i was taken to the hospital and checked
and the doctor told the police officers that i
was fine, but was still in shock, it was then
that i noticed that i did not say anything at
all ever since i got rescued, bidemi came in
to see me after the officers left my room
and immediately she saw me she hugged
me tightly
bidemi: i am so glad that you are okay, we
were all scared
me: but i am fine
bidemi: why did you leave without
informing me, you know Daniel could have
gotten away with what he wanted to do
me: i am so sorry bidemi but i had too,
David’s life was in danger, he wanted to kill
him and i could not let that happen
bidemi: i understand at least we should be
grateful to God (she said as she sat beside
my bed) we wouldn’t have if not for
Sharon, she was in the bathroom and she
overheard all your conversation (wow i
didn’t even know that i wasn’t alone but i
am still glad anyway that someone heard
me) she immediately called me and told me
everything and i texted David that his life
was in danger explain to him that there was
a man aiming to shot him in the bar that
he was, i also told him that Daniel is bent
on continuing the blackmail but that this
time around it was with his life
me: how is David? (i asked as i remember
the video and everything)
bidemi: David is fine, he was the one that
informed the police. (when she was
speaking two men came in, one a police
officer and the other was not in uniform)
man: miss tumininu my name is detective
ogunshade and this is inspector Ezekiel, we
are here to ask you a few questions
concerning the incident.
me: OK i am ready
detective: can your friend please excuse us
bidemi: of course i i will step outside (she
then left)
detective: we have Daniel in our custody
but we need to find his other accomplice
the one who gave him information about
your past, do you have anyone who you
think might have the motive to want to
reveal your past to David.
me: (i thought for a while) i don’t think that
anyone will do that to me in Lagos, no one
knew my past here.
detective: it doesn’t matter as the person
might have moved from where you were
before, so think very well
me: the only people i knew where mama d,
her girls and her son john (i said and the
detective whispered something to the
inspector who nodded and mentioned john)
detective: we will get mama d and the girls
and her son for interrogation. thank you for
your cooperation
inspector: but miss tumi did you know that
what you did back there was very risky
me: yes i knew
inspector: what if your friend wasn’t in the
bathroom, we would not have known where
you were going too and why
me: wait (i said as i looked at them, they
were speaking as if they had already been
watching me) that means you have all been
watching me

inspector: yes we were watching you under
the orders of Mr David, who told us that
you were being blackmailed
me: i don’t get it but how did he do that he
was very angry with me
inspector: being angry did not mean that
he has stopped protecting you, he abides
by the law in this country and he know how
much danger that a person in blackmail
can face, so he informed us immediately
you told him, and we moved in position
me: so David brought you all
inspector: yes! but we have to also thank
you for delaying Mr Daniel’s man from
shooting David, because he was not
protected at that time but do not do so
next time because it is very risky anyway
we managed to arrest the man but we need
to get the person who gave Daniel all your
me: please do so
inspector: please excuse us miss tumininu
me: you are excused (they both left and i
did not know but i felt in me that David still
cared for me because despite all that i kept
from him, he never played with my security
and always had my back, but i am still not
sure off is if he will still want to love me
and forgive me after finding out the kind of
b—h that i am)


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