deride after that day that she met David
began to come regularly to greet me butt
each time she came she always asked
about David but most of the times that she
came David was not around, but she will
still insist on waiting behind but David
never paid her any attention. one day when
I was chatting with damilola when David
arrived but he was arguing with someone
on the phone and was so engrossed in this
that he walked past us without even
noticing us
me: what is wrong with him
dami: am supposed to ask you, aren’t you
his best friend
me: (I eyed her) aren’t you his sister
dami: even thou I am his sister, I have
never been close to David or Daniel as they
were both raised and brought up in the
states and mum gave birth to me in Nigeria
and she never let me at once go to see
me: so, you just met David when he
returned two years ago
dami: yes, as I was still very little when he
was around, but i have never seen Daniel
me: what! (i exclaimed) you have never met
your brother.
dami: (she nodded) i think you should go
and check on your best friend
me: alright (i stood up and walked to
Davids room, i knocked and he told me to
come in, i saw him sitting on the bed but
he was no longer on the phone and i sat
down beside him) who were you speaking
with? you sounded very angry with that
david: its nobody, just forget about it. its
just some company issues
me: are you now keeping things from me
david: no! (i will never want to do that (he
said) OK i was speaking with my dad
me: so why were you arguing.
david: he was frauded by some people over
there and he now wants to come back
me: well whats the problem with that?
david: the problem is i don’t want him to
come back.
me: why?
david: because if he return Daniel will also
return (he said angrily before he calmed
down and sighed) i am not in good terms
with my twin.
me: what!
david: yes.
me: why are you not in good terms?
david: my brother is very destructive, he
destroyed almost everything, he always
interferes in my life (he said) i was once in
love with a girl Natasha when i was in the
states and she was my love and the first
girlfriend i had but but then my brother
impregnated her
me: what! (i exclaimed with my mouth
opened in shock)
david: because we were identical, he acted
like he was me and went to her and he
became intimate with her until he got her
pregnant but the most annoying thing is
that even when Natasha found out that she
had been sleeping with my twin she still
continued but when she got pregnant, that
was when i found out about what they
have been doing, i broke up with Natasha
and i became enemies with my brother that
me: but you could have just forgiven them
david: yes i could but there is only one
thing i hate and that is for people to lie to
me or keep secrets from me, i detest such
people (as he spoke i remembered all my
past and i remembered that i myself was
lieing to him and i was also keeping the
truth about my past from him, my heart
then began to thundered in fear) tumi! (he
called me out of my thoughts)
me: yes (i stammered out) what did you
david: you were so faraway from me in
your mind, what is wrong with you?
me: (i managed to smile) nothing david i
was just thinking about the exam results, i
was wondering when they will be out and
how my result will be. (i lied)

david: (he laughed) come on that should
not cause you to think, am sure that you
did well because you prepared well.
me: you know what you are right but i cant
help but to be nervous, so back to Natasha
and your brother, what happened
david: oh! i really loved natasha with all my
heart and i could have even easily forgiven
her and also accept her pregnancy as my
own but i hated her because she lied to me
and so i left her on her own and my
brother and i never spoke again.
me: wow i really pity Natasha but i pity you
more, you must have been greatly hurt
david: i was hurt deeply hurt in fact i was
shattered but i am over her now because i
have met you
me: come on! ( i said smiling as i hit his
arm playfully and he laughed)
david: but seriously tumininu, you have
really tumininu, you have eased my mind
and repaired me and i am never sad
because you are here with me, you are the
source of my happiness but please promise
me that i can trust you and that i can
always rely on you, promise me that you
will always remain truthful to me ( i
became stumped)
my pov
oh my god i know that everything i told
him is a lie and now he wants me to
promise him that i will be truthful to him,
but i cant tell him about my past as i far
that i may lose him but if i don’t and he
later finds out i may as well lose him then,
but i cant tell him not now that i have
begun to fall in love with him, i have to
make sure that he never finds out about
my past, i just have to make sure he never
finds out.
me: i promise david (i said and he smilled
to me before he wrapped his arms round


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