when i got into the hostel, bidemi went out
to get some recharge card in order to call
david, and i was left alone in the room, i
was till weeping about what david had said
to me, did i do the wrong thing by telling
him the truth, i was still lost in my thoughts
when my phone rang and i ran to it
thinking it was david calling but it was a
strange number and i picked)
me: hello
caller: so you decided to go against me
tumi (i then knew immediately that it was
me: so you do not have anyting to use
against me
daniel: its very right that you have told
david about it but i still want you to be my
me: i don’t have any deal with you
anymore so just stop this (i said angrily to
him as i wanted to cut the call)
daniel: i have my men pointing a gun
straight at your boyfriend’s head
me: what?
daniel: switch to video call (he said as i
quickly switched to video call and i saw
david at a far distance drinking in a bar i
guess, he was lost in his thoughts and i
could see that he was crying, then daniel
moved the video to his side and there was
a man aiming directly at david’s head and
my heart thundered in fear)
me: please daniel do not shot david, i beg
of you (i pleaded with tears)
daniel: then meet me at sir lankars hotel in
five minutes, do not try anything funny or
else david’s head will be blown to pieces
(he said) your time starts now (he offed the
call and i stood up in fear as i looked at my
phone 5;02pm, i could not let daniel kill
david, i will do everything to protect the
man i love, i picked up my bag and ran out
of the room and then out of the hostel, i
ran as far as i could because the hotel was
two streets away, i hanged down a bike
and hoped on it, i got there at exactly four
minutes 28 seconds and i came down from
the bike and gave him his pay before i ran
into the hotel and as i got in i saw daniel
standing at a side and i went to him) you
are just in time

me: please call off the killer
daniel: be patient girl, i have to make sure
that you do not turn against me
me: just call off the shot please
daniel: okay but that will be when we are
two minutes in having a serious f–k
me: please daniel, call off the shot, i will
not go against you (i pleaded)
daniel: (he dials his phone in video call)
matar hold on for now (he said as the killer
lowered his gun and daniel off the call) lets
go (he said as he held my hand but i
hesitated a bit and he turned to face me)
remember that my man is only on hold, he
only lowered his gun (he said to me as i
became alarmed and i walked with him to
the hotel room)
me: please daniel (i pleaded with tears) you
can still let me go, i love david and i am
ready to anything for him, please do not do
this to me
daniel: (he grabbed me fiercely and pushed
me to the bed, but before i could get up he
got to me) i will never change my mind not
now not ever (he said as he began to kiss
my neck but i weeped and pleaded for him
to not f–k me but he still went ahead and
tore my dress but suddenly we heard a
voice: daniel do not move (the voice said
as daniel froze and i also stopped in fear)
stand up from the girl, you are under arrest
(daniel stood up from me and i saw three
police men at the door and they pointed
there guns at daniel, i curled myself up in
fear as i tried to cover up my nakedness,
daniel was handcuffed by the policemen
and was taken out by two of them while the
remaining police man came and held me
up and took me out, as i got out i saw
various police vans outside and i saw
daniel taken into one while i was also taken
into another one, i wondered what had
happened how the police got to know
about this and much more if david was ok,
but never the less i am glad that i got


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