They got to the church right before the service get started “he find a convenient place to park

“last time I came here, she was was a virgin “now she is a woman. They both bursted to laughter ”

oko MI you can pray very well ”

atinuke don’t scared me jare, when are we closing self”he rested his back staring at her

“by 5.

5 what! He opened his eyes widely “tinuke brought out cooler and serve him food ” don’t give Me much jare” he look upset killing mosquito

oko MI do you want to go home “she ask teasing him

ehn! Let go together “he look serious sitting up in excitement

no. Only you “she tried to open the door “where are you going “he ask looking serious ”

I want to get a convenient place for us to sit ” take water ”

thanks. Don’t stay long , I can’t stand your church members ” he spoke after her

she bursted to laughter and grabbed her gown up smiling ” rotimi close the door and whine down gently “he noticed lot of cars and members walking in and out ”

he whined up staring around for atinuke ” tinuke what taking you long now “he look worried ” he came down from the car and walk in gently staring at her from distance ”

ha! Brother rotimi. You welcome “pastor Isaac walk up to meet him shaking his hand “am so happy, to see you ”

thank you sir. He kept prostrating “Waw! Sister atinuke you looking good o” thanks pastor ”

he excuse from them saying some little prayer “rotimi grabbed her at the waist ”

ha! Oko MI. Church “she spoke softly freeing herself ”

am sorry . Am so sorry “he kept staring around while everyone kept discussing with their partners” he held her hand out dragging her cheek gently

Lot of people kept talking about them’ that girl no get brain .why would she go back after point of death ”

no mind her, she is too young for what she in to ” haba! At least God said we should forgive “an angry member bump in” dusting the chair to sleep

“not this kind thing Abeg “mama sola carried her mat to sleep ”

but I like her. She is very strong, even after everything “she still love her husband ”

they heard the bell and kept shut ”

everyone return to sit waiting for the pastor order………

rotimi walk in with atinuke laughing ” who told you, seems am with you ‘ I won’t sleep. Ok’ she sat down and adjusted for her husband to sit ”

lot of eyes on them “she cut a glance and look away ” she held her husband hand and place her head on his shoulder staring at them ”

they look away staying mute. She sit up gently concentrating “rotimi kept pressing his phone and yawning ”

tinuke chew gum “he stretched his hand gently ” she opened her bag and hand him “he chewed peeking her ”

oko MI church .she hit him gently”who cares .he stares at the back pressing his phone ”

let be in the mood of worship ” atinuke dragg him up ” he sang along and sat down when he didn’t knew the lyrics ‘

atinuke kept dancing during praise ” she dragged her husband up smiling “he got up laughing gently “so you can dance, Waw! Look at her ” he kept capturing her nodding his head

“all eyes on them while they kept praying for their union ” some are full of doubt while they kept staring till the choir stop singing ”

atinuke brought out her hymn book “rotimi brought out handkerchief cleaning her sweat” I told you I can dance pass you “she spoke smiling

I give up madam ” he shared the hymn with her.he kept staring without siging”

tinuke am only remembering kiss Daniel lyric “duro “devil it at work ” he kept laighing ”

oko MI ha! They where ask to sit while brother John lead the prayer “atinuke kept praying like ever before ”

rotimi sat down massaging his leg ” brother John should release us jare. He stop praying frowning his face ”

let open Roman 15:3″ brother rotimi can you help us ” he spoke from the purpit “everyone turn to face his direction ”

he stood up gently “atinuke hand him bible ” he read two line and sat down looking upset ”

oko MI thank you . Atinuke kept haling him gently ”

what! am angry jhor ” that your brother as started again ” he spoke silently ”

sorry oko MI ” she stood up praying ” rotimi kept hissing ” he thinks I can’t read Yoruba “simple thing. rubbish ” pastor Isaac took the mic and ask them to sit ”

he preached the word God while everyone was touch ” this man is the only one I trust here after you “others are gossipers and mockers ”

mabinu oko MI ” she massage his hand ” he kept murmuring looking upset “oko MI listen to preaching ” she gave him bad glance

OK. he focused while he kept sleeping in ten minutes time ” he placed his head on atinuke shoulder ”

she kept massaging his hair “she couldn’t stood up to pray and sat down gently staring at her husband ”

the service ended ” after a strong deliverance prayer “rotimi got up to pray and sat down sleeping on atinuke shoulder ”

oko MI wake up it over ” OK. he opened his eyes hitching his neck ” atinuke our street is not secured “let wait till 6.

she nooded while he lead the way to the car “he opens up laying on the back sit ” come. He dragged atinuke close and close the door gently ”

she slept on him placing her head on his chest “she kept smiling ” he whined down for fresh breeze ”

everyone that passed bye “stop for a while and glance at them ” they nodd their head smiling ********************************


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