bidemi: tumi he is here use the opportunity
to tell him
me; ok! (i said as i left the room and went
outside there and i saw david there
standing beside his car and he was
pressing something in his phone but he
soon look up and smiled to me)
david: i thought you did not want to see
me; i am sorry
david; that’s ok, i saw your message and
that’s why i came, is he still here? (he
asked making me to remember that i had
texted him when daniel came)
me; no he isnt but (i must tell him now no
other time will be the best) david i want to
speak to you concerning something very
important (i said as he looked at me and i
could tell that he saw the fear in my eyes)
david: ok then lets go into the car ( he said
as we both got into the car, after we both
sat i turned and faced him) so what is it?
(he asked as he searched my eyes)
me: david i have something to tell you
about my past (i said)
david: your past
me: yes! (i said as my heartbeat increased)
david: go ahead then tumi
me; david i have being lying to you
concerning my past, i am not who you
think i am (i said as he listened with rapt
attention) i never knew my parents david,
so it was a lie when i told you that my
parents died when i was little, because i
never met them, i do not know anything
about them (i paused to see his reaction
but he remained adapt ) i was raised by a
brothel owner (as i said that he raised an
eyebrow and that was his only reaction)
she was mama d, i lived with her but when
i was thirteen her only son raped me (i said
as he turned to me with two shocked eyes
and tears lowing began to drop down my
eyes, i expected him to say something but
he didn’t and so i decided to continue)
when i reported him to his mother she told
me that he had only opened me up and
that i was ready to join the other girl and
that day i became a child sex worker (i said
as i stopped to catch my breath and i could
see that david’s eyes were also teary but
he did not react to this but just looked to
the front) i began sleeping with men at the
age of thirteen, with so many men, but at
the age of 18 that’s when i decided to leave
the brothel because i did not want to
continue living that live (tears were now
pouring freely down my face but david still
showed no reaction or emotion) and that
day that you met me was when i left
abeokuta and came to lagos.
david: why did you keep all that from me
me; i did not know how to tell you david, i
was scared that i might lose
david; you know how much i hate liars (he
said and he turned to face me) i told you
about this tumi, i trusted you
me: am sorry david, please forgive me (i
pleaded amidst crying)
david: why are you just telling me this
me: i wanted to tell you since but then
daniel found out about it and told me that
he will tell you, he said that he will keep it a
secret if i become his lover
david: so you decided to tell me because
my brother wanted to blackmail you (he
shouted at me angrily, i have never seen
him this angry) so you would not have told
me, you are a faker.

me: no i am not david i love you
david: i trusted you and i never kept
anything from you, why will you this to me
me: i am really sorry david, i did not mean
to keep it from you
david; its like i dont even know you tumi
(he said as he looked down) get out of my
me: what! (i said not actually believing if i
heard him right)
david: get out of my car
me: david i am sorry
david: out of my car (he screamed out still
looking down and i just opened the door of
his car and got down and almost
immediately he started his car and drove
out speedily while i broke down in tears, i
am sure that he will never forgive me, i
then began to wish that none of my past
should have happened to me, i sank down
to the ground still weeping until i felt
someone’s hand on y shoulder, i looked up
and saw bidemi)
bidemi: it’s ok get up tumi you did the right
me: he told me to get out of his car, he was
so angry
bidemi: he will need to get all this into him,
how else did you expect him to react
me: i don’t think he will ever forgive me, i
lost the man i love
bidemi; no have faith in God tumi
me: (nodded gently as she helped me up
and we went into the hostel)


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