very soon David’s mum and his sister
found out that i and David were now
dating, ever since that day that deride was
walked out by the security, i haven’t set my
eyes on her again, i never saw her again
not even in our lesson place i later found
out that she had failed her exam but did
not bother to even pick her result up, to be
truthful i felt sorry for deride but again i
also felt hatred that she tried to get David
long story cut short, i gained admission
into the university of lagos (unilag) to study
law as i always wanted to do, my
relationship with David increased by each
day and h continued to love me, then few
months after i clocked the age of nineteen
and was almost over with my first year,
David called me and told me that his father
ad his brother where returning to Nigeria
and although he was again angry that
Daniel was returning, i pleaded with him
not to let that put him down but he should
only think of his father, we prepared for
there return, and David sent one of his
drivers to go and pick them up from the
airport and very soon they got to the
house, a short man maybe in his late fifties
came down from the car before another
young man that looked exactly like David
came out, everything was just so identical,
except for the young man’s hairstyle and
cloths, he had this bad boys hair cut on his
head, and he dressed like he was going to
the club, they both walked into the house
and when the man came in i and damilola
knelt down and greeted him, he hugged his
daughter and looked at me
me: welcome sir! (i said with a smile)
David’s father: my daughter in law how are
you, its so good to see you ( although i
was surprised that he called me his
daughter in law but i smiled)
me: i am fine sir
David’s father: it is really so good to see
you, David has told me a lot about you
me: i hope its not anything bad sir
David’s father: (he laughed)of course not
child, at that time David’s twin brother
walked in and walked straight into the
house without greeting anyone but i swear
that i saw him look at me, his sister
damilola even tried to greet him but he
ignored her and just walked in, i can see
that this Daniel is very rude, quite unlike his
brother David)
David’s mum: let us all go in (she said
breaking the silence as we helped them
carry the suitcases up to there rooms,
David quickly left after receiving an
important call from work, i carried his twin
brother suitcase to his room and knocked)
Daniel: (from inside) who’s there (he said
with a bold voice)
me: i brought your suitcase ( i said as he
came to open the door and i pushed the
suitcase to him and turned to leave)
Daniel: you are David’s girlfriend aren’t you
me: (i turned back not expecting him to
talk to me) yes i am(i said and he smiled
and he stared at me from head to toe and
Daniel: i see this time around David picked
a really beautiful girl, i see why he loves
you so much (what is this guy saying, i just
hissed and turned and left but i could tell
that he stared at me till i got out of his
sight, when David returned i told him about
what Daniel said and i could tell that he
was angry but he sat me down and held
my heads and stared deeply into my eyes)
David: tumi please stay far away from

me: David why should i, i mean the guy is
already ignoring everyone
David: but i saw how he looked at you, i
cant let him touch you
me: (i laughed) he isn’t going to touch me
David, he is already with Natasha right?
David: no! (he said and i became surprised)
me: but you told me that she got pregnant
for him
David: yes she did but after i broke up with
her, Daniel denied her pregnancy and she
was forced to abort and he never bothered
to see her again, he never liked Natasha, he
only just wanted to get in with her which
he did
me: OMG i didn’t know
David: that is why i want you to be careful
now that he is around (he said to me) i
saw the way he looked at you earlier, i do
not want to lose you tumi
me: you will never lose me god forbid
David: tumi i have to protect you from him
(you have to go to stay in the hostel)
me: what!
David: yes at least you have to be away
from this house, at least for the time that
he is here, he will soon leave. (he stared
deeply into my eyes) please tumi
me: OK as long as that is what you want
then i will do it
David: thank you so much tumi ( he said as
he hugged me tightly)
my pov
this arrival of Daniel is making things
complicated as i can see that David is very
scared, i don’t know what Daniel is capable
off but i will do as David asked me to do,
as long as it will keep away from Daniel.


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