Everyone gathered there eyes on us, while
David looked at me
David: tumininu from the very first day that
I met you, I fell completely in love with you,
time has passed and we have been through
a lot of trials but we overcame them (he
looked at me and I was just smiling as my
joy knew no abounds) that’s why I cannot
ask for a better partner, a better friend to
spend the rest of my life with (he opened
the box and my heart raced happily as I
saw a beautiful silver ring) will you
tumininu marry me?
Me: (I was so happy that tears rolled out
from my eyes, everyone was chanting say
yes, will I even be so foolish as to say no,
David is the only man that I love and I will
love to spend the rest of my life with him)
yes I will marry you David (I said as
everyone jeered happily, David then took
the ring and slipped it into my finger and
he hugged me tightly, I also held unto him
tightly, I was really so happy that I can
actually get to see a man propose to me
and I will accept despite everything that
had happened in my past, we began to
prepare for the wedding, as an adage says
make hay why the sun shine, I did not want
to wait another second before I get married
to the man of my dreams. We set our
church wedding to be in late October and
we are in August now, preparations went
on very fast and months turned into weeks,
nd weeks turned into day, it was four days
to my wedding day, I was in the school
already done with my lectures and I wanted
to return to my hostel to meet with Sharon
and Bidemi as we needed to get
somethings for the wedding, I was walking
to my hostel when a black jeep drove
roughly to my front and three huge men
came out of the car, my instincts told me to
run but the men got to me and bundled me
into their car and drove on, in the car I
struggled but one of the men placed a n
handkerchief on my nose and as I inhaled
it, I slowly became week and slowly closed
my eyes until everything around me went
quiet, I woke up later and found myself in
an empty and dark room, I tried to stand
up but my hands and legs were handcuffed
to a pole in th room)
Me: help me (I called out hoping that
someone will hear me, I did not know
where I was or who had me handcuffed to
this room) somebody out there please help
me (I shouted out and almost immediately
the door barged open and three huge and
fierce men came in and I immediately got

Ist man: so you don wake up
Me: please I beg u do not hurt me (I
Pleaded but the three men only laughed
and mocked me)
2nd man: we no go hurt you
Me: thank you please let me go
1st man: (he laughs devilishly making me
to become greatly scared) dat one we no fit
do baby girl, na our Madame wet go tell us
wet in we go do with you
Me: (who the heck is there Madame, and
why will she ask people to kidnap me) pls I
don’t want to know your Madame, I beg
you in the name of God just let me go
2nd man: Madame Don deny come, so
make u chill baby
Me: please (I pleaded as tears rolled down
my cheeks, then the three men walked out
and I prayed in my mind that God should
help me and they should release me, I did
not wrong anyone so whoever there
Madame was did not have anything to do
with me, I was still mumbling some prayers
when the door barged open and then the
three men walked in and behind them was
a lady, she was wearing a thick wig and a
sunglasses So I couldn’t see her face but I
guess that that was there Madame and I
called out to her)
Me: please let me go, I did not do anything
wrong, pls let me go (I pleaded but then
the lady laughed and her laughed was
similar to the way derinde used to the
laugh,the lady walked to me and squatted
in front of me and she was smiling before
she removed her glasses and my suspicion
was confirmed when I saw that it was
deride and opened my mouth in shock)


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