(Month after)
Change the channel please ” I don’t want to see it “atinuke covered her eyes

alright. I have switched it off already “rotimi pick the remote and change it to “Telemundo ”

so, what do you want me to do to keep you company ” hmmmm ”

I want “she shifted from where she was sitting and and sat more closer to him ” I want.

Hope it not what am thinking ” rotimi stood up hitching his neck ”

common, why are you acting this way now “atinuke look 😔

“atinuke look at me now. I don’t want to die now ” I promise you tomorrow “as for now,i need blood tonic ”

rotimi “she called his name and sat down crying ”

what! She meant it oo” rotimi look surprise

yeeh. Sorry ” Oya come ”

she tried to get up and sat down back screaming “temikan my water jaw just get broken”

what!he ran upstairs to get her bag and watch her kept beating him ”

put me down. No, don’t put me down ”

he dropped her at the back sit and drove her hurriedly to the hospital “she kept screaming and shouting at the labour room ”

call my husband. Doctor call him o ” rotimi entered and watch her kept pushing “he kiss her forehead and clean up her tears ”

teminikan ” she held him close” pushing ” kiss me, I need you badly “am here for you atinuke “keep going ”

she push screaming loudly. the cry of baby was heard”doctor boy or girl “rotimi spoke in excitement ”

boy. Yes. I won ” Martinez

madam. not “Rokanmi” I won ”

oko MI. come I want to tell you something “he bent down smiling “atinuke bite him ”

he should be holding me and thanking me not making mockering of me ”

sorry. Thanks baby” he kiss her forehead “gently

no lip”she kept breathing looking tired ” he does as she said

rotimi was ushered out while he kept sharing the good news ”

he called atinuke mum, mama and Samson “he promised to be back when everything is OK ”

he hung up and knelt down when he heard the cry of his baby ” am a father, atinuke mother “daddy& mummy. thank you Lord “am so happy. Thank you Lord………

(week after)
Rotimi sat down staring at atinuke giving matinez breast ” teminikan this boy resemble you oo ”
chai! He has almost suck all the food have eaten ”

are insulting me “he sat down staring from distanc”

no oko MI. He suck like you ”

stop. My son is hearing ”

or “she bursted to laughter ” matinez my sweetheart.don’t like women like your father o”

please . Wait “are you reporting me to my son ” you are even calling him sweetheart ”
when last do you call me that sweet name ”

rotimi you jealous of your son, shame on you

“what! Am only borrowing him breast for one year and 3 month ”

please don’t sacred my son oo “atinuke eyeing him, giving Martinez the second breast ”

easy rotimi. sorry Martinez ” I know you looking for trouble, he hiss getting up ”

goodness! When would I keep enduring this ” he spoke getting water from the fridge ”

sorry. oko mi”

I have to start my class soon ” we permitted to bring our baby ”

that a good news ” rotimi spoke drinking water

I would be back “she dropped Martinez for her husband and check what she is cooking ”

my boy, we would do lot of things together “I would teach you how to ask girl out ”

no thank you “give me my son “atinuke carried Martinez from him hurriedly ” rotimi bursted to laughter ”

I would teach you how to ” he grabbed atinuke kissing her neck “Martinez do you see your father, no wonder he kept praying for boy ”

Martinez kept crying “atinuke sat down to give him breast ” atinuke this your breast is getting big oo ”

thank you “my son like it ” hmmm. am jealous oo ” rotimi lay on the sofa staring at both of them…..

atinuke started her class fully. she excuse to give matinez Breast when needed “her husband never hesitate to take her home ”

she kept enjoying her class and never wanted to miss it ” she was improving and getting to know people ”

she sometimes breastfeed matinez inside the car ” rotimi assist her with her assignment “and nurse matinez to sleep ”

he sometimes back him and fell asleep on the sofa “atinuke watch him and concentrated on her assignments ..
she was improving and moving forward ”

she changed her dressing type ” wearing something classic and beautiful to letcture

“she do beautiful make up ” she loves what she is studying and makes more research on it ”

her husband link her to social media while she get more expose “still yet “there love never decrease but enlarge more *********


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