(Beautiful Monday)
Oko MI the way you holding me you won’t go to work o “atinuke fried herself smiling ”

atinuke, if not because it been long I went and I need to attend to some important things ” I won’t go( He grabbed her waist peeking her ”

to be sincere oko MI .am going to miss you “house would be bored to me “she look sad sitting ”

wait. Do you want me to stay. I would stay oo”he kiss bent down kissing her ”

no. Don’t stay. Come back early” she embrace him warmly “atinuke mii .yes “she answered placing her head on his shoulder ”

take before I forget “he counted 20 thousand ” make your hair and buy anything with the rest of the money

“oko MI. All this” she embrace him in excitement ”

idumi (my joy giver ) you don’t know how important you are to me ” this one is little, by the time am done with you “you won’t be use to Nigeria.

Ha!oko mi .money is coming for you “amen. And we both going enjoy it “he stood up adjusting his tie”

come and kiss me ” rotimi close his eyes dancing

she stood up covering her eyes and kiss him pushing him out gently

“prepare nice food oo “he spoke loudly outside

“I would oko MI “she sat down counting the money “the money am giving my mum is increasing “let me go and save and use the the rest to make my hair “she rush upstairs in excitement.. ….

(rotimi pov)
He entered his working place and couldn’t believe his eyes “welcome party from his workers ”

he sat down smiling and appreciate them all before returning to his office “lot of work on his table. he kept signing lot of documents and kept asking for coffee ”

clinchy entered the office introducing Mrs Titus ” she left immediately ”

nice meeting you madam “he stretched to greet ” MA. I hope you can handle my wife ”

I want you to teach her more on english” I plan on letting her take senoir waec and fly her abroad to study more on marriage counseling ”

Waw! I would try my best to see her pass ”

I would be greatful” mind you she stop at jss3

if you teach all she need to know, she would grabbed easily “she is a fast learner ”

I would sir. I was hoping to start today if am permitted “Mrs Titus look serious

I would prefer to introduce you first “if you don’t mind.

Not at all ” I would love to see her “rotimi makes phone call and ask “where she is ” he hung up smiling ”

very close to home ” I would just round up “you can stay with clinchy while I round up my work

“yes sir. She went out opening the door gently ” rotimi put clinchy to call and ask her about the shop “she rush in giving a good news ”

I need a house help ” a half day job ” I don’t want any distraction for my wife ”

I would get soon “she smile leaving the office ” I hope everything turn out well ” he round up and stood up to leave ” he got out of the office and call Mrs Titus along ”

he drove out of the office and stop at the house “audu open up while atinuke ran out of the house to embrace him excitement ”

good afternoon MA. She turned to face Mrs Titus “she smile to reply ”

atinuke dragg her husband in, telling him about her day “do you like my hair? I did simple style ” so you won’t complain ”

yes. It makes you more beautiful ‘meet Mrs Titus your teacher ”

Waw! Oko MI thank you “she embrace him in excitement

well, I just leave you to talk “am up in case you need anything “she watch him left and sat down in excitement ”

you are my teacher “she ask feeling very excited”

yes. Call me Mrs Titus ”

so when would I start? she ask in excitement “anytime from now.

Tomorrow would be fine, if it OK with you ”

sure. am so excited ”

atinuke I heard you love to be “marriage counselor ” Mrs Titus spoke adjusting her 👓

yes. All my life, I love to be marriage counselor “to put a stop to broken home ”

my mother never had a good home “that was why. I make a vow never to leave my home no matter what .”

that beautiful. I love your boldness “even at a tender age you could still manage your home

“yes. I want everyone to know, it not by age, family or money “it my endurance and patient ”

I can only help broken home if my home is OK” that when they could come to me for any kind of help or advice ” she look serious staring at Mrs Titus

beautiful, I love to support you “let see Tuesday. I would be anxiously waiting to start a class with you ”

thank you ma” I just get you money for tfare ”

you don’t have to. Mrs Titus stood up to leave

no. you are my guest ” wait. She opened the fridge and filled up empty container with chinchin and brought big Hollandia yoghurt from the fridge “she package it and hand her running upstairs ”

I would be back please ” she came down with 3 thousand and gave her ”

just take it please ”

thanks. I really appreciate “she went out smiling and staring at her ”

oko MI “she turned to found rotimi in front her”

madam let me see the color of your underwear “rotimi carried her up kissing her ”

oko MI won’t you eat. she packed her hair up smiling ” after Food, I would eat food ”

she bursted to laughter massaging his head while he kept kissing her tummy ***********


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