the next day i was in the kitchen with
damilola when David just walked in and
hugged me from the back
David: good morning sunshine, how are
me: am fine (i don’t know but David was
sought of different today, he did not usually
me sunshine or other names, but i waved it
off thinking that maybe he wants to start
calling that)
David: sunshine, i thought about what we
discussed yesterday and i think it will be
better that you stay at home.
me: but you were the one that brought the
idea up
David: well now i am changing it back
me: OK if that is what you want then no
problem i will stay back
David: thank you so much my princess (he
said as he smiled to me)
me: anything for you David.
David: one more thing my love (wow this is
method of calling me names is getting too
far) i might change my mind later but i do
not want you to mind me sweetheart, just
don’t leave the house.
me: OK! (i said uncertain if i understood
why he said so)
David: i just want to protect you at all
times ( he said as he smiled to me and i
me: OK i have heared
David: i love you (he pecked me on my
cheeks, at that time his mother walked in
and he just smiled to her before he walked
out of the kitchen but i could see that
David’s mum countenance was changed
and i could see that something was wrong,
i tried to think about what it could be but i
did not get anything out of that, when we
were all done with cooking, we all sat down
to eat but i noticed that Daniel wasn’t
among us but David sat close to his father,
now this was getting stranger as David
usually sits with me when we eat and we
even do eat together but i shoved it off
thinking that maybe he just wanted to
spend time with his dad, after the breakfast
David’s mother called me to her room and
when i got there i saw the troubled look in
her face but she beckoned me to sit down)
me: mum why are you looking so worried
David’s mother: my child you are very
innocent in all these
me: what do you mean ma?
David’s mother: David left the house early
this morning to attend a business
conference and he left a message with me
me; (i laughed remembering that i had
seen David all through) mum David did not
go anywhere, you say him with me in the
kitchen right?

David’s mother: that was not David
me: what! (i exclaimed shocked as i opened
my mouth wide) what do you mean that is
not David.
David’s mother: i gave birth to my sons
and i know who is who, the person you
were with is Daniel not David (i moved
back in shock as my heart thunder in fear)
me: daniel but how he looks exactly like
david’s mother: David was not the one that
came to you in the kitchen, tumi i know
Daniel very well and i know that he is up to
no good for dressing up like his brother
me: (i looked at her still not believing what
i had heared, so i had actually fallen for
Daniel’s trick, i could have never imagined
that Daniel would dress up and act like
David in a very short period of time, what
kind of a mess did i get myself into, dating
a twin is the most complicated problem in
the world especially when the other twin is
also after you, what am i to do to
differentiate between Daniel and my David)


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