i began to say with david and his family,
david’s father i heared has not returned to
nigeria for the past two years, i also found
out that david had an identical twin brother
who was also in the states with their father,
i was told that his name was daniel, my
familiarity with the family increased and
over the time of months i had already
blended into the family, meanwhile the
friendship between i and david increased
and it even began to get out of hand as
david was always with me, always
protecting me, always caring for me. he
enrolled me in a lesson in order to prepare
to write the west African examination and
also jamb, i began the lesson because i
have been wishing to go to school as
mama d only sent me to a public school for
my primary education while i learnt
secondary stuffs from the other girls at the
brothel, two girls for that matter they were
my only friends at the brothel, anna and
bisi. they said an opportunity does not
come twice so when david offered to send
me to school, i did not hesitate before
saying yes, i worked very hard at the
lesson center and prepared and studied
well for the examinations, i made a friend
name deride at the center and we both
prepared for the exam, soon i wrote waec
and neco and waited for the results, but
while i did my relationship with david
became more closer and it soon became
obvious that we were closer than friends, i
was with deride at the lesson center
chatting with her when someone suddenly
closed my eyes from behind and i
immediately knew it was david)
me: (i laughed) i know its you david (i said
and he removed his hands from my eyes)
david: how are you doing tumi
me: am doing good! (i said as i smiled and
he also smiled but i saw that my friend was
getting uncomfortable) so what are you
doing here?
David: cant i check on my friend anymore
me: of course you can
David: hope am not disturbing you and
your friend
me: no David deride this is my best friend
david and david this is my other friend
deride (i said introducing them to each
david: (he handshaked deride) nice to meet
you deride
deride: (smiling) also pleased to meet you
in person David (i could notice how my
friend looked at David) tumi has always
spoke about you
David: i hope its a good thing
deride: of course (she said still smiling as
she looked at him and refused to drop
down his hand) you are very handsome
(that enough i cant take it anymore i just
couged out a bit and she finally released
his hand)

david: tumi i will go and check your
coordinator and when am true we will both
g, alright
me: ok (i smilled as he pecked me on my
forehead, david always has the habit of
pecking me and i got to admit that i love
when he does it but for so many times i
told him to stop it though i did not mean it
but he never stopped but i noticed how my
friend looked at us she looked somehow
jelouse, well she doesnt have a boyfriend
so i cant blame here)
David: i’ll be right back (i nodded in
response as he walked away from us and
deride’s eyes followed him, i had to cough
out again before she looked at me)
me: girl what is up with you
deride: nothing (she said) david is really
me: i guess he is
deride: and you are only friends
me: yes we are the very best of friends
Deride: ok(she smilled but some how i
could tell that there was more to her smile
and there was more to what i and david
have together, but certainly am not ready to
lose him as my friend nor will that ever
happen in this lifetime)


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