Go baby, go sweetie “my wife can dance oo “who taught you all this “rotimi kept capturing her ”
who else .if not the video you always bought home”she sat down looking tired ”

teminikan water. OK madam. I bought you chilled juice instead ”

I said water ” she fling the cup crying ” what have I done ” he sat down on the floor teasing her ” she pick up pillow hitting him ”

atinuke when are you going to deliver, someone is dying here ”

I don’t know. Am not talking “she lay down dragging her cloth up ”

Yeeeeeeeh. Close it, am scared “he got up peeping from distance ”

what! She sat down crying “he hate my baby. Your daddy said he hate you “she kept crying

no. Am sorry, don’t cry ” why would I hate Beautiful lady like you ” he noticed the ring on his phone ”

teminikan go, I don’t want to hear noise. She covered her ear laying on the rug ” Samson.
Samson :guy how things now .when are you coming back to Nigeria
Rotimi : abi .you should come join me “guy you done lots of work,doing your wife pregnancy ”
Samson :see you. Welcome to the world of a father.
Rotimi :infact if you see atinuke now, yeee .she is getting fat “am becoming lean “he heard loud scream and ran to see ”

teminikan have been admitted “she embraced him in excitement “same course. Oko MI ”

letctures begin soon after payment ” she kept dancing feeling excited ”

ha! Tinuke am happy for you ”

Temikan am walking toward my dream “she felt excited ”
I can’t wait to put to bed, so I can enjoy my classes ”

don’t worry few months to go ” he grabbed her close kissing her forehead she was feeling excited and add more list to what she is trying to buy…

(After some week)
Rotimi drove her to the institution and talk things with the authority ”

“he was told she won’t be able to attend class till she put to bed ”

no problem sir. But I hope her admission is not affected ”

hmmmm. Not at all “she can still come during the weekend “Friday classes till she put to bed”

atinuke felt relief smiling ” she excuse from the office and walk around ” her husband kept snapping her
and drove her home packing the stuff she bought inside ”

she kept counting down the day she would put to bed feeling more anxious…..

her first class was full of introduction “she met lot of her course mate “most are white, while few are black ”

most of them are married with one or two kid “she met two lady heavily pregnant like her “she felt relief and pay attention to the lectural”

the letctures ended she stood up holding her waist “she was very happy seeing her husband waiting beside the car “happy first day at school ”

he placed a tag at her chest kissing her “I miss you teminikan “she placed her hand on his neck kissing him more ”

let go. I prepare something delicious home “really! How did you know you am so hungry ”

hmm .you carried a baby. your eating must be excess “thanks teminikan.

that reminds me ” you can’t believe we are two that’s are heavily pregnant ”

two are also pregnant but not that obvious

“really! waw! So how was today letctures “it fine. I was just thinking about you ”

ha! My wife really love me “pay attention to lectures OK.

Yh! She rested her back staring at the main road ” she noticed the ring on her phone and pick “kelechi ”
kelechi : hy atinuke. how are you doing
atinuke :fine. am missing you here
kelechi :look at you. Hope you didn’t forget everything I told you
atinuke :before I ask, teminikan do give me ” I have nothing to be worried about
kelechi :Waw! am happy for you. I just pick Kingsley from school “bye.
who was that “rotimi ask kissing her briefly “kelechi ”

Waw! enemy .turn friend “yes ooo “she kept smiling ****************


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