(8 months after)
Look at you atinuke ” rotimi grabbed her waist at the kitchen “I said I should collect house help. You said no

” oko MI am pregnant not sick. “she dragged his nose gently and sat down holding hand pillow ” So one yeye girl would start eating my cassava “no.

(cassava) rotimi bursted to laughter “my wife just said cassava

.yes. all am praying now, is for my waec result should be good ” she look worried

it would. You really improved a lot beyond my expectations ” am very sure you would pass”

hy matin ” papa need mama right now in the bedroom, don’t cry “he placed his head on atinuke stomach

no. Rokanmi (see my heart) my baby is a girl not boy ”

for where. Taboo “no. It a boy ” why would a whole rotimi has girl for first born “my little Martinez would be cute like me “he demonstrated smiling

hmmm. Because of your hand work, you running for girl “‘ she tease him teasing running to the other sofa ”

he grabbed her .sitting down ,beside her. oko MI massage my feet, the baby just play over there

“OK. Madam ”

ouch! Easy “she touched her leg frowning

my wife said ouch! Instead of Yeeeeeeeh .he kept laughing ”

common. Am no longer illiterate ”

waw! She just pronounce illiterate “I would double Mrs Titus salary ” atinuke notice the ring on her phone and pick ” tayo ”
Atinuke : I won’t be at the shop today”make sure you write the market remaining
Tayo :ma. Should I branch when going home
Atinuke : thief. You want to come and finish my food “she lay down placing her head on her husband lap
Tayo :ma. Am so hungry since morning ” I miss your cooking today
Atinuke : see you don’t want me rest “my husband is feeling lonely, I decided to keep him company ”

anyway come. bring cornflakes, red wine and bournvita when coming ”
Tayo :alright MA. “she hung up the call ” oko MI “thanks for everything, all because of you I owns a shop, because of you I could learn and write ”
you even make me a mother “she tried to knee

“no. Don’t try it. If I didn’t give you ‘tell me who deserves it “everything I owns it belongs to you

” thank you oko MI ” she noticed the vibration on her phone and check ” oko MI my waec result is out ”

check, becareful OK. He watch her check “she scream in excitement “I pass jhor “she embrace her husband I excitement ”

now I could make my dream come true “all beCause of you ” she brought out a smile staring at her result

he check for himself and couldn’t close his mouth ” English b3.waw!

God bless Mrs Titus “he knelt down feeling excited ” atinuke kept smiling like ever before…..

the rest of the month was for the processing of the visa and passport “she visited her mum with her husband while everyone found it hard to recognize her ”

she didn’t mind her mum staining her cloth she grabbed her close forgiving her ”

if you don’t push me out. I might not make it “she clean up her tears sitting her down ”

rotimi prostrated to greet ” atinuke mum felt important while her half brother kept asking for money to eat” she gave them 5 thousand and watch rotimi brought down food stuff they bought from the booth ”

it was as if they are were doing feast “everyone gather in front of the house staring and glancing at the stuff they bought ”

afusa ran to embrace atinuke “rotimi shift atinuke away a little because of her tummy

“afusa was with her baby crying for Food” she kept staring at atinuke and dragged her to a quiet place to talk ”

ha! Please take me to lag. Any work I would do ” please show mercy”she knelt down looking sobber ”

it OK. I just talked to my husband ” she excuse and spoke her husband ear ” he was speechless”

afusa we leaving the country soon “take this ” he hand her 30 thousand “she scream in excitement and ran to tell everyone ”

atinuke excuse to greet her mother in law embracing her like ever “she felt excited seeing her tummy and treated her like a baby

“she spent the night at her mother in law house and woke up very early to see her mother before leaving ”

she refurnish her house and gave huge amount of money to start up business ”

her mother prayed for her with tears and pray more for rotimi ” they left putting smile on everyone’s face ************


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