four years earlier
i was in the little room sleeping on a mat
when i woke up to a slight touch on my
bare laps and i saw john unclad in front of
me and he motioned to me to keep quiet as
he brought out his d–k and been the first
that i will see i was very scared and i
began to shake in fear
me: please brother john
john: keep quiet (he said to me as he
parted my legs and i began to plead with
tears in my eyes)
me: please brother john i beg of you (with
john: i really like you and you are beautiful
(he said as he reached to kiss my neck and
his cold lips pressed against my skin as he
began to unclad me too despite my quite
pleadings and sobbers and he then t—-t his
long d–k into my virgina and i screamed
out abit but he only continued going to and
fro as i cried on but all this fell on his deaf
ears as he continued banging me, as his d–
k penetrated into my body i could feel that
my body was slowly opening up and this
was very painful, from this slow banging he
then increased his speed in me and i began
groaning in pain but he used his palm to
close my mouth until he was through
raping me, my whole body was in pains as
i watched him stand up and get dressed
before he walked out of the room and i
continued weeping but i tried to get up but
my feet was very week and i stumbled and
fell so i crampled myself up at the side of
the room and stared at my legs and saw
blood stains all over them and i weeped the
more at that time mama d walked in
mama d: will you stop crying (she said in
her stern voice)
me: mum john raped me (amist tears)
mama d: and so what?
me 9surprised)
mama d: you should be glad that he was
getle with you (she hissed)
me (looked at her still shocked)
mama d: when you are done with your
crying stand up and wash yourself (she
said sternly before she walked out of the
me: (i was still shocked as i began to think
that mama d knew very much about what
her son had done but what i did not
understand was how she could do that to
me, it was at that moment that i knew that
mama d did not care about me at all,
because before i thought i could love her
as a mother but it has clearly shown that
she doesn’t, i then began to weep wishing
that my parents were with me and it was
with this heavy heart that i dragged myself
to the bathroom and poured cold water on
my body and used the sponge to wash off
all the parts that john had touched but no
amount of scrubing will be able to remove
the memory of the rape)
next day:
mama d: mini!
me: yes ma
mama d: is your leg still paining you
me: (surprised that she asked) small small
mama d: come closer (she motioned to me
to come)
me: ma
mama d: now you are ready to join the
other girls
me: but mummy
mama d: who is your mummy (she said
angrily to me)
me: am sorry ma
mam d: good so you are now part of the
big girls now and so you have to be
looking your best so that customers can
find you.
me: ok ma (i said dejectedly)
mama d: go back to what you are doing
me : ok ma
and so i began work as a call girl that
same night
back to present times

the men took turns in banging me and
when they where through they all left the
room and i stood up and i also left the
room to my own room and had a cold
shower, i came out of the bathroom and i
saw mama d there, i already knew that she
came to tell me how i performed and i
hissed in my mind but faked a smile to her
mama D: the men paid well and they
enjoyed them self (she reached for her
purse and counted out some money) that
is for you (she handed the notes of 500
naira to me and i collected it
me: thanks ma (with a fake smile
mama d; good girl( she then left the room
and i went to lock the door before i
returned to my bed and i pulled out a box
out from under the bed and i opened and
there was a lot of paper money and i
placed the ones mama d just gave me with
the others in the box and i locked it before
smilling to myself
my pov
i have been waiting for this day for the past
four years but now my money is fully
completed and i can now afford to run
away from this disgusting place, i do not
want to stay here for another second( i
picked up my small bag filled with little
cloths and also the box filled with money
and i walked out of the room, it was late in
the night and so no one was outside i
knew, all the girls would be with there
customers in the room and i sighed before
walking out of the premises that i have
lived for most of my life, my destination
unknown to me but its better to be lost in
what ever that is outside in the world than
to stay one more second in mama d’s


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