All through the car ride I did not speak to
David as I was wondering why he really
was, why he picked me up with a car and
what is mission is in my life, the ride came
over as stooped in front of a huge house
with a big black gate and he horned at the
gate twice before it was opened by the gate
man, he then turned to me smiling
David: we are here (he said as he drove
into the premises and he parked at the
garage and came down to assist me down
from the car and as I looked in front of me
I was amazed by the magnificence of the
hose before me, it was so big and majestic
and I opened my mouth surprised but all of
a sudden I remembered that he was a bike
man and I recollected all my suspicions of
him and I looked at him)
Me: David right (I said) what am I doing
David: (smiled) this is my house.
Me: what? (I exclaimed in shock) these
house is yours (he nodded smilling)
David: lets go in, I will explain everything to
you because I know that you have a lot of
questions (he said as he looked at me and
then offered to assit me into the house)
just trust me please!
Me: (I just nodded thou uncertain if I
wanted to go into his house or if I can trust
him but I sighed as I wrapped my arms
around his shoulders and he carried me up
and walked into the house and as he got
into the house I saw a woman who stood
up as we got in and she was with young
lady of around maybe my age, David then
lowered me to the flour)
David: please mum no comments for now
(he said a little bit rudely to the elderly
woman and I just looked on not
understanding anything that was going on)
lets go (he said this time around to me as
he assisted me further into the house and
up the stairs before taking me to a room, a
beautiful room for that matter and he
placed me on the bed as I searched
through the beautiful room and I could tell
that it belonged to a boy from all the
footballers pictures and football tropies, it
was no doubt a boys room, then I faced
him squarely wanting to understand
everything, he seemed to have read my
mind because he replied to the question
that was running through my mind)
David: yes I am not a bike man (he said
and I looked at him with a more questioned

Me: then who are you and why did you
help me? ( I asked anxiously but he only
sighed and sat down beside me on the bed
and faced me)
David: my name is david oyetunji odetola
twenty three years old son of barrister
odetola james ( he said to me) I helped up
because I saw that you were in danger (he
said but I only starred at him still
suspisiously) but I am not a bad person if
that’s what you think, I only want to help.
Me: you were a bike man and now you are
the only son of a barrister, all these does
not add up. (I said and he nodded before
he turned his face away as thou he was
ashamed of something) who are you? (I
asked and he turned to me with a different
face, he looked as thou he was sad as thou
he was about to tell me something that
was important to him and he looked at me
and was about to speak, a lot of fears ran
down my spinal cord as I looked at him
ready to understand all about him)


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