Aunty Felicia. Atinuke got to madam Hannah’s shop holding cooler “this for you “Rice and stew “I prepared lot of food this morning, I couldn’t finish it ”
atinuke. You ehn! Felicia accept it smiling ”
ehn! Ehn! Aunty Felicia ” this is the money. My husband gave me five thousand more ‘she counted one after the other smiling ”
she kept the remaining change inside her Breast” atinuke remove that money please. It not good for you “Felicia spoke looking upset
ehn! Ehn ” she removed it and tye it in her wrapper ” so aunty Felicia. Where is the cloth ” she ask in haste peeping at her phone ”
you no what Atinuke. We take a bike here and stop at my friend little boutique ” you gonna like most of the cloth she sold ”
Let go now. I have nothing to do self “she stood up in hurried ”
calm down atinuke. Felicia stood up smiling ‘she stop a bike and sat down at her back”
they stop at the boutique and entered the shop ”
atinuke kept staring around and held Felicia hand to see a beautiful gown ” Felicia took her time to shop her type of clothes and bought her sexy underwear”
I don’t want that rope “she refused g -string pant “Felicia and her friend kept laughing seeing her reaction ”
she changed at the change room and refuse to pull her cloth “she fell down trying heels and kept crying holding her leg ”
she selected a fashion slippers walking gently holding her leg from the pain she is going through ”
sorry.Felicia help her message it with Robb ” she carried the two nylon and stood in front of the table waiting for her bill “25000”
she scream loudly. I only have 15 here “she added the rest of her money ” Felicia collected it and remove her ATM ”
aunty Felicia. This plastic is also Money”she ask looking surprise ”
no. It just ATM “it is use to widraw money “OK.
Let go ” Felicia help her with a nylon while she kept walking gently outside ”
they stood outside to get a bike ” aunty Felicia. Once my husband give me money tomorrow I would bring the 15 thousand you lend me”ainuke spoke holding her hand ”
aunty Felicia kept smiling and watch her sat on the bike holding her leg ”
she sat at her back and stop at madam Hannah’s shop ” she paid and turn to leave ”
aunty Felicia what is the time ” atinuke ask holding her two nylon ” 5:50
what! She carried one nylon on her head and the other in her hand running and holding her slippers in her hand “Yeeeeeeeh ” village oooo”that all she kept saying……..
She got to the gate and noticed her husband is not back “she felt relief dropping her nylon on the floor “atinuke. She turned back to see brother John ”
brother John ” she felt excited and almost hug him ” good evening ”
waw! I found it hard to recognize you “what are you doing here “he ask staring at her outfit”
having been running from there , I just decided to rest before entering jare ”
she held her knee breathing fast ‘ that good . That keep me reminded ” you invited to our feast of worship ” he hand her hand bill ”
she stares at it smiling ” what inside .explain please ”
oh! You can’ t read”sorry about that. She kept smiling hitching her neck ”
it a feast of worship .where by you sing and dance ” it going to be great ”
waw! am coming. “atinuke spoke in excitement” but I didn’t know there ”
she ask checking the bill in her hand ” don’t worry , I would pick you by three ”
I hope my husband let me go ” she look worried and noticed her husband car ” she kept knocking at the gate ” he almost hit her with his car and kept horning ”
he whined down and stares at brother John and her “she kept covering her face and hitching her neck ”
audu open the gate ” rotimi drove inside roughly “atinuke followed him inside in hurried waving at brother ”


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