i was still lost in my thoughts when a nurse
walked up to my side
me: nurse please where is the man that
came in with me
nurse: (she shook her head) i have not
seen anyone here since i resumed my shift
me: (surprised as i looked at her) but i was
just brought in not a few minutes ago (i
said but the nurse just smiled)
nurse: not at all, i am a morning shift nurse
and i resumed to see you here, you were
admitted in yesterday afternoon.
me: what (i exclaimed shocked, did i sleep
that much that i thought that i was still in
the same day) but i just got here
nurse: no miss you were prescribed a very
powerful pain reliever and it made you to
sleep for that long ( the nurse said as he
injucted a syringe into a drip beside me
and it was then that i noticed that a drip
was connected to me)
me: ok (i said uncertainly and the nurse
smilled to me)
nurse: you need to eat something when it
almost noon (she said and i just nodded
gently, trying to understand all what she
said, and she walked on to attend to other
patients, not long after she left my bed i
turned and i saw the bike man coming
towards my bed, at that moment my joy
knew no bounds as i saw that he was here
and not abandoned me)
bike man: i see that you have finally woken
up, how is your leg? (he asked with a
me: fine (i replied as i looked at him to see
if my belongings were with him and i
guessed that he noticed that because he
only smilled)
bike man: your bag and box are safe (he
said to me and i smiled slightly) did you
think that i will let it be stolen? (he asked
but in my mind i was like i already thought
that he was a theif himself)
me: thank you but i want to see my things
(i said)
bike man: its ok they are at my house, you
will be discharged later in the evening. (he
said to me and then suddenly i thought of
the hospital bills and i asked)
me: oh my god how much am i going to
pay! (i exclaimed and i could see the slight
grin on his face)
bike man: you do not have to worry about
the bills i already settled them.
me: (what the f–k, i thought this man was
a commercial bike man, where the heck did
he get money from) you settled them( i
asked and he nodded slightly and suddenly
i felt grateful to him) thank you but i will
pay you back.
bike man: just forget about that and lets
focus on your health (oh my god this man
is too nice, too nice to be true am i
dreaming? i have never seen anyone to be
nice to me and mostly i did not think that i
will ever find a man that i can say is
different from the rest) what do you feel
like eating? ( he asked waking me up from
my day dreaming)
me : uh!
bike man: yes you have been asleep for a
long time and you must be hungry ( he said
again with a nice voice, what kind of a
person is this man that is caring for
someone that he barely knows) dont reply i
will get something for you to eat! ( he said
as he got up)
me: but i dont even know you? ( i said as
he came back to me)
bike man: you will get to know me but first
let me get you something to eat ( he said
as he walked on but i stoped him with my

me: your name? ( i asked as i stared at
him and he just looked back witha smile)
bike man: david (he said as he walked out
of the ward, who the heck is this man
calling himself david and why does he care
for me, i mean i already thought alot of bad
things to him but am not to blame as i just
dont trust anyone but this david is
changing my believe, he returned minutes
later with a bowl of jollof rice and fish with
a cold drink and he assited me up and i ate
the fod hurriedly, oh yes i was really
starving, god know what they put inside the
medicine as i ate so hungrily and i finished
the food before the doctor came to check
on me and david left the ward, the doctor
then gave me another injection after i
complained of pains and slowly after
recieving the injection i fell asleep and
woke up to see him beside me)
david: the doctors have discharged you, we
will soon be going.
me: going to where (i suddenly found
myself asking i mean i did not have a
destination before)
david: to my house of cause (he said) or i
take you to your house.
my pov
i just stared at him, i dont know him, he is
a total stranger to me but all the same he
has shown to be a very kind and reliable
person but the problem is that i do not
trust him infact i do not trust anyone,
should i leave with him considering that i
do not have a destination
david: we are ready to go (he said) can i
(he offered to help me up and i nodded
before he helped me up and assisted me
out of the hospital, i was expecting to see
his bike but i was surprised when we
walked towards a white Mercedes Benz and
he helped me in before he also got in)
me: where is your bike? (i asked still
surprized but he just smiled as he started
the car)


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