(several years later)
and our last Graduate for today ” atinuke rotimi ” she hand her baby to her husband and rush out to collect her certificate smiling ”

rotimi kept smiling seeing her tearing out”eveything I become today is by God and the love of my life “she bursted to tears ”
I dedicate this certificate to him ” I love you “she ran to embrace rotimi crying like ever before ”

she came down from the stage gently holding her husband arms ” she excuse to took pic with her colleagues “looking beautiful and gorgeous ”

rotimi dragg her gently “it OK.

Matinez “your father is jealous. “atinuke kept laughing

Yes. Come “let go ” I have surprise for you ” he drove her home and blind folded her eyes before she came down the car ”

come baby, gently, gently “tada! He removed the cloth ” she jumped on him In excitement

“brand new car”teminikan would kill me with gift o ”

thank you oko MI ”

That for your success ” he embraced her warmly

atinuke I fulfill my promises “am a man of my word ” I hope you have finally forgiven me ”

ha! Oko MI. Teminikan , idunumi (my happiness) ayo MI (happiness) have forgiven you and forget ”
with all this, why would I still keep it mind. no. Have forgotten since “she embrace him and carried her son up ” they embrace one another and entered the house to continue the celebration…….

(Month after)
Nigerian again. Gone with belly ,back with a cute boy ”

yh! Cute charming boy “rotimi carried matinez “they where both on same T-shirt and 👟 “atinuke is not left out ” they settled inside the car and arranged their bags at the booth gently

“dad. where are we going, it so different here “matinez spoke staring at the window

we going to see grandma and grandpa “you going to meet the rest of the family . my boy ”

waw! May be grapa could tell me lots of stories mama ”

sure. My charming little prince ”

teminikan ” drive fast, we need to be home early “lot of people are waiting for us ”

“alright madam. He drove fastly and got home seeing other members of the family ”

atinuke. Her mother ran to embrace her looking good on her outfit ”

uncle deyo kept staring and staring at atinuke “she look different he finally let it out

“Waw! See my beautiful wife ” mama embrace her warmly ” she knelt down embracing her mother in law ” mama am happy, it because of you.
No atinuke .you yourself is well trained ” you never know I could be your mother in law ” when you always come to to wash my clothes and my husband clothes”

you would even fetch water and cook without taking a penny ”

matinez couldn’t let go off his grandfather ” dad. I F—–g like it here “he spoke in excitement

waw! Is this my grand child “atinuke mum held him tightly ”

waw! I got two grand MA. Yes son “atinuke notice Samson drove in “Kingsley came down looking so much like Samson ”

Waw! I got a friend. Hy ” matinez rush to shake Kingsly ”

they all bursted to laughter “atinuke embrace kelechi ” thanks for coming. ” let go in everyone “atinuke spoke smiling ”

audu rush to get their bags from the booth “chai! Oga done get son ” madam try oooooooo.

Chai! ” he closed the booth and met everyone in excitement ”

kelechi and atinuke excuse to prepare food at the kitchen ” the whole family was filled with happiness

Samson and rotimi kept discussing like ever before “Kingsley and matinez are not left out

“uncle deyo sat alone ” atinuke serve him food ” eat. OK ” he tried to speak ”

have forgiven . ever since then “she gained back the love &respect she deserve from everyone that hurt and look down on her ********love , endurance and forgiveness done it all
atinuke came in to the family and struggling to find her space through ” love, endurance and forgiveness ” what kind of woman are you?

***************THE END***************

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8 Comments on “BROUGHT FROM THE VILLAGE … (18+) … Part 60”

  1. The story was nice. I learnt many things. 1 thing i learnt was to be someone who cares and forgives….¤¤¤¤

  2. Lesson-filled story,but she rili went through alot,i can’t stand it,and d story also needs editing

  3. with the whole heart, she forgive her husband, so-so lovely(happy marital live). the beginning was irritating but the end is superb.

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