Atinuke walk in gently holding her nylon ” he noticed rotimi sitting on the chair and kept hssing ”
so you fully grown wing abi. you can now do as you please isn’t “rotimi look upset staring at her ”
noooo”atinuke knelt down pleading ” you now, following city guy abi .he bought you all this isn’t it “he pointed snatching the nylon from her
“she stood up running to the door “who want to beat you. What would beat you is on your body ” he kept checking what inside and fling it on the chair clapping his two hands”
so you were deceive with this ehn!
No rotimi. She kept nodding her head ”
it was the money you gave me.aunty Felicia took me to boutique ”
that lady at the juncture right ” he look upset ”
waw! So she is the one opening your eyes “no wonder you putting on this, you even add lip stick on your lip ” bravo! Bravo ” keep it up ” he excuse to his room looking upset ”
Yeeeeeeeh “aunty Felicia has put me in trouble “she sat down crying “and I told her I prefer my wrapper and blouse “Yeeeeeeeh “who will beg rottimi ”
she carried the nylon inside and slept on Empty stomach ”
she was the first to woke up putting on one of the cloth she bought “she tied wrapper on it singing and cleaning the kitchen ”
she noticed rotimi coming down with pyjamas and knelt down to greet him “he ignored her and pick a cup to prepare coffee ”
he pick two slices of bread and sat gently to eat ”
brother John is just a good friend “atinuke spoke kneeling down”
he even invited me to Yeeeeeeeh ” have even forgotten but it about ,praise ” should I go. She ask staring at him ”
suit yourself ” rotimi excuse from her and lead the way upstairs ” atinuke stood up smiling ” yes. am going.” she removed her wrapper and sat down to eat eba and okoro soup ”
she rush to get water coughing ” and noticed rotimi coming down from the stairs looking dressed up “she grabbed her wrapper smiling
“why are you covering it ” aren’t you wearing it to see John or Felicia. “rotimi spoke pointing at her dressing
Atinuke was speechless staring at the floor ” rotimi you don’t like it abi. She ask looking serious ”
he didn’t reply and hand her four thousand without a word ” he turned to leave and walk to audu door ”
he opened the door greeting ” listen very good .you must not allow atinuke out of this house, or let anyone in to see her ”
do you understand. ” he spoke hitting his shoulder ‘ yes sir. He rushed to open the gate, rotimi drove out of the house…………..
atinuke got out of the house with long fitted gown and scarve ” she hold a simple bag singing to the gate ” she noticed brother John outside and kept waving and smiling ”
she noticed the gate lock with Padlock and knock at audu door in anger ” madam good afternoon. He greeted smiling
Open the door am going to church ”
madam I no fit open ooo “why. Atinuke look upset ”
oga say make I no open ” atinuke sat down crying “after all my rehearsal, I wouldn’t not go.
She kept crying ” bother John peep at the gate and kept petting her ”
can I have your boss number ” John ask looking serious ” audu waa speechless and accepted to give him after so much pleading ”
he dial rotimi number waiting for respond
John : good afternoon sir .am John from joy land ministry
rotimi :how may I help you
John :actually, I came to get your wife for feast of worship ” I promise to take good care of her and brought her home safely
rotimi : give the phone to her please
John hand the phone to Atinuke ” she rush to collect it ” rotimi please.
suit yourself ” he hung up without another word ”
atinuke order audu to open the gate he does as he was told and watch her entered brother John car” she kept smiling and waving at audu
( Rotimi pov)
he dropped the phone hitching his head “what wrong. Samson kept asking ”
nothing. he spoke softly ” guy .i guess it your wife ” no. who care about her, am only afraid she might leave the church and miss way ”
you know she is not familiar with anywhere ” oh! I see. but I thought you said brother John promise to take care of her ”
rotimi was speechless and kept drinking ” that woman would never hear word. I have to start putting her in her place, she is having too much of liberty ”
he kept talking and drinking “welcome to the team guy .that how we roll “Samson kept teasing him


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