our exam results were soon out and i
scored two a’s and five b’s and the rest
were c’s, david was very happy with my
result that he took me out and made me
feel like i was on top of the world, i now
began to prepare to write another exams to
gain admission. deride applied for a job at
david’s company and she got taken, i did
not know why she choose to apply at his
company over all other companies, few
weeks after she began to work at his
company david’s mum sent me to his
office at almost the closing time of all
staffs, when i got to his office i was greeted
by the gate man who knew me well and he
told me that david was in his office and i
walked straight to his office but before i
opened the door i heaved an heavy sign
fully knowing that he was unaware of my
coming and i wanted to surprise him but as
i opened the door, i met the greatest shock
of my life, derinde was half naked and she
wastring to kiss david who immediately
stood up frightened as he saw m and so
did derinde.
me: what the f–k is going on here? (i asked
beeming with anger)
david: tumi its not what you think (he said
but deride smilled)
deride: it is exactly what you think tumi
me; (i was filled with so much anger that i
immediately attacked deride) you tramp,
harlot, b—h. (i called her so many names
as i landed blows on her, i was really
busting with anger but david prevented me
from hitting her any further as he pulled me
back to himself and held me tightly
david: please tumi calm down, she’s not
worth all these
me: (i looked at deride with so much anger
and hatred) i thought you were my friend,
what did i ever do to offend you
deride: david is not yours, he doesn’t
belong to you, i love him
me: what! (i exclaimed in anger) is that
why you decide to become so loose, b—h
deride: you are the real b—h (she said
making the anger in me to rise up) david
doesnt like you but he likes me
me: (i couldn’t control myself this time
around as i broke out of david’s grip and
rushed to her and we began fighting pulling
each other at the hair and at the cloth but
then david came inbetween us)
david: that’s enough, i don’t tolerate fights
in my presence (he said sternly to the both
of us) miss deride you are a disgrace to
women and for what you have just done,
you know that my company cannot take it
so you are fired
deride: (her countenance changed and her
eyes were filled with tears) no please david,
dont fire me, dont send me out of your life
david: will you get out before i call the
me: (i joined him) get out
deride: you motherfucker
david: get out now, security (he screamed
as the two officers came in and forced her
out and she walked out of the office
shamefully and reluctantly, immediately she
was led out david turned to me i guess to
try to apologise but i just signed him not
me: no!

david: am really sorry tumi
me; please david ( i said to him as i walked
out of his office and went straight back to
the house with a trouble and confused and
betrayed heart, how deride do this to me,
she and david the man that i love, she is
certainly wicked and i promise that i will
make her pack, i locked myself in my room
until someone knocked at the door and i
knew it was david) i dont want to see you
david: ( from outside the room) please tumi
me: are you deaf i said that i dont want to
see you
david: let me explain things are not what
they seem to be
me; just leave me alone (i screamed out
angrily as i trhew a pillow at the door) go
away! ( i said as i broke down in tears and
i buried my face in a pillow and i weeped0
my pov
how could derinde do this to me, i saw her
as a friend but i should have already
noticed that she liked david and she
wanted him for herself but i will not let her
have david, no way, i am just so angry but
i don’t know why is it because i caught
david and deride? or is it because i am
jealous? i just don’t understand the anger
that i feel


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