I left Abeokuta that night in a bus to Lagos
and I arrived Lagos at the early hours of
the morning, upon getting down at begger,
I looked around here I was in a strange
city, I did not know anyone and I have
heared that lagos is a very big city and it
should even be called a country, I clunged
tightly to my bag and my box as I looked
around me, some taxies where calling out
to me but you no say person wey no know
his destination he beta for that person to
stay where he be than make he get lost,
sorry for the pigin English there, I heard the
takes calling places like idumota, ikeja,
ogba, agege and I just stared at them not
knowing what next to do, I was lost in my
thoughts when a bike man approached me
bike man: sister where you dey go (he
asked and I looked at him as thou he was
speaking in tongues)
me: (I shook my head and whimpered a
little no)
bike man: aunty you no fit stay here ooh,
you supposed get were you dey go
me: really no thank you (I said hoping he
will go away)
bike man: sister lagos na dangerous place
for person like you
me: (a little bit angrily) abeg I say I no go,
abi na by force ( I said not believing that I
had actually said that and the man just
withdraw himself and returned to the
others, I then looked for a place I could sit
and I bought two gala and a pure water
sachet oh my god I was really hungry as
you could tell from the way I rushed the
gala, I stayed there for hours until it got
into afternoon and I was still there)
my pov
I really need to go somewhere as I could
see that people where moving suspiciously
around me and the market traders where
staring at me as if I was going to stay there
forever, should I go to ikeja? ah but am not
sure if I will get a place to stay but I really
needed to move away from where I am (I
stood up with my bags and walked on as
far as I could go, as I was walking I noticed
a group of boys sitting from my guessing
they were garage boys and they looked
somehow suspicious to me so I clung
tightly to my belongings and walked faster
but I saw that they all also stood up and
followed me, at this time my heart was
beating faster as I increased my walking
and turned it into a form of little running
but the boys did not stop following me and
the before I knew what was happening they
had gotten to me, and in fear I picked up
race and they ran after me but then I
tripped over on my left foot and they got to
me and surrounded me
ist boy: oh girl you sabi run well oh (he
said as he friends laughed)
another boy: wetin dey for her wey they
make us chase her
ist boy: ( he reached for my box to collect it
but I prevented him by using my bag to hit
him but his friends retarded and used force
to collect my bags but I did not stop trying
to get my bags bag because if I should
lose my money then I will be stranded so I
fought back with all my might, at that
moment I heard the sound of bikes and all
of a sudden the boys all ran away leaving
me and my bags and I quickly picked them
and held then tightly to myself before I
looked at who chased the boys off and I
saw that same bike man that I had shouted
at earlier and he came down from his bike
and walked to me)
bike man: are you okay? (he spoke this
time with a correct English making me to
wonder if he was the one that I had earlier
argued with) are you hurt? (he said waking
me up from my thought and I shooked my
me: no m not hurt. thank you
bike man: no problem, let me help you up
(he said as he offered to help me up but I
denied and tried to get up on my own but I
could not as I felt a strong pain from the
leg that I had tripped with and I yelled out
and almost stumbled but I was caught just
in time by the bike man)
bike man: your leg is injured, you have to
get it checked ( he said but I shook my
head) please let me help you
me: no please

bike man: I insist( he said as he looked
deep into my eyes and I did not know hen I
said ok and he helped me up on his bike
before he also got on and rode on until
after a long ride he came to stop at a little
hospital, I read the name ST JOHN
HOSPITAL seeing the name john made me
to remember mama d’s son and what he
had done with me, the man parked his bike
in the hospital premises before he got
down and carried me into the reception
room, as the nurses saw me they ran to get
a stretcher and I was laid upon it before I
was welled to the consultation room and
the bike man stood at the reception, I was
checked by the doctor who gave me some
drugs that relieved the pain on my leg and
made me go to sleep, I woke up only to
find myself in a ward and on looking at my
leg I saw that my foot had been plastered
in pop and it was hanged up, I looked
around and saw other patients in there but
I did not see the bike man, I then began to
wonder where he was, did he abandon me
here, I looked around and saw that my two
bags were not there and immediately a
cold shiver ran through my spinal cord and
I became overwhelmed with anger, so he
was a thief, he only helped me so he could
still my things, tears slowly began to form
in my eyes as I thought of what next to do,
my money and my belongings have
disappeared and no doubt that the bike
man was responsible for it, how am I going
to get out of this and most especially why
is all these happening to me?


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