I went with my friends to the female
detention center and saw the head warden,
I told her that I wanted to speak with one
of the detainees and I told her that it was
mama d I wanted to see, she took me to
the visitors room and I sat Down and
waited a bit before mama d was led out, I
couldn’t even believe at first that she was
the one, until when she got closer and then
I saw she was the one, she looked so lean
and sick and her face was battered up with
bruises, I could not still believe that she
was the same woman that I grew up
knowing. She sat opposite me and I stared
at her the warden had already told me that
I just had fifteen minutes to speak with her.
Me: I came here to know the truth about
my parents.
Mama d: your parents
Me: yes! Who are my parents and were are
Mama d: your parents are not far from you,
my late husband brought you when you
were eight months old, my husband was an
armed robber at that time but your mother
was his ex girlfriend but she left him when
he joined bad gang and married your
father, you were not their first child, you
had two brothers and a sister, my husband
took you because you looked like your
mother and your arrival to the family
brought so much joy to them all.
Me: you said my parents are not far from

Mama d: let me finish the story mini, my
husband had a change of heart months
later and wanted to return you back but he
could not as the cold hands of death
cuddled him away leaving me stuck with
you and I hated you because my husband
loved your mother till he died
Me: enough of the story (I said as I have
heard enough) where am I parents
Mama d: I have to show you to your
parents, I can’t tell you who they are but I
will return you to them (at that time the
warden came telling us that our time was
over and mama d stood up and the warden
wanted to lead her in but she had not yet
told me who my parents were and I needed
to know)
Me: tell me who my parents are
Mama d: (she just looked back) I have to
take you to them (she was lead inside and I
just wondered why she insisted on taking
me herself to my parents, I went to head
warden and told her what she wanted to do
and the head warden notified me that
mama d had previously asked for
permission and that she will be given an
hour tomorrow and she will be able to take
me to my true parents. I thanked her and
walked back to my friends, I was wondering
in my mind who my parent were and why
mama d insists on taking me there herself,
tomorrow I will finally meet my parents and
my family)


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