Birthday boy “rotimi carried Kingsley up kissing his cheek “he collected the gift he wrapped from atinuke and gave it to kelechi ”

she was busing attending to the guest “few guest was present “mostly from Samson company “rotimi excuse to join Samson and his friend while the mc kept attending to the kid ”

atinuke sat down staring at everywhere “she noticed lot beautiful kid present and noticed kelechi Coming towards her with tray “she sit up smiling ”

ha! Atinuke “she dropp the tray and embrace her in excitement “Am so happy you back on your feet “she sat down beside her giving her cake “thank you “she rapp it up and placed it gently inside her bag ”

kelechi thanks so much for your support and time “the doctor said you never hesitate to bring food ”

oh! It OK. All thanks to God you up “come help me I have lot of things to do “she grabbed her up while she carried her bag along ”

lot of food at the kitchen and drinks “waw! You really tried for Kingsly birthday “she spoke looking around

yes o. It not easy to born and my son is now a year old “she kept dancing

ehn! Ehn “you must have go through a lot doing labour ”

yes o. If you see the way I was biting my husband ” the doctor has to rescued him from Me”
she smile putting the food inside the serving dish ”

no. I can’t bite rotimi “she nodd her head in disagreement ”

see you. You would do more than that ” I remember when I was heavily pregnant “my husband start changing his character. I drove to his company straight and got all the female staff arrested ”

atinuke bursted to laughter”kilode. she held her chest laughing ”

my sister, I have to do it o” I knew when me and my husband has been coming from .one stupid crazy dog would now snatch him ”
after he got me pregnant. nooo “my husband is not bonasa ”

atinuke kept laughing and assist her to add meat on the food”

atinuke you don’t know, if you are not smart .guys are ready to fool you ” they would got you pregnant to cheat “she kept demonstrating

chai! Me that am not pregnant that my husband eyes is up nko “she spoke in her mind forcing a smile ”

yes o. And they would also be the one to complain you are not pregnant “see. She turn to face atinuke looking serious “I told my husband already ,after I have two kids “family planning straight.

What family planning “atinuke ask looking serious “see you. You are not aware of anything ” it a plan that could go for years .till you wish to have kid ‘

your husband would make love to you but you won’t get pregnant, you would keep looking good and sexy for him ”

ehn! Ehn “atinuke look surprise ” yes. I was using pill before, but someone told me to go for family planning instead ”

infact have learnt from you oo ” atinuke help with second tray smiling ”

my sister is not easy to make a home o “she entered the sitting room dancing to the music and smiling ” atinuke kept smiling and thinking about everything she told her ”

she shared the food for the guest and kept looking around for her husband….. .. ….

Atinuke this is special food for my husband guest ” help me with this tray “she adjusted her cloth checking her look ”

how did I look “she turn around smiling “beautiful. No one would believe you can speak Yoruba fluently ”

infact. You keep surprising me ”

see you. My dad is from enugu ” my mum edo “why I grew up with my sister here in Lagos ”

it was the university I went jare “all my friends are Yoruba.

Waw! ” atinuke couldn’t close her mouth

come let go before the food the get cold “she followed her smiling ” holding tray along”

she felt relief seeing her husband and serve him smiling ” where have you been ” he chuckled her waist gently ”

she dragg his nose and turned to leave “she turn back handing him her bag “he opened it checking her stuff ”

she gave him bad glance from distance ” who was that lady just left now”tony join them hanging up his call ”

he kept peeping and noticed atinuke coming out with a bowl of meat ” she is coming” he sat down adjusting his speck ”

atinuke bent down to serve Samson and his friends smiling ” hello pretty (Tony spoke softly, starring at her and removing his speck ”

can I have your number. you look young and beautiful ” he touch her hand gently ”

she didn’t say a word and turn to face her husband ” he chuckled her waist and slap her ass”she held his hand smiling ”

what going on pretty. I need your contact ” ask my brother ( she stood up and turned to leave smiling)

waw! are you her brother “he turned to face rotimi “Samson kept nodding his head “looking 😡

Yh! How may I help you ” rotimi spoke looking serious

great. I need that babe number, common I want to be F—–g serious this time “my guy is now a father. I wanna be “he look serious ”

with my sister abi “rotimi sit up while Samson kept telling him to calm down , demonstrating at the back. without making a sound ”

yes. With her “I mean she get everything a man want ” fine body shape, pretty eyes and sexy look ” just look at how she was serving us bending and kneeling “I want her please.

no problem I would give you her contact ” thanks”tony look excited ”

rotimi removed his phone and call his number instead one after the other ” Waw! I just call her immediately ”

Tony sit up feeling excited “Samson kept nodding his head ” he dial the number it rang beside rotimi ”

oh! it here ” rotimi raised his cellphone laughing “Samson join him “Tony look confused ”

guy. are you F—–g blind” when rotimi hitting her ass earlier “Samson spoke looking 😡

well, I never took it important “Tony sip his drink

what! rotimi kept laughing “anyway, if not because have learnt my lesson in a hard way “I would have beat you up ”

but in case of another time “that sexy and pretty lady is mine ” she is my beloved wife “Tony couldn’t his mouth and empty his cup hurriedly……

(atinuke pov)
aunty kelechi you can’t believe what just happened now ”

what! Kelechi turn the meat she was frying ”

that guy wearing white ” she dragged kelechi to see ” was toasting me in front of my husband ”

what! Yeeeeeeeh. hope your husband didn’t get angry ”

no. am so happy he met the good part of him”

this crazy Tony. have been trying to separate him from my husband “his a bastard must he implicate my husband ”

kelechi look worried while atinuke help her with the meat ”

infact I just can’t say if his OK or not ” atinuke added slowing down the cooker

his not OK at all “I swear before Samson touch me .this guy must leave him “she kept peeping

ha! atinuke kept laughing ”

see you, you better don’t dull yourself ”

if I need anything from my husband na that particular time I dey collect am ”

my husband ehn! he done get use to my whala ”

no way. he would f–k outside ” I always satisfy him doing the night that, to wake up in the morning” na problem ”

Atinuke kept laughing

that why.if we having misunderstanding ” he would end up pleading like small baby “kelechi Biko.
because .I would be walking half naked sometimes naked “they no born am well to touch mii ” kelechi heard her name and rush out dancing to the sitting room ”

atinuke stood beside sink smiling ” madam let go home, before someone kidnapped you “she was shock seeing rotimi ”

he placed her bag on his neck and embrace her warmly ” his head on her chest ” I don’t know why God decided to bless me with you ”

everywhere we go “they never hesitate to mention the good part of you .am so proud to call you my wife atinuke “he kiss her briefly and couldn’t pulled his lip ”

kelechi bump in and went back smiling ” he kiss her neck while she held his cheek smiling “kitchen, kitchen ”

oh! let go home jhor ” he held her waist out and said bye to Samson holding atinuke hand and bag ” she said bye smiling ”

Tony kept staring at her till she was out of sight ******************


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