The plane landed safely “atinuke felt relief holding her chest ”

baby here we are United States of America “a guy carried his wife and kiss her in excitement

“do you want me to carry you ” rotimi grabbed her waist peeking her “no baby.

Baby! He look surprise and bursted to laughter “no. Am not going to call you baby “everyone does, I would call you teminikan “(my only)

Waw! See love oo “he grabbed her to enter the car peeking her “he carried their bag at the booth and told the driver their location ”

teminikan “she placed her head on his shoulder ” white men are much here, am so cold ”

sorry. We almost home “what! You have house here “she stares at him looking surprise

yes .even at Mexico, and Chicago “everywhere I establish my company “I have house. in case If I want come around “he peek her ‘

am so happy I married a good man. you not proud but humble ”

then am happy, my wife is worth to die for “the driver stop “rotimi hand him money and get their bags from the booth ”

he held her inside while she kept staring around “American, waw! If not because Mrs Titus said I shouldn’t act local “I would have snapped everywhere”

go ahead. It our house “no one would get you arrested ”

teminikan “all I want to do ,relax and call mum I arrived safely ” she pulled her jacket ”

she was on sexy pindown”showing her sexy breast”

waw! See something. Goodness! This woman look hot even when she is pregnant “he kiss her breast and adjusted his lip to her neck ”

teminikan. You never get tired ”

yes. am not tired o” you are my wife, I would never get tired of F—–g you ”

ha!why did you use the word f–k instead of love making “(she spoke in English)

because we already make love and it gradually turning to beautiful baby “I need to f–k you for safe delivery ”

ha! Teminikan you would corrupt me oo “get corrupted for me”he kiss her briefly

infact, I would be the one to drive you to school when you get started and pick you up when you done ”

Yes. I don’t want you to drive yourself”

commom remember. I always drive even before my belly come up ”

yh! But now “you got a personal driver “he carried her up kissing her “teminikan, teminikan “she laughing screaming “this guy is a big case ………

the following weeks “she submitted all her documents waiting for admission ” her husband took her to a classic hospital to register for delivery ”

she kept smiling. her husband was busying massaging her shoulder “she need lot of exercise “doctor jackkie spoke smiling ”

let her drink lots of water and eat much fruit “thank you Ma. am in charge “I would make sure she does everything as directed ”

he ushered her out holding her bag ” he stop at p–n corn shop and sit her down “he feed her peeking her ”

he payed the guitarist to play for her “he held her hand to dance, she dance according to the beat smiling

” she sat down holding her waist and watch other couples dance “rotimi bent down to massage her feet and peek her gently ”

he grabbed her up and placed his hand at her waist singing for her home “he stop at game center and won three teddy for her ”

she kept smiling and kissing it one after the other ” teminikan I love you “she embrace him warmly ”

I so much love you too ” he held her hand ” she cut a glance at fried crayfish” I want it please.
What! I can’t even stand the odour “he kept covering his nose dragging her from the spot “she fried herself and sat down at the spot crying ”

sweet lord. Mr please sell two derica “yes. She stood up feeling exicted “she opened it hurriedly and finish it up smiling ”

rotimi kept covering his nose “she glanced at him and look away folding arms ”

what again. let leave here I can’t stand the odour of the cray fish please ”

kiss me I would go. What! no. please ” asin I want to vomit perceiving the saint”

kiss me. “she started crying “what have I done ” Oya am coming ” he removed his handkerchief and held his breath “he suck her lip while she refused to let go ” teminikan I want you here

“what! he opened his eyes widely ” see. we would soon got home please ” she started crying ”

he carried her like wedded bride and dropped her inside the car “he started the car before they could get home she is already asleep

“rotimi carried her to the room make her comfortable to sleep “he kiss her forehead and grabbed the cotton down ***********


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