
rocks of lies.


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